Dear Me,

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Yeah... As absurd and as untrue as it sounds, the bottom line remains that I actually received a letter from Me! It was just last week. Once the mailman dropped off my mail... I was so excited to check it out. I walked out and I picked it up. It was in a beautiful package. I brought the parcel out and took it to my living room. In the presence of no other... Okay except Rosco my dog, I opened the parcel and in it, I found a letter. At first I thought it came from my Nana who would always send letters to me after New Year's but when It read, " Dear Me" I was super shocked. I quickly ran to the calendar to check if it was either Halloween or April Fool's Day. Unfortunately, it wasn't. I read through the letter and I thank God I did because it was a celestial adventure that got me looking forward to my future. I was guided by someone I believed was twenty years older and that day soon became the best day of my life. In the letter, he clarified mystical assumptions of what the future holds. Time travel may not be as elusive as we all think. At the end of the 100-page journey, Future Me shared a top secret that I'll be willing to share if you would promise me to remain calm about it and follow me till the end of this very book. It's a secret! You might become a superhero too! Here we go! Always remember, "Do not ever wear a watch when traveling through time. " Good luck!

Scifi / Fantasy
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Floating houses, flying cars, electronic children and e-food are some of the very many expectations from the future. Some happen to be even more bizzare than these but are any of these really possible according to the human capabilities.

Future me revealed a whole lot of things to me. He wrote things I couldn't have imagined. Some of them, I believed and others not really but I must say that he got me so engrossed in all he said. I will like to share his wonderful gift with the rest of the world.

He gave me the perfect secret to time travel and I will share that with you at the end of the course of our journey. I'm already so excited for the future. I don't want to spoil the book by giving you insights but I must say that I can't really wait to dive into this short but adventurous journey with yours.

Whenever you're set, you put on those seat belts of yours, recline and get ready for our journey to travel through time and meet the impossibilities that might actually be so possible...

Here we go!
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