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Good Times, Weird Times

A Vacation....

Bang! “Let's go to the beach,” declared Silver, as he hit his fist against the counter top. They had been living there for a week and had decided that it would be a fun way to get to know each other. “Sure,” replied everyone. They all got dropped off at the airport. “So I hear we get our own private jet,” chirped Onon. As they gaze upon it a full sized A380, with a custom interior. They got on and everything was lined with gold and black diamonds. It was also piloted by Shima but since she already knew what to do they just put the thing on autopilot. “ What's this place called asked Milazha,” “San Malha Beach,” replied Onon.

They flew for about 7 hours and landed in the evening. They had an estate on the ocean side and a huge yacht.” Sugar daddy much,” remarked Brandon giggling the whole time. Silver blushed and looked away. “ N-no,” hissed out Silver. “Alright chill out dude,” Said Aluma. She walked up to the others and dragged Him by the shirt into the place. “There's Supposed to be a servant here for us” Shima thought to herself. “Hey, your tiny,” says Laya. “Hello my name is Yakima. I'm your personal service assistant,” she explained.

The others unpacked and went to bed, meanwhile Silver was relentlessly followed by Yakima. At one point he was sure that she whispered something like daddy under her breath. The little brown and beige creature was sure as hell persistent. He eventually fell asleep. He woke up that morning with the little thing nusselt next to his face. “ Hey don’t go cause your all mine heh,” she mumbled in her sleep.

Silver starts to pet her, she then wakes up. Still groggy from last night, she kisses him right on the lips he yelps in shock. “Yakima seems hell bent on not letting anyone near me,” remarked Silver, more annoyed at the fact that she not only went for it but she bit him hard on the tongue. He went to take a shower of course little fella followed but Silver just ran and slammed the door. He stood in the water not sure what to make of this. He'd never actually kissed a girl before but couldn't his first, at least be a human. He got dressed and ignored her for an hour before she burst into tears begging for forgiveness, this wouldn’t be the only time this sort of thing happens.

They all went swimming later. After they went to the only italian place there unbenounced to anyone, Onon and Aluma also had smaller crushes on but they were going to be a little bit different. Aluma excused herself along with Onon into the restroom. Then she started coming up with a plan “ok we gotta get that little shit out of the way if we want a chance,” Onon replied. “You do realize she stole his first right.” “ What oh shit! Fuck me I thought he had had some relitionship first. They continued. “Yeah when he was eleven,” they stared in Silence.

“So Silver were friends right tell me about your friend Marly,” said Onon all confident. “Yeah, you go girl,” cheered aluma quietly. He started cry. “Oh fuck abourt abourt,” screeched Aluma. “ No shit sherlock,” went Onon. “WHERE THE HELL! DO YOU TWO GET OFF SAYING THAT NAME TO MY FUCKING FACE!..” Silver raged. “ Ahh ok ok sorry we know it brings out flashbacks but we wanted to know why,” they started graveling. “That doesn't fix,” he was cut off by Yakima, she took him out to talk and let him chill out. Something deep in her knew that she couldn’t just be her normal self right then.

Silver held her to his chest stating that she should come home with him, she agreed. He knew bringing her along would be a good choice seeing as she helped him a lot. “ I’m sorry to have put that on you what you want.” “Only for you to be yourself and my night sky,” she said. He hugged her for a while. “ Can I give you a little peck on the check,” she pouted. “ Sure,” they came in later and the two apologized again but Silver told them to forget it but to never do it again. The next day they had a blast going around the boardwalk and buying random stuff.

On the way back Silver asked if they would mess around with the target aiming thing. They said sure and here's how that went. Onon disintegrates the wall with a beam, the others each try something. It was Yakima and Silver he let her go first, she blew it up on the first attempt. Silver walked up everyone was curious because he had never shown his class. “Step back,” he said loudly. He put a sand grain sized orb of light into his left hand then flung it at the target. The explosion shook the very ground they were standing on, the shock wave cut things clean in two, the prise dude started begging for his life.

In the middle of the drive to the estate, Yakima got a call and she started frantically shaking Silver in the driver seat. “ We need to go to the hospital right now!” She exclaimed. Silver takes the nearest U-turn and gets on the highway headed towards the hospital. Silver asks her why they need to go there. “ It’s my parents they got in a car crash with a huge lori,” she whined. He asks everyone to hold on, “What!” says Aluma, as Silver shifts into second gear before he hits the gas. The next thing they knew the massive vehicle lurched forward as if it had no weight to it at all. The whole thing shakes, third thump, fourth thump, fifth thump then another few seconds later sixth thump. They were going around 150 mph, so they got to the hospital in about 10 minutes.

They dropped Yakima at the doors and went to park the Silver came in and the rest stayed in the car. She whined and begged to see them but they were in the intensive care unit. Silver showed the doctors some sort of black and gold card and they let him in immediately. “ Why is he allowed in? He's not even related to them,” she got angry and pressed on. “ were sorry but he’s one of very few who can heal almost anything,” the doctor said. “ Please just let us die, it hurts so much,” a raspy male voice pleaded from the other side of the door. “Dad!” Yakima yelled. “ I’m truly sorry but I can’t do that, mister you have a daughter, a sweet little girl who would be left all alone in the world without you two. As someone who knows what it's like almost losing your family, I understand as her friend I don't want her to go through what I did,” Silver intently stared at them. “ Your wife is catatonic, I’ll deal with her first but don’t forget that you're next.” Silver snaps his fingers and there both healed and have enough energy to walk. “ Thank you,'' said the old creature.

“ Hey you said almost what did that mean,” stated the other one. “ I just saved your life so don’t test me. Why don’t you go say hi to that precious little girl of yours,” for just a second she saw the most unimaginable darkness in his eyes. They went out and hugged Yakima, they talked for a while and then she told them she was going with him. They said sure, even still there was something Silver didn’t like about the mum. He made everyone except Yakima get an uber. He took the long way home on purpose. “How was it growing up, and don’t tell me everything was fine. Because guess what I’m a lot of things but stuipid isn’t one of them,” Silver looked at her. “ Oh you figured it out that fast huh, Yeah my dad was wonderful but my mum well she-she,” “its okay take it at your pace, breath,” Silver comforted her.

“My mum, beat me when I didn't hide when she told me to. Like my dad was always kind and let her walk all over him. She would bring home guys twice his size, and drunkenly fuck them. Telling them that she lives alone that's when me and dad hid in the basement but there wasn’t a bathroom in the basement. Actually a week before I met you, one of those guys punched me as hard as he could for no reason. That's when he’d finally had enough he walked right up to the guy and yelled at him to get out and to never come back, my mum got mad and my dad, he slapped her across the face six times and hard. I don’t care what you do to me but if you ever let that happen again I will end you.”

Wow, umm that's beautiful,” Silver said as he pulled into the driveway. They got out and she clung to his arm but for just this once, he said nothing.

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