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I’m Sorry

Bringing life into a broken world....

I’m so sorry.... but you live in a world with two key things some beautiful and others hideous. So hideously ugly that you’ll want to vomit at the sight of what’s in front of you. And I’m sorry because this world is mostly filled to the brim with the latter. I wanted you to grow up in the saftey of my arms but now I’m not so sure I can promise you that. Even still promise me one thing.... don’t die! Please forgive me for bringing you here I just needed someone.” Said a deep but yet softly spoken man.

“Some people will tell you that love is eternal, I disagree completely and will back myself up by saying that simply. If the two entities don’t exist then yeah there’s no love there huh.”

Merely seven years after the start of, The Age Of Anarchy.....

Fifteen thousand, fifteen-thousand-three-hundred and Seven, years after the year 2020. In a special facility built by APEX ( Adaptive Power Expansion X like tenth generation), she was created in the A-91 Birthing unit. Which is a machine that can create life based off any input from the user even something that at the moment doesn’t exist. So with no question in mind that’s exactly what the man did making what would bassicly be. “My only offspring, my own star in the whole night sky.” He said. “ My daughter.”

She was born February 1st, 17,327, in a hidden base on the northern side of the, October revolution island. Her name was Alieata Vumvardbell; for whatever reason, the man felt it of grave importance for him to give his daughter a family name other then his own. Because of the fact that she wasn’t technically a biologically made organism, he was originally unsure of wanting any connections to his family. Events that had happened in the distant past; had severely damaged the reputation, of the Katmaz family name. As such he felt it necessary to give her a unique opportunity by naming her with the family name, Vumvardbell! Meaning, Loveliness and transformation, in Nightronioen tongue.

She came in at about, 6 pounds and 3oz’s. He sat there in wonder and aww at what he was seeing she turned around and looked him in the eyes for the very first time this little creature acknowledged the man. “Daddy,” she said as her first spoken words at a age of six months. The mysterious man taught her many things. How to eat with a fork, spoon or knife, how to read and how to write. He would cuddle up next to her and sit beneath fireplace while reading a story actually she was really into story’s and said that she would right her own one day. Her father said he would die to read it, he would also show her how to use her abilities such as this thing where she would put people in a love like transe for a little while. She would always ask him to show his powers but he always said no.

“No no no you gotta be kidding me where the hell did she go this place is big but I thought I knew every square inch of it.” He frantically said as he searched left and right. But even still she was nowhere to be found.

She was caught in a time slip (extra dimensional rift in space time cause by high gravity in a small space for a short time.) Ali was sent back fifteen thousand three hundred and fifteen years. To a strange place an open field with these weird yellow and blue creatures. One of her heard a thud of Ali landing on a tree and falling to the ground they went over to check it out and saw her sitting on the ground they were larger then her and one of them stepped towards her. “Hello,” she stammered out. The next thing she knew she was being water boarded and beaten every day. She would scream and run but somehow they always managed to overpower her.

It went like this for 12 years until one day these men in military gear showed up out of nowhere. They found her severely under feed and bloodied almost everywhere on her body. They shot the other creature and took Ali in as there little pet. She lived with them for 3 years before her transformation one day she was eating some sort of sandwich. The next thing she knew she was inveloped in this white light and given a new body she was green and blue with strange tendrals she also much large standing at 40 inches on all fours.

“The fuck is that,” one of the men blurted out. “Gay ass fuck’in bitch,” another one shouts. “Get in gay bit.” She is forced into a small container that cannot even let her stand. “Wait what’s going on why are you all like this all of a sudden,” she yelled. “We don’t take well for your kind and also we think your out of line from the lords path,” the men say. “I’m sorry but anyway your not technically a life from of any kind, you can go without food for months, you have three kidneys. You have both extreme resistance to both heat and cold. Your fur is always nicely kept even in times of stress. Your like a freak’in lab project, I’d go as far as to say you have no soul.” One of them angrily protested.

She was brought to a lab and a portal was set up to send her to a place we’re all familiar with by now. They opened her box picked her up and tossed her in the portal.

Even though she was traveling through a portal it still took a few minutes for her to arrive on the other side. Ali stared into the sides of the portal as she was going through. “So many clouds and yet non at all, how is this even possible.” She stated.( your not supposed to look inside a portal you should close your eyes and cover your ears because there’s a chance you could see something truly demented.) “Pain is this what it is,” because it doesn’t seem to hurt,” Ali mentions to herself. She smells something that’s very strange it reminds her of someone she knew years ago. “Silver! Wait where are you,” she yelled into the void. She then popped out of the portal right by the mansion.

Time seemed to stand still when she looked at Silver surely it was him but he looked different no younger. Probably 15 years old, tall bit not as tall as he would be. Alieata thought for a minute, he was actually like 6 foot when she knew him, in actuality he was six foot 10 inches. And right in front of her he was six foot. Then she ran and tackled him to the ground. He looked confused. He let her into his home because she had nowhere else to go.

Two Days Later....

She was relaxed on the couch when, she looked at the clock it was 1:30 in the morning. All of a sudden the whole place smelled like Silver, she also had these strange urges. “I can’t, I won’t.... I could maybe in the dark he won’t even see me....”

All Ali could remember of last night, is that she must’ve hit her head insanely hard against a brick wall. Silver looked angry at her really angry, she left him alone for a while and he ignored her for the next mouth and a half. Silver I’m sorry I don’t know what I did but could you stop doing this I love you. “OH BULLSHIT IF THAT WERE REALLY TRUE YOU WOULD HAVE SHOWN SOME SORT OF RESTRAINT BUT YOU COMPLETELY OVER POWERED ME YOU SLUT!!” Silver yelled. “I remember now, oh my god I’m sorry dad,” she slipped up. “Oh great is this some fucked up game your playing now.” Silver said. Yakima ran in between them and showed the picture.

“Holly shit.... that’s you, and that’s-that. Fully grown me. Wait that can’t be possible unless.... this picture comes from the distant future,” he said. “What makes you think that,” Yakima asked. Silver explained that the picture looks old which meant it had to travel through time for a while. “We won’t know when she’s from but I would guess around th same time as Onon.” He mentioned. They both turn to Ali and he sighs, “wanna catch up on lost time little girl,” Silver spent the rest of the evening theorizing about what he could have hooked up with to create that thing.

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