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Pushed Too Far

Two days later....

Everyone gets on a flight back to the other mansion, Silver is watching a movie on his phone when a weird ad starts playing. “ Welcome one and all to the wanderess world of Cybornetics,” a voice from the ad stated. Then a mysterious man and some metal skeletons start dancing to some weird dubstep sliding and clapping their metal hands together. You Make Me!” the man continued. “If you are looking for replacement limbs or just want some fun ability to spice up your life, then call this number listed on screen. 8555-8921-8668-891234.”

“ Jesus why the hell are the phone numbers so long here,” Silver asked. “ Onon explained that with the interdimensional program all combinations between 1 and 12 digets have already been used so they operate in a 18 to 34 diget system. “Oh,” Silver responded. “I have you guys in my contacts right.” 8555-8211-8205-876124 Aluma, 8555-8911-8999-80808080 Yakima. “Wow I get it big confusing as hell system,” He remarked.

Silver sat in deep thought for a moment, before he got off the plane and got a ride home. A year passed by like nothing. Silver is now fourteen and his party is tomorrow. He was walking around outside looking at the trees when something very strange happened, a portal opened 200 meters away. Out stepped an alienoid green and blue creature similar in shape and size to Onon but with one key difference besides the fact it’s organic. It had mystical green eyes that you could get lost in forever. It had thin tendrils coming out of its neck and torso as well as a little fluffy tail not unlike a dog’s. It cocked its head to the right and started sprinting towards Silver.

It landed on him with a thud. “Oh my god is it really you it’s been forever, like 14 years,” it said looking down from just three inches from his face. “Who are you? And why are you sitting on me,” Silver questioned? “Hold up a second you said you haven’t seen me in fourteen years. So were you a friend of my mum or dad cause I just turned fourteen. So unless you talked with a literal newborn, who are you?” Silver said confused. Now that it was right here it was pretty easy to see that it was female. It made a creepy little smirk showing off its fangs and teeth sort of like an animal saying Stay off my track with territory markings. “Oh well my name is Allieta Vumvardbell but you can call me Ali wait how do you not remember me Silver,” Ali said. He started feeling light-headed and as he got up and walked inside she followed.

She kept persisting on the fact that she knew him. He walked away but before Silver took one step, she grabbed him by the ankle and slammed him into a nearby wall. The others heard and came to see the commotion, they introduced themselves and said she could stay with them. The rest of the evening was spent asking questions about how she knew Silver which she mostly just said “reasons.” it really seemed like she had something to hide, though he couldn’t be sure. Silver and the rest sat down for dinner, they explained all the possibilities of random stuff they could do for him since tomorrow was his birthday.

Later Yakima and Ali were competing for the spot in his room. As Silver said he would let one of them sleep with him and Milazha for the night. Because he was honestly curious to see what one of them would think of the room. Since Silver was to lazy to pick. Yakima starts to try and get the spot from Ali, who also wants to sleep there. But then Ali said something that made Yakima's eyes go wide. “ Sure no problem rooms yours, after all, Daddy’s little girl.” she teased. “Don’t tell him please don’t tell him,” Ali said in an angry stagnant voice.

That night Alieata slept in the penthouse, with Silver and Milazha. That night Silver heard a weird noise he looked down and sees Ali at the foot of his bed acting kind of off. She was crying into the blanket wimpering “no don’t leave wait come back.” Silver grabbed her and started codling her whispering “it’s okay you’re not there your here with me.”

Ali looks at Silver and somehow completely forgets that she’s his daughter. It was strange to say the least, as her mind just hit a total blank. “ Silver I love you,” she said. “Yeah I love you too,” he whispered groggily in her ear. He started pinching them her ears they were strange shape like a cat’s but longer. She wrapped her tendral around his arm Silver winced back she had an unreal grip. He pulls his arm towards her and kissed him right on the lips. By then Milazha had woken up and Silver was already on it with some bullshit about an oral dentist inspection.

