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It’s basically a way to prove that an over powered character can still grow and change. I think this puts it into perspective pretty well. “ Welcome to the world of modern fantasy, a place not unlike your own but with a few more… doors wide open let’s say. You know the saying “put your mind to it and you can do anything.” Well here you have a few more options, you can be an all powerful deity or, will your surroundings into whatever shape you can imagine. Let’s take Silver for example, he is already quite the formidable force to reckon with, but even he can still suffer in ways you can’t even comprehend. Let us follow Silver and his allies, on their quest across the very fabric of time itself. Shall we. Upward and onward to the ever expanding list of possibilities, opportunities and outcomes.” Yeah that sums it up its a work in progress but I’m very passionate about it and I hope you or whoever will like it.

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It All Starts Here


I couldn’t have possibly predicted this no matter how hard I tried, this.... this is the end of me, I don’t think I’ve been in this situation before. Time is flowing backwards, the universe is trying desperately to kill us and existence is a backwards lie. A reverse act of heroism,” Luasia said right before he blacked out.

The reason we’re here....

It was just thirty five years, after the start of, The Age Of Exploration. The date read, July second 1835, in Hamburg Germany. A family of three was minding their own business. A man by the name of Leon was trying to turn copper into gold using a special machine that he had spent the last three days creating. His wife was very sick but if they had gold they could get her a treatment.

His one year old Ray, was crawling around the underside of the Device. When Leon begins to turn on the machine. As the colossal thing starts to wore to life

It shoots out a small green beam at Ray and he. In turn was flung across the room not unlike a paper weight. His dad while an intellectual genius of his field, also is a bumbling air head. Ray begins to aluminate with a multicolored glow. The machine began to shake violently until it fell to pieces. His father doesn’t take notice to Ray’s condition at all. Ray's mom was bed ridden and his dad was gonna sell the gold to get money. So he can buy a cure for his wife. Her condition was very quickly getting worse. She died four weeks later, meanwhile Leon was crying by her bedside. This broke something in the man, something that will break again in one other person something that will go unnoticed until, it’s to late and can’t be stopped.

At the age of ten Ray began to puke blood on the floor when his father saw this it reminded him of rays mum. Crunch, he walked out and walked right into the street where he got trampled to death by a horse drawn carriage.

Ray spent three months grieving for his father but one day he was sent off to live in Ohio with his aunt. The journey was long.

He boarded the boat July 2nd, 1846 age eleven. They set sale for Virginia. July 7th, 1846 Ray has started writing down the experiences he’s having on the ship.

The journal....

July 2nd 1846 I have boarded the St Maria and have set off to live in America with my aunt in a relatively new city called Medina. Medina Ohio, huh I like it will be back later signing off Ray Johns.


July 4th, 1846 I’m getting pretty used to the waves, I’m not that sea sick anymore, the captain said that we won’t get to our destination until mid September. See y'all I’ve been working on my English pretty awesome right . Anyway signing off Ray Johns.


July 7th, 1846 If I think really hard, I can make my left hand glow purple. I won’t tell the captain though I hates witches says there will always be something wrong with the supernatural. Anyway more on this when I figure this out. Signing off Ray Johns.


July 10th I was I was fucking grounded, the captain found out I haven’t been keeping up with my learning work. That I’m gonna arrive in America not speaking English or knowing math. Who needs math seriously why. But I’m doing pretty good in English, I mean seriously I’ve been working on that, it’s just the math I’m not doing cause. I’m using math time to practice my magic. Like now I just snap my fingers and things like pieces of paper and small nicnacs go flying across the room. It’s crazy anyway way I know this one was long but I just had to say this. Signing off Ray Johns.


July 30th, 1846, the captain is dead, he died yesterday when he found this book and tried to throw me off the ship and burn the journal. Well he didn’t get to do that instead I imagined him shrinking and I crushed him in to millions of little bits. I swept them off the side of my porthole. And apparently I was named captain because off some complication that the next captain had to be of blood yeah he was my uncle.


Yeah it’s been a while but nothing else really happened September 18th 1846 I'm hiking for 3 days to the carriage that will take me the rest of the way there. I got off to the mainland yesterday but was too tired after everything to write. I’m camping right outside of Richmond the locals showed me how to set up an deconstruct a tent. I’ll sign off now RaYjohns


September 19th, 1846 Forrest’s of America are scary, like there are bears everywhere and these tiny spiders that can, apparently kill me signing off Ray Johns.


I just got to the carriage and I can finally relax. I heard that aunt Lia is mega rich like. I think she has like, 3 billion dollars or something. And her home is like, 24,000 square feet. I can’t wait to get there the handler said it would take like a week.


I am here and it’s awesome her servers give me whatever I wanna eat when ever I ring this little bell. I want to know how she made this much but she said it’s her dirty little secret. Anyway, I'm going to meet the locals and test my abilities. I can really do things now. Signing off Ray Johns .


I woke up last night at the bottom of the sea, I was fine I just swam for hours down there and when I got to the top I walk on the water like a roadway. I looked up at the moon was it always this Beautiful. Mesmerizing almost. I don’t know but I loved it. My friends saw me do something similar and call it “all” I can make myself do anything it’s so bizarre. Well I think that some things up and I can’t wait to have more experiences.

Ray and his friends grew up and now at age twenty one, he was taken for a drink. He feels great having friends and a life and has almost completely forgotten, the loss of his father.

Nineteen years later....

One day he was searching for something from his childhood. A journal he wrote when he was eleven, now he looks at it again and thinks to himself. This is how I got here. He meets up with his friends to discuss the name of this thing and they change it to “ oll” because it sounds cool or strange.

A few years ago ray met up with some friends, there was this guy sitting in the corner of the tavern, all alone crying about something. After Ray introduces himself, they bond. Years later they were best pal’s.

One day Darrel, Rays best friend at the time, started acting weird. He would go and stand outside of Rays window for hours at a time. Rays window is on the third floor after all, when his aunt died she had no one else so he inherited everything. Soon Darrel went missing the whole town searched for him, put up posters

Unknown citizenship missing

Start May 20th , 1885

He was declared dead at 8:00 am, June 10th, 1885 they never actually found him but it had been almost three weeks.


It’s the beginning of the Great War. People are hiding for survival, Ray hides with the civilians in this basement under his mansion. After a week and a half. Things are slightly better but they can’t get involved, otherwise Ray will be taken for experimentation.

Twenty five years later....

Another Great War or war of worlds, as some called the original. Though this one was far more devastating, because this was started by his home country of Germany. Ray was so moved by this, that he teleported right in front of the chancellor. Boom, he blew hitler’s head sky high and said; “Der Boom ist vorbei, ” or “ the boom is over done.” The rain of Hitler ended in 1941 with the stone cold loss of 3 million lives. Ray has a monkey mask on and a hoodie so no one will know who floats away from that seen.

In the end, he had unknowingly, saved countless lives.

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