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A superhero story with an adventurous fantasy twist, something I've been working on for the last year. Any constructive criticism is appreciated and more can be made available if enough people ask.

Scifi / Fantasy
Zack Coleman
Age Rating:

Issue 1



Page i

Panel 1 Pan out from the first panel to see monsters, crowd in the background and scatter in the sky, the viewer looking down on, creature zoom by in the foreground right in front of you. Dark shapes surround a person standing in the middle of the small area.

Caption: They stand over me, shadows, some of… THINGS I don’t want to know about.

Panel 2 Five silhouettes stand against a red sky, all different, towing over the viewer as if you were on the ground looking up at them from a distance, not because they are giants

Caption: They whisper and roar and scream. Horrors and nightmares tremble because they are the First, and they are Pure.

Panel 3 Focus on the middle silhouette of the original five figures as its eyes beginning to glow a dark blue-ish black color.

Caption: He says that I’m not strong enough, say I never had the power to stop them and I believe it. Terror freezes my body because I believe them, because they have the power.

Panel 4 Viewer looking down at a cowering teenager, cast heavily in shadows but can tell he’s scared all the same. Shape of the upper torso of the teen can be seen, a shadow cuts across his face above the right going down across his left check. Eyes, wide in horror, can still be seen.

Caption: I try to cast them out. Send them away, anywhere but here. They laugh and snap, like predators mocking their prey. I’m nothing to them.

Page ii

Panel 1 A hand reaches out from the dark of the Middle Silhouette figure, clawed, and red colored from its tips to the back of its forearm just before it reaches to the elbow, the rest isn’t seen. Angled down, palm facing the view as to reach out and grab them,

Caption: He reaches out for me, a clawed hand of blood red, He tells me that he won’t kill me, it would be too kind. Instead He’s going to make me….

Panel 2 Teenager recoils from viewer, focus closely on his head, an arm comes up to shield against it.

Caption: Just.

Panel 3 Teenager calls outs and recoils even further. Closer in on his head, showing mostly his face, at least his eyes and screaming mouth.

Caption: Like.

Panel 4 Teenager’s face is clenched in a scream as clamps his eyes shut. Closest on face

Caption: Him.

Page iii

Panel 1: 17 yr old Nathan Kole wakes up violently in his bed from his terrible dream, shirt drenched in sweat, crying out in horror. Hands clutching the sheets of his bed as his legs kick and flail as he sits his torso up.

Nathan: NOOO!

Panel 2: Side view of Nathan on the left side of panel bent over on the bed in the midground as he gasps for breath, his eyes wide in horror looking at the floors at the edge of his bed. His mother slams the door open with her robe barely on and a night gown underneath in the background on the right side of the panel.

Mom: Nat! Honey?! Are you alright?

Panel 3: Looking down on to the two on the bed long ways on the panel. Mom grabs the shoulders of her son as he recovers from the terror of his dream, trying to reassure his mother and putting a hand on one of her arms from underneath it. Nathan is still looking in front of him, still shaken by the dream.

Nathan: I’m... Okay… Bad dream.

Mom: Another nightmare?

Nathan: Yeah.

Panel 4: Nathan puts his head in a hand as his mother recoils from him shaking. The viewer is looking at the front of them

Mom: You sure you’re okay, you’re still shaking? Maybe I should take you to the doctor again?

Panel 5 Nathan looks up out of the window that’s beside his bed, noticing the full moon.

Nathan: Don’t mom, I’m fine….

Panel 6: Close up on Nathan looking up off panel with a shadow cast over his face from the window frame in the middle of the window, scared and worried, and not believing he’s safe, let alone, “ok”.

Nathan: Just fine.

Panel 7: Man in the Moon has a twisted, malevolent, smile on his face.

Page 1

Splash page

Night. A Celtic looking Merlin coming from heavy shadows going through a misty ruined area with rocks of rumble in front and behind, coming out from behind a stone wall, looking to the right with a stern, determined, look on his face. Staff in his right hand and robes flapping as he walks silently. This is not the frail ancient Merlin we’re used to seeing. Old, yes, but battle harden and far from helpless and weak physically.

Page 2:

Panel 1: Merlin goes toward the left side of the panel up a incline of a hill, the area he’s in is littered with stones of different shapes and sizes, the biggest looks like a good sized portion of a stone wall that you could hide a small group of people behind while the smallest is the size of a small boulder one could lift with some effort.

Panel 2: a whisp of white starts as a small thin waving line going up from the ground.

Panel 3: Side view as the wisp starts to take form of a wraith like spirit/creature.

Caption:“I looked and there before me was a pale horse.”

Panel 4: A large bone like boot touches down onto the ground, still not entirely physical yet, with a wisp or two of white coming from it.

Caption: “Its rider was named Death,”

Page 3

Panel 1: Two boots appear on the left side of the panel now as skeletal hands start popping out of the ground behind the Boned Boots. Though almost real, the Boots are not yet completely real yet, still trailing with a wisp of white behind them.

Box:“and Hades was following close behind him.”

Grimskull: I…

Panel 2: Long open panel with the Viewer looking down at a triumphant Grimskull roaring out into the night sky, its thick boned fingers curled as his arms bow at his side. Corpses crawl out from the ground around him as some start to dig out and others just break the ground with their arms. Skeletons, all in the later stages of decay, dig and claw their way out from under the dirt, wearing ruined remains of Celtic armor.

Box: “They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.”

Box: Revelation 6:7-8


Panel 3: is a thin panel across the bottom of the page. A wide distant show showing the full silhouette of Grimskull and the skeleton, those standing and still digging out of the ground, are next to GS. The red points inside the helmet’s skull like sockets glow.

Grim: Run, old man, Death comes for you this night.

Page 4

Panel 1: A view of the battle damaged Medieval Castle up on the a hill, the ocean from the coast of the island behind it though you can’t see the coast. The building/castle is angled to the viewer as the closest corner of the building is missing but going further back the Stone building/castle is more and more enacted, ending with a large tower stretching out to the heavens.

Panel 2 Looking down at Merlin huffing and puffing up a claustrophobic stone spiral stairway.

Panel 3 Merlin comes to the top of the stone steps entering into a round chamber that is mostly vacant, save for a stand that is closest to the viewer on the left side of the panel with whatever’s on top unseen but glowing and lightning the dark chamber. Merlin in the midground on the viewer’s right.

Panel 4 side view of Merlin going toward the object which is off panel, a small stone opening is behind him serving as a window to the night sky.

Panel 5 Same view but know there’s a rumbling that shaking the tower to which Merlin turns his head back to the right side of the page.

Panel 6 Same view but the vibrations are enough to cause Merlin to fight for his footing.

Panel 7 The wall to the chamber breaks open causing Merlin to guard his person in an invisible barrier that causes the stone rubble to knock and bounce off it.Page 5

Panel 1 Merlin has his staff in front of him going across his body, bruised but mostly unhurt, his robes flap slightly due to the force of the explosion. He is on the midground’s center left while the hole in the stone wall and a boned boot is on the right.

Merlin: (coughing) “Abomination”…

Panel 2: Grimskull, his menacing, glowing, “eyes” death stare at the viewer. Profiled against the hole in the chamber wall, there are dead warriors, some skeletal where others still have bits of flesh, crawl through the hole and some stand behind Grimskull looking threatening.

Grimskull: Merlin. How long has it been since we’ve last met, outliving all you’ve known, as withered as the corpses that I have raised from these ruins? Do you recognize any old friends among them? A battle you won through sacrificing so many, do they haunt your dreams, old man? Do they keep you company these many centuries?

Merlin: I was already old when you were made, abomination, you would be cowering in terror of the memories I have collected.

Panel 3 Grimskull reaches back to one of his bony contusions sticking out from his back like a spike but the end is shaped like a bone end. Drawing it out, you see the base of a blade but at the part where the blade leaves from Grimskull’s back, an energy glow sparking from the entry point. You don’t show his whole body here, but the center focus should be on the bone he has gripped in his large “hand”.

Grimskull: Then allow me the favor of curing you ills, old man. Death has ever so patiently waited for your soul, and tonight, it has come to calm it. Once you are dead, I will raise you back as one of MY Corpses to serve me for eternity before your body has gone cold.

Panel 4 Most of Merlin’s upper body is shown readying for a fight, his staff crossways extended out towards the viewer, a shadow going across half his face, hiding one eye in deep shadow.

Merlin: Aye, Death has waited for me for a long age…

Panel 5 3/4ths of Merlin facing toward the right side, raises his staff up, his hands, one over the other, above his head but with the staff at an angle, looking at the floor to slam down on it.

Merlin: But he will have to wait a while longer.

Panel 6: Side view of Grimskull on the right side, his arm with a large scimitar in said hand thrust out to the left pointed towards Merlin, the corpses in the background leap as the ones in front of Grimksull, closest to the viewer, charge.

Grimskull: Bring that old fool to me!

Corpses: (Groans and Moans, ARGH!)

Page 6

Panel 1 Merlin’s staff end slams down and where it connects with the stone, blinding rays of light radiate out.

Panel2 Merlin is in the midground, the corpses are shown screaming, as much as a corpse can at least, writhing in agony as the blinding light tears and burns through their dead bodies. Grimskull shields his head with one of his big hands and turns away from the light that singes him slightly but isn’t enough to stop him. White light engulfs the room.

Panel 3: Bones and ash fall to the stone floor where the animated corpses once were.

Panel 4: Grimskull turns back enraged, looking at the viewer. The glowing point representing eyes blaze brightly in rage.

Grimskull: Blast you and your impotent magick, wizard! The Obsidian has broken free of your imprisonment and we will scorch these lands once you and your “great weapon” are ours. There is nothing in all creation that will stop us!

Panel 5: Merlin with a cocky, defiant, grin on his face as a thick, wispy, line of smoke comes from off the bottom of the panel.

Merlin: If you fiends DID break free, then why do you have only these poor Corpses from the land, eh? As for what you seek…

Panel 6 shows an empty stand with a small platform in the center where another line of smoke rises from scorch mark on the small platform.

Merlin: You’ll have a harder time accomplishing the task of taking it, than taking me!

Page 7

Panel 1 Merlin has both hands on his staff in front of him as he becomes see through. Grimskull lashes out with his large scimitar but it goes right through him.

Merlin: I don’t know how you got free, but if you fair as well trying to slay me as you do trying to find my creation, I’ll have nothing much to worry about. My regards to you master.

Grimskull: BLAST YOU, OLD MAN!

Panel 2 Grimskull roars up at the viewer, his arms curled at its side.


Panel 3 Nathan Kole shoots up from bed in a similar spot as Grimskull in his panel, awoken by another nightmare.

Nathan: (AAHH)

Panel 4 Nathan stands himself up with one arm as he holds his face in the other hand. The viewer is looking up from the floor seeing Nathan at an angle.

Nathan box: Another one.

Page 8

Panel 1: Viewer is lever with Nathan’s body as he throws the sheets away from his legs in the air as they turns to touch the floor. Nathan’s face shows a wary, tired, scared look on his face.

Nathan caption box: Three Months. Off and on for three months since mom and I have been here and for the whole summer I’ve had those damn nightmares.

Panel 2: The viewer can see only see the back of Nathan, save for the mirror that reflects a shadow-cast face. Walking, in the door way that leads to his bathroom as his arm flips the light switch, his head is bowed down and though the viewer can’t see it his arm and hand are positioned showing that he might be rubbing his forehead or pinching the bridge of his nose.

Nathan Caption Box: Doc says that they’re just from the stress of the change to the new place, the new city. Mom tries to comfort me and say they’ll go in time, but I don’t think these nightmares have anything to do with the place and they’re not going to “go away”, not when you dream what I’ve been dreaming.

Panel 3 A hand goes for the pill bottle standing on one of the shelves in a medicine cabinet.

Nathan Box: Feels like my head’s been split open. I’ve lost count of how many of these I’ve taken since this started happening. Good thing Mom’s working late and not here to try to get me to the hospital or see a shrink or something. Again.

Panel 4 Nathan tries to open the prescription bottle of headache medicine in front of the mirror the hand sink underneath, the viewer looks at him from the side.

Nathan Box: I know she’s trying to help but I’m never in the mood to hear it repeated again after one of these, but one day, there will be no stopping her from doing so. Maybe she’s right about getting help.

Panel 5 The viewer looks down over Nathan’s shoulder as he looks down at an empty bottle.

Nathan Box: Greeeeaat. Empty.

Panel 6: Nathan walks out toward the doorway as he lets go of the empty pill bottle into a trash bin next to the doorway. The viewer is looking at the top of his body from the side. His head is looking at the bin with a worried, defeated look.

Nathan Box: Maybe if they could hook me up with something that will stop me dreaming I could actually get a good night’s sleep. That’d be sweet, not having to be scared of falling asleep.

Page 9

Panel 1: Nathan stands in the middle of his room.

Nathan Box: What a great way to start my first day of junior year. Sleep deprived, tortured by nightmares of creatures, it’s going to be bad enough starting out as the new kid in town but to put this on top of everything else.

Panel 2: Nathan holds one arm across his torso as the other rests on it with that hand at his mouth a brooding look of concern on his face as he stares at his bed. His bed, with the ruffled sheets is closest to the viewer as he is in the background/midground area.

Nathan Box: What do these dreams mean? I’ve gone through all the possible scenarios: Mental breakdown, going crazy, hell- I even went so far as being cursed or plagued by demons. Nothing seems to make any sense.

Panel 3: Nathan turns his head resting the side of it on his fingers, looking over to his desk at the stack of novels on it. The stack of books is closer to the viewer. Can see the writing on the spines of the thick books: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is on top (the most worn), A Princess of Mars, War of the Worlds, Lord of the Rings, X-men, Dresden Files, Jurassic Park.

Nathan Box: In all those books, when this happens, it's a sign, a premonition of something coming.

Panel 4: Nathan is at the edge of the window frame an arm propped up on it above his head as he looks down from his high storied window. The viewer is looking at him from the side that doesn’t have the arm up.

Nathan: That’s a scary thought, but what do I have to worry about? This is the real world, as mom would put it “those are just stories, NOT real.”

Panel 5 Viewing the back of Nathan as he looks out the window.

Nathan: Tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day.

Page 10

Panel 1: Nathan walks down the stairs, black shirt and jeans, with an old leather backpack in his hand.

Panel 2: Nathan’s getting things read in the kitchen…

Panel 3: Setting a place at the kitchen table for one.

Panel 4: Toast shoots up from the toaster toward the viewer from an angle

Panel 5: Nathan catches the top to the toast with his mouth; his head is stretched out from the side.

Panel 6: Mom walks out looking half asleep still and horribly unkempt from a short sleep and a long yesterday. A robe thrown on with one side drooping down the side of her body, wearing a night gown underneath, holding an empty coffee cup.

Mom: uuuuuuhhh.

Panel 7: Mom in front of the table place with fresh breakfast and a steaming kettle of coffee waiting for her with a vase of fresh flowers (something cheap and easy like dandelions). Nathan has his back to the viewer as he kisses Zombie Mother Goodbye on her cheek. Toast in one hand, bag in the other.

Nathan: Breakfast’s ready for you. Going to school now.

Mom: Uuhh, want me… drive… school?

Panel 8: Nathan walks through the front door. Shades going on his eyes, as he turns his head back saying “goodbye” from the door in the background, Mother is in the Midground bringing up a full cup of coffee to inhale that brings a smile on her face. She’s on the right side of the panel.

Nathan: You’re in no condition to walk, let alone drive.

Mom: Uuh Day… Good, mmmm… coffee.

Page 11

Panel 1 Nathan walking down the halls of a school, with his schedule in his hand and his bag hanging in the other, looking off to the side, squinting his eyes as he searches for something. Other students flow past him, oblivious toward him in the crowded hallway

Panel 2 Nathan is trying to pull open his locker but it’s stuck. Viewer is looking at his back.

Nathan: C'mon, c'mon...

Panel 3 Nathan is sitting in the back, trying to go unnoticed as he scribbles on a notebook on the desk. A blonde haired kid sitting beside him sneaks a peak at what he’s doing, whether curious or trying to copy his notes, who knows. You can hear the teacher lecturing.

Teacher: (talking about the subject matter)

Panel 4 shows the notebook with notes written on them, but off in the margins are drawings of his nightmares.

Teacher: (still lecturing)

Panel 5: Lunch time and Nathan is sitting off to the side eating by his self in a outdoor “courtyard” area, groups of other kids at tables behind him. Nathan is sitting on a stone barrier with one leg drawn up and the other hanging off, an arm draped over the knee of the drawn up leg.

Panel 6 Nathan is sitting on the side lines in gym class wearing a white shirt and black shorts with him holding an ice pack on the side of his head, scribbles above him showing he’s pissed!

Panel 7 Side view of Nathan, walking down the hallway in his street clothes toward the right, looking up above the viewer, on the wall clock hanging.

Nathan: Late again. How’s anyone supposed to find anything in this building.

Panel 8 Head shot of something getting Nathan’s attention.

Page 12

Panel 1 Down a hallway Nathan is in the background, three punk bullies surround and hassle a smaller guy, Josh, who’s a bit of a wise ass, getting himself into more trouble than getting himself out.

Nathan Box: Oh great….

Punk 1: What’d you say??

Josh: Look, I can’t help it if you can’t keep up with regular speech, let alone, advanced speech

Punk 2: You calling us stupid??

Josh: Noooo, you called yourself stupid and its shows a level of profound insight into one’s self that allows you to admit that truth openly.

Nathan Box: Not my problem, shouldn’t get involved, shouldn’t get involved.

Nathan: Hey!

Panel 2 Nathan, a tall and lanky kind of guy, is standing up straight defiantly calm against the Punks, the viewer looks up slightly

Nathan Box: This is the OPPOSITE of not getting involved.

Nathan: Leave him alone!

Nathan Box: That’s it, never mind that they have you outnumbered and outweigh you, just pile it on more.

Nathan Box: You’re going to get your ass handed to you. Well, better me than him, at least.

Panel 3: A side view of the lead Punk turned to the left point at Nathan off panel, annoyed that someone’s interfering. The other two punks, one in the background and another closest to the viewer, looking over to the left too, but not giving up their position around the little guy, who’s looking at the other one of the punk’s trying to sneak away,

Punk 1: Beat it, @^%^#, or I’ll snap you like a twig after I’m done with this twerp.

Panel 4 Same viewpoint but the Punks have turned their attention back to the little guy. The Lead Punk grabs the little guy’s collar, pulling him back to the center, the Punk’s other hand is balled into a fist.

Punk 1: Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done with you yet.

Panel 5 The Lead Punk his looming over the little guy but Nathan’s old leather backpack sails through the air as it slams into the back of the Lead Punk’s head, knocking his head forward.

Punk 1: You’re gonna pay for trying to run…. AGH!

Page 13

Panel 1: View of the Lead Punk swinging around enraged, but doesn’t notice the shadow coming across his face. The one of other three Punks are in the background notices what’s going to happened next and is dumbstruck.

Punk 1: You’re DEAD! You hear….

Panel 2: Shows Nathan, slamming feet first, into the guts of the lead Punk after running from where he stood down the hall and leaping, having a devious look on his face. The viewer can see Nathan front meaning that he’s angled sideways and the Punk Leader is bowing back, only the viewer is able to see the lead Punk’s back as he is thrust out back to the viewer’s right side. Two are behind them, one punk, shocked at what’s happening, and the little guy, a big grin on his face. The other punk is closest to the viewer, to the viewer’s left, shifting out of the way.

Nathan: BONZAI!

Panel 3 You’re looking at Nathan in sitting in a waiting area, bruised, holding an ice pack to the side of his face. Norman Rockwell-esk.

Panel 4 Same scene, but an older woman sticks her head in from the right side. Nathan looks at her in response.

Woman: Nathan, your mother’s here for you.

Nathan: Thanks.

Nathan Caption Box: Here it comes.

Page 14

Panel 1: Mother is pissed, arms folded across her chest, talking from the side of her mouth, scowl of death directed at the viewer. She’s wearing a business skirt suit with the collar loose and the blazer unbuttoned.

Mother: What the Hell’s gotten into you!

Nathan’s box: No good deed goes unpunished.

Panel 2 Nathan’s upper body is in panel, walking pitifully behind his mother who’s walking in front of him closer to the viewer. She’s coming out and over the top of the panel, with a merciless stride and scowl on the right. Nathan’s defeated, shoulders slouched, but he’s trying to keep his chin up and keep his composure and not let things get to him.

Nathan: Can we do this elsewhere?

Nathan Box: Anywhere else but here.

Mom: Don’t push it, mister!

Panel 3 Nathan turns back when he hears his name called. Viewer sees him from behind as his mother walks on.

voice: Nathan?

Nathan: eh?

Panel 4: The little guy is waiting outside the office getting up from his spot from the floor.

Little Guy: Your name’s Nathan, right? I’m Josh.

Nathan box: The “little guy”? Was he waiting there the whole time…?

Panel 5 Josh on the left Nathan on the right, Nathan takes his ice pack off slightly.

Josh: Just wanted to thank you for what you did earlier.

Nathan: Thanks for getting help.

Josh: No one’s stepped up for me like that before

Nathan: I’m sure you would’ve done the same.

Josh: No I wouldn’t have.

Nathan: I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Josh: You really don’t know me that well.

Nathan: Guess I lucked out, then.

Page 15

Panel 1 Side view of Josh with his head down looking at the front of Nathan looking back behind him at the door where the silhouette of his mother stands.

Josh: It should be me like that. I’m always getting myself into trouble.

Nathan: I think I can relate.

Josh: I’d trade places with you if I could.


Panel 2 Nathan walking away but his head is turned back to the viewer, a small smile on his face, in the background is the silhouette of his mother in a doorway.

Nathan: Want to do it now?

Panel 3 Overhead view looking down at a car on the road with Nathan and his mother, who’s driving and obviously angry.

Mom: Have you completely lost your mind?!

Nathan: You know you shouldn’t drive angry?

Nathan box: As if traffic wasn’t bad enough...

Panel 4 Closer view look into through the windshield, mom is mad, one army outstretched, Nathan’s leaning back pressing the icepack to his head.

Mom: You go and get into a fight! ON YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

Nathan: Seriously, maybe I should be driving.

Page 16

Panel 1 looking into the car, Nathan’s looking concerned enough to take the pack off to pay attention to the road. Mom’s still mad.

Mom: When did I ever tell you, in your whole life of me raising you, did I say it was OK to fight?

Nathan: Seriously, pay attention!

Mom: I’m the parent, here!

Nathan Box: Uh Oh

Panel 2 Nathan reels back and presses a hand against the dash readying for a crash. Mom’s un-phased and still mad.

Mom: Never! That’s what I said. Never!

Nathan: Car! CAR!

Nathan box: OhGOD!OhGOD!OhGOD!OhGOD!

Panel 3 Nathan breathes a sigh of relief. Mom sticks her head out of the window to yell.

Nathan Box: She’s going to get us BOTH killed before she even gets a chance to kill me.


Nathan: What was I supposed to do, Mom?

Panel 4 Side view looking into the car from Nathan’s side, Nathan is looking out toward the viewer as mom is looking over at him.

Mom: Get a teacher.

Nathan: There weren’t any.

Mom: Then you find one!

Nathan: There wasn’t time, if I didn’t do anything that kid could’ve…

Mom: Ended up like you! He’s not worth you getting hurt. You don’t get involved with things like that. What if they had been armed?

Nathan: They weren’t.

Mom: WHAT IF? You think about that, smart guy? What if you got more than your butt handed to you? What if you left there on a stretcher, instead?

Page 17

Panel 1 Nathan whips his head around, angered.

Nathan: So what, Mom? Was I supposed to stick my head in the sand while it happened? While that kid ended up like me or worse?

Panel 2: Mom whips her head to Nathan, and angry look on her face as she yells at Nathan who’s off panel. Can see her upper body and the steering wheel in her hands.

Mom: If it means you walking away alive and in one piece, YES! It’s not your job to protect anybody. You’re not a hero! This is the Real World, not a story from one of your books!

Nathan: That’s not right!

Mom: Right and wrong have nothing to do with it!

Panel 3 Mom looking out of the windshield as she has one hand extended outward, yelling out into the world, and traffic.

Mom: In all of this did you ever think about your future? How you could’ve been suspended or worse, EXPELLED! After everything it took for us to get here only to move again because you can’t go to school here.

Panel 4 Mom turns her focus back to Nathan.

Mom: And what about me? How possibly losing you, my only son, would affect me? I can’t lose you. If that means not being able to fight for strangers then I can live with that.

Panel 5: You can see on his face and in his eyes that he is hurt and feels guilty for not considering her as he looks away from his mother.

Panel 6: The car pulls up to a two story house, with a wider yard, a treeline that separates the house from the one on the left. Forest trees line behind the houses and to the right of the drive way that goes up a slight hill to a garage, both to the right side of the house.

Page 18

Panel 1: Twilight. Same view of the house but Nathan is sitting on the roof of the first story porch which goes from the front of the house to the left side of the house (the opposite side from the garage.

Panel 2: The viewer can see Nathan to the left side sitting on the roof. Mom’s coming through his room to the window.

Mom: Nathan, you out there?

Nathan: Yeah

Panel 3 Side view with his mom closer to the viewer, leaning on the window frame arms across her body looking over to Nathan.

Mom: I’m sorry, about my tone earlier.

Panel 4 Viewer sees Mom looking down in guilt.

Mom: I shouldn’t have gone off on you like that. You’re very brave and your heart was in the right place, but you’re also intelligent, son, and you were raised to be smarter than to get into a fight, for ANY reason, not when you have such a future ahead of you. A chance for something better, just to have it thrown away, or worse.

Panel 4 Close up on Nathan’s face looking back over to his mother.

Mom: Promise me you won’t get involved if that happens again.

Panel 5 Close up of Mom’s sorrow written on her face.

Mom: Please.

Panel 6 Sun is hitting the tree line silhouetting Nathan and the house.

Nathan: I promise.

Page 19

Panel 1 Close up of Nathan still on the roof outside his bedroom window contemplating on what’s happened. His legs are drawn up so that his arms are across his knees, his chin on his arms.

Nathan Box: …Is she right? Did I do the wrong thing getting involved in someone else’s problems? He said himself he wouldn’t do the same if the roles were switched. Was it worth adding more trouble to my life?

Voice: Hey!

Panel 2 The viewer sees the silhouetted back head and shoulders of Nathan in the foreground looking down onto the street to see Josh walking by with his hands in a jacket hoodie, in the background, his body facing mostly forward but his head is turned up to Nathan.

Josh: What are you doing up there?

Nathan: What are you doing down there?

Josh: Walking. I live a couple blocks away, had to get out of the house. Seems like you got it bad from your parents, too.

Panel 3 Nathan lands on the grass next to his house.

Nathan: Parent. Singular.

John: Yours yell and scream?

Nathan: She goes for the guilt trip.

Panel 4 Nathan is walking up to Josh in the middle of the street. Nathan on the left, Josh on the right

Josh: Low blow, man.

Nathan: Still effective.

Josh: Look… I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t mean to drag you into my screwed up life, if I could do it again…

Nathan: You said sorry, already, and it wasn’t your fault. It’s done. No sense wishing for it….

Panel 5 Looking up from behind the boys you see their silhouettes look up as a spark flares in the sky.

Nathan: …differently…?

Josh: Huh?

Page 20

Panel 1What looks like a shooting star streaks across the sky into the direction of the woods behind his house.

Josh: Woah! A shooting star! A really close shooting star!!

Panel 2The boys watch as the star touches down over the tree line behind Nathan’s house.

Nathan: Really, REALLY, close!!!

Panel 3The boys feel the tremors through the ground and brace themselves, balancing with their arms out from the side, their heads are down but they’re not exactly looking at the ground as much as reacting to the vibrations

Josh: Touchdown

Nathan: That doesn’t make since, something that close shouldn’t have such a weak impact tremor…

Panel 4 Nathan looks in the direction of the fallen star (right), somewhat drawn to the area. Josh is looking at Nathan. Looking down at the street on both of them from above, the Viewer is above them looking down.

Nathan: Something’s… up. Maybe I should… go check it out.

Josh: What are you talking about? There’s probably nothing left. Are you ok, you seem… off.

Panel 5 Close up on Nathan’s face looking back at the viewer with half of his face is in shadow. Nathan’s eyes are unfocused almost glazed over as if mesmerized.

Nathan: I… need to see what’s there…

Page 21

Panel 1 Nathan is shown going downhill in a heavy forest with Josh behind him, dust billowing up from their feet as they slide down some on some dirt. The sun is down but its light is still present in the sky, fading slowly.

Nathan Box: Mom’s going to kill me if she finds me out here this late, especially after everything. But I…I need to see where it landed.

Josh: I just want to go on record and say this is a bad idea.

Nathan: Noted.

Panel 2 Nathan moving through the trees, looking up at the tips of the trees noticing the scorch marks as it came in to crash.

Nathan: There’s where it started hitting the trees,should be just up this hill.

Panel 3 Nathan’s eyes go wide, so does Josh’s behind him.

Nathan: Whoa!

Josh: Ditto!

Panel 4 The viewer looking down from above, The Boys look at a line of destruction the crashing “star” caused from the tops of the trees to the point of impact. Small fires spot the ground and are on some of the trees that are charred and burned. On the trees at the edge of the impact line, the branches are broken in and what leaves are left are burning while on the other side they are reasonably untouched. The point of impact looks like a blast sight, some trees I the little crater are of course toppled and a few may be fallen over but, the concussion wave wasn’t strong enough to radiant out and flatten them.

Nathan: I’m going to take a wild guess and say we’ve found the crash site.

Page 22

Panel 1 Grimskull looks out the hole in the tower wall, standing still. His back is to you as his undead soldiers are standing behind him vacantly starting in place, as if they’ve stopped. Think zombies lounging around but they’re not moving, talking (save for a moan here or there), or looking around, they’re just present waiting for orders, facing different ways

Panel 2 A dark demonic whisper calls for Grimskull off panel, causing him to finally move, his head turns toward you

Panel 3 the viewer is looking down at the group as they all turn to the bottom corner of the panel and bow, the undead soldiers on their hands and knees while Grimskull is kneeling, bending his body over, head down.

Grimskull: My master.

Panel 4 The viewer sees the other side of the chamber where shadows have fallen over the majority of that side, a dark silhouette of a man like figure can be seen against the patches of wall that are not cast in shadow. The silhouette is lost in shadow as you look down its form as if it came from the shadow on the stone floor, there is no shadow going across its midsection but where it’s head would be shadow blends in to it, so you don’t know what it could be or anything of a face, all that is seen are blue-ish back sinister eyes.

Panel 5 Grimskull looks up, still kneeling though. The viewer is looking up at the Silhouette' s front.

Grimskull: The wizard has eluded us, obviously aware of our forthcoming, and sent his weapon out into the world.

Page 23

Panel 1 Shows the silhouette’s eye squint tighter.

Panel 2 Grimskull bows his head looking away from the shadow’ apparent distain

Grimskull: He did not have enough time to send it far, Master, of this, I pledge. Nor did I allow him the time to follow it. IF it did come close to its bearer, I will feel when it is touched and he will be ours.

Panel 3 close up on the “head” of the silhouette, focused on the eyes that glow more fiercely blue, like a shining light, thinking like in “Gargoyles”.

Panel 4 Side view of Grimskull bowing is head down lower.

Grimskull: Never fear, Master, I will carry out your will. I will find Merlin’s prize, and you will able to break the shackles that bind you to that exiled Abyss, unhindered.

Panel 5 Viewer sees the wall again without the silhouette.

GS: I will not fail.

Page 24

Panel 1 Looking at Nathan who is at the lip of the crater, bracing his self with one of the branches that survived being broken from the impact and one fallen tree trunk on the other side. He’s looking down into the crater as the viewer looks up from the crater. Smoke wisps from the center. Josh can be seen peering up from behind him.

Nathan: She sure did a number on this place. Too much smoke I can’t see if there’s anything left.

Josh: In small meteor strikes there usually isn’t, but there’s not enough damage here.

Nathan: I noticed that.

Panel 2 Close up of Nathan with a puzzled look on his face while still holding the supporting branch.

Nathan: Could still be hot, don’t want to get burned….

Josh: Of course it’s hot, a rock just fell from through the atmosphere at breakneck speeds!

Nathan Box: If I had something…

Panel 3 same view but Nathan is fingering the branch

Nathan Box: To reach….

Panel 4 same view but Nathan looks at the branch. Josh’s head comes in from the right side of the panel.

Nathan Box: Down…

Josh: What? What are you thinking?

Panel 5 same view but Nathan turns back toward the crater holding the branch with a devious grin on his face. Josh’s head is joined w/ Josh’s hand and a disapproving finger, like a parent warning a child.

Nathan Box: Hehehehe.

Josh: Oooh no!

Panel 6: An end of a branch is seen piercing the smoke and digging into the dirt at the center of the crater.

Nathan: Let’s see…

Panel 7: Nathan is holding the other end of the branch from the lip of the crater, Josh is holding on to one of the roots of the same fallen tree that was beside Nathan as he uses his other hand to hold him by the belt.

Nathan: What we can see.

Josh: No, I was wrong, this is a bad idea.

Page 25

Panel 1: the “fingers” of the branch dig into the dirt as a silver band of a ring loops one of the fingers.

Panel 2: Side view, the boys pulls up the branch so that it’s more or less level. Nathan notices a shine from the ring on one of the fingers.

Nathan Box: What is that?

Panel 3 Looking down at Nathan, the branch brought in close to him as he investigates his findings.

Nathan: It’s a ring!?

Josh: A ring in the shooting star? How’d a ring end up falling from space to land in the middle of a forest? Did it fall from a space ship or something?

Panel 4 Nathan is looking at ring hanging from the branch his hand near it to see if it’s hot. Josh is beside him looking at it too.

Josh: I’m having a “Lord of the Rings” feeling here. Something’s not right about this. A ring falling from the sky and not a scratch on it as it rockets down toward the planet Earth?

Nathan: Doesn’t feel hot, I mean there’s no heat coming from it.

Panel 5 Nathan tilts the branch as he holds out his left hand as Josh backs up and looks on

Nathan:I’m going for it.

Josh: Hope you didn’t like that hand.

Page 26

Panel 1 Nathan is tensed up as the ring falls into his palm outstretched from his body as much as it can be. Josh cringes at the upcoming pain that Nathan will supposedly be feeling with the hot ring touches his skin.

Panel 2 The two relax as Nathan brings in his palm for the two to look at the ring.

Nathan: Nothing. Not hot at all.

Both: Weeeird