That morning was all of the random stuff they could do for a birthday so they went every we’re got him a cool new outfit. Red converse with skinny jeans a 200 dollar watch and a riding leather jacket. “Wow I for once didn’t have to go searching in the back for a pair of size 15’s,” Onon reminded him that they were on a planet based of all of his preferences. They bought him an outfit that in total cost about 940 bucks. They went out for Spanish food and got home late and made a cake.

Silver went to sleep that night but something was off. He woke up, it was still dark and the whole place smelled like his dirty socks. Silver tried to use his powers but couldn’t the place must of been flooded with positrons or some sort of antimatter energy source. He thought for a moment, who would want to do this to him. He then realized that the most likely culprit, was probably one of the citizens who had gotten in illegally. That stuff had been a problem in recent years before his arrival; it wasn’t out of the question that it wouldn’t have stopped.

Which meant that.... some of the others with him, were under this spell like conundrum! The negative energy would probably start to mess with their minds after long exposures to it; so Silver was just stuck mentally preparing himself for whatever was to come.

“Silver,” the girls say. He looks at the clock it 2:40 am in the morning. Silver looks and sees that he actually left the elevator unlocked and a big green thing is stairing at him with lust in her eyes. She walks closer bashing her huge fangs back and fourth in her jaws.

“ A-Aluma hi what the heck are you doing, you know you’re not allowed in here unless I say otherwise,” he stammered out. Aluma looked at the banister and leaped all the way up. “Come here little guy,” she said with a sharp tone.

Silver hid in the blanket and closed his eyes while trying to think of a way out, but then as soon as he opened the covers the gargantuan 800 pound beast was centimeters from his face. He’d never seen her like this she was normally quite and sheepish. She sat on him and wrapped her jaws around his head, it was live or die he had no other option. His head was being squeezed tighter and tighter. Silver looked tot he side to see fourty razor sharp teeth, he could feel her tongue clenching is scalp and could see the inner roofing of her mouth. He took a pen on the night stand and held it behind his back. When she started to squeeze just a little to much, he attacked without warning, stabbing her in the ear.

She released him out of pain, as Aluma bled out on the floor writhing in pain. Aluma would have that scar on her ear for the rest of her life.

He ran for the stairs and jumped down before sprinting down the hallway at an unprecedented speed with complete silence. He was almost to the sixth floor when he saw four little reflections in the darkness “oh shit,” he muttered under his breath. They ran at him and started nawing on his left arm. “ah Fuck what’s happening snap out of it you BITCH!” He yelled before throwing them to the wall in the blink of an eye. His wounds were healing very quickly but normally he wouldn’t get wounded in the first place. Then at the end of the fourth floor hallway was Onon and Ali, Onon seemed to be the only one unaffected besides Milazha. Ali walked towards Silver at a brisk pace but something was very off her whole body was quivering and then all of a sudden she looked like “Marly how are you still here.... still taunting me it’s been nearly four years,” he whispered out.

Onon and Milazha....

Thought Onon was powerful she had no idea what was happening and because of that she just decided on walking away and going to take a breath outside with Milazha. He followed sute, leaving Silver alone with Ali. They walked outside and talked for a moment. “Milazha, do you ever get the feeling that something big; something dangerous is coming for us,” Onon asked as she looked into his deep green eyes. “No, well yes.. but when I’m with Silver that feeling goes away just as quietly as it appears!” Milazha spoke gently, as he hadn’t ever seen this worried and scared side of Onon.

It gave him an instinctive reaction to nurture her in anyway posible, because she was weak in that situation. And simply wanted confidence, to bring fourth towards it.

In The Mansion....

Silver had no idea who it really was because of how dark it was but all he could see was the silhouette of his departed beloved. She grabbed him right in between the legs and started going up and down. It felt like something incredibly strong held him down as if trying to keep him in place. He was inside her but, he didn’t like it he was scared more scared then he’s ever been he felt weak. Only then was he able to see through the faintest of light from the window who was on top of him. He pushed her off of him and put his clothes on. And in one swift movement punch her right in the forehead and on to the ground. “If I EVER, see any of you pull this again there won’t be a tomorrow to regret your decisions with!”

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