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The Mansion

On the Ship....

“Wait you can actually the rest of you… oh forget it.” Said Silver. Everyone was sitting on a large arrangement of two massive couches, set across from one another. They thought to ask little questions about each other. Silver asked For Onon’s favorite thing to do apparently she loves soccer. Silver pondered how a quadruped would kick a ball. Silver spaces out and starts staring at his shoes. “ Silver Silver Silver Hello come on I want to ask you something. This is stupid” Onon wined. “ oh yeah sorry I was just thinking” Silver respondes. Onon asked what Silvers thing is he said “I like a lot of things but ps4, sketching and ice hockey are my favorite pastimes.” Silver asks “Aluma What's your favorite dinner?” “ uhh I’d have to say a New York strip medium well with seasoned mashed potatoes' ' Said the huge thing “classy huh” Silver muttered.

“Hey Onon, can you come with me for a second or two?” Aluma asked calmly, as she got up and walked off. Skamper, Skamper! Onon follows quickly behind her; wondering what all of that could really be. “Yeah what’s going on?” Onon replies, after having walked into the bathroom and closing the door behind her. Aluma turns towards her, her hulking frame lumbering a little as she does so. “What do you think of this... Silver guy?” She asked excitedly. “Aluma, what do you mean!” Onon said, a bit annoyed.

“I mean is he nice, is he kinda... I don’t know, HOT!” Aluma blurted out, curious towards Onon’s response to that. “Uhh, I met the guy three hours ago! But...” she paused for a second. “He his very attractive, it’s strange he looks normal but. Something about him his just..... mesmerizing!” Onon answered in a kind of sly but happy way. Aluma nods her head, saying she feels almost exactly the same. “Hey are you two gonna be in there for long?” Silver says, as he knocks gently on the bathroom door. “YEAH JUST A SECOND!” The two of them yelled out in unison. They listen as he walks away, before they both walk out one at a time. Onon first, then five or so minutes later, Aluma afterwards. They sat down on the couch across from Silver. They see him just, watching TV and fidgeting with his thumbs.

“Hey who’s flying us.” Wonders Silver. Than the pilot door slammed open and out step 2 huskies. One jet black, one white. “Laya, this was a bit of an interesting introduction wasn’t it!” The black husky says to, what appears to be her sister with a bit of a laugh. “Yeah well it’s to late now!” The white one chuckles out, unsure but totally unhesitating of what to say or do. They both look at Silver and size him up a bit.

Silver “ wow” Silver retorted. “ Oh well I just thought you would be curious to know how we talk or fly this thing” the white one said angrily. “ well look at us, me, them,” Silver stated, whilst pointing at all the others on the ship with them. “But I do want to know who you are.” He says empathetically. “I’m Laya, this is Shima,” the white one said, as they both stood there. “Yes, my name is Shima!” The black one retorted anxiously. They walk over and look into Silvers eyes, he pushes her face away from his. “Huh!” The dog let out in a mixture of minor confusion.

He grabs Shima and uses her torso as a pillow. “ So soft and fluffy this is nice,” he groaned. As he rested his head a silky black mass of comfort.’“ h-hey what why-y don’t be like this.” Shima yelped with a small, Growling, which was barely audible. Silver starts to fall asleep for the day. He’s totally exhausted, “No no no! Wait!” Shima says quickly, as she try’s to get him off of her; but it’s no use. She might as well try to bench a thousand pounds whilst she’s at it!

They landed a month before Silvers 13th birthday.

Silver was held up in security for some reason, whilst the rest of his group got to be taken to their new home.

With The Others....

Laya took the lead, as they looked towards Silver and walked away. He hadn’t actually broken any rules, this was all a scheme to buy time for everyone else to get home first. They wondered if they should have taken Milazha with them, but decided against it when they saw how close he was to Silver. The group was lead towards a nice exit, all of them carried there own luggage with them as they went through. The group saw a massive Mercedes Metris, a tall man stepped out of the driver’s seat. He had brown eyes, light skin and a skinny physique. The man had to be around, 6’3” he was relatively normal for the most part.

This was a very new project, a self maintained planet. As he waited for someone came to pick him up and also Milazha was there with them. As they are taken out of the airport they see. Rrrrrrr, a Rolls Royce phantom sitting right there on the side of the curb and in it a strange creature probably coming in at around 8 or 9 feet tall and close to 600 lbs. “ are you our driver” Silver asked hesitantly. “You have something called high treatment like the black card it should be in your left hand.” Said the driver. Silver shoes her the card and she takes their luggage and puts it in the trunk. “ she has a surprisingly high pitched voice for some of her size.” Thought Silver.

They went to a restaurant cause Silver was told that he was not supposed to show up until 6 pm so they had about 4 hours. They found out that her name was Brandon. Whatever she was I mean she has the standing walking and driving of a person. But she had fur all over her, Pointy ears and a large jawline similar in proportion to a wolf, probably with fangs to match. He wasn’t sure but i could swear he saw she had some sort of large fangs or something. Imagine a skinny tall wolf in riding leather with a shirt that says I’m the boss, jean shorts, a huge pair of red air force ones. The eyes were kinda weird one blue one red. “ so we have a Baja” she said quickly. “Oh yeah I thought they closed,” he said. “ well this whole world was based on your project Mr. Katmaz” she went on. “that means all the stuff you like but was gone on earth, are things we have access to. We also do the things you were outcasted for as regular habits.” Silver’s eyes lit up. He put his seat into massage mode and asked.

He looked at Brandon and grabbed Milazha. He asked sarcastically “ which one of us would you go for on LetsFuck.com” she turned bright red and hit the gas. Vroom, Screech! Silver and Milazha screamed as they were pushed into their seats. “ your going 140 slow down Jesus.” He yelped. They went to a cafe afterwards and sat down to talk about what’s going to happen when they get home. Meanwhile the others were at home chilling around and just. Helping to get things ready for Silver in honor of is sponsorship. At the cafe Silver orders an americano with a croissant, Milazha gets a big thing of chicken tenders.

Brandon gets a larger version of the same meal Silver had. Then she began to explain how the program works and what living there will be like. The two make sure to take mental notes of everything she's putting on the table. Silver looked out to the parking lot “ it's just so nice… to get away from it all,” he thought out loud. Milazha and Brandon turn to look at him. “ What,” they both say. Silver shrugs it off. “ Oh nothing,” he gleefully stated.

So after a little while most of the people started leaving the place because of the program. It was very surreal, watching billions of people leaving the place it was almost terrifying. A dude walked into the restaurant and handed Silver a metal. He said it was for being one of the more powerful things they knew of. Silver thanked him and he walked away. “It’s time,” Brandon stated, the three of them hopped into the car and speed off into the night.

They got on the highway then, Silver asked if they could play some music Brandon turned the radio to 105.9 and had seemingly every knowledge of what he listened to. They chilled out for a little before they suddenly turned onto Esper Rd 49973. They needed to get gas but in the meantime. Silver asked about how all of the interstellar travel stuff was even possible. Apparently his great grandfather figured out how to harness Antimatter for travel she continued, “your grandfather made ships that could move 10 billion times the speed of light.” Silver was confused. The rest of the drive was uneventful.

They arrived three hours later at around 8:00 pm. Brandon rolled up to the front doors saying that she’d park and come in later. They got out it was a mega mansion maybe around a hundred feet tall, with huge gaps of space where something could’ve been. It was all white, with blue and gray glowing lining on the top and bottom of each section. And the doors were super weird, they were all made of some sort of thick glass plating.

They went up to open for Silver and Milazha, they were in awh at what they were surrounded by apparently. Silver got his own penthouse at the top. Next to the door that leads to it was a picture on the wall of a very tall man who looked similar to Silver holding a small creature of some sort. The foar had a huge table that was of course on the all white theme. The two made their way to the basement. It was quiet. Silver turned on the lights and boom everyone was there with party poppers and confetti. They showed him around the gaming room they had 6 110 inch 8k displays and each of them had already gotten a new phone except Silver since he forgot that he actually needed one since he had never had one before. They handed him a small rectangular white box with a chrome apple on it. “Oh you shouldn't have,” he said glowing with happiness.

He opened it to reveal and iPhone XS Max, “wow thanks, seriously,” he said. “yeah we knew you’d love it,” Onon said with a smug grin on her face. They all gave him a tour of the place showing him their rooms and stuff. Finally Silvers room was locked away once he put in his fingerprint it showed him to an elevator. “ Well are you guys coming or what,” he asked impatiently. “Oh totally you’ll let us in” said aluma. Silver nods his head. They go in and a minute later. “The Penthouse,” said the elevator as the doors opened. It was nothing like they had seen before. He had an office desk, a small kitchen and small dining island, three closets, a california king bed on a upstairs loft and a panoramic view of the forest landscape as well as a nice bookshelf and a 40 inch 4k flat screen. He also had an Echo set up all over the place with over 700 units total.

Silver made had a little area for the cat to sleep next to the doorway. The following morning, he woke up at about 7:17 am and went down stairs which probably took 5 whole minutes because of the long hallways. He got down to the kitchen to make his normal breakfast. Fluffy scrambled eggs with peanut butter toast. Onon, Brandon, Shima and Milazha all asked for some so instead just to air on the side of caution. He made 15 eggs and 15 bagels. They said it was one of the best breakfasts they’ve had. “ I think I'm gonna like it here,” Silver yelled in a victorious manner.

Later they went out for lunch at this place where Aluma likes to go, a cute sandwich place in the town center.

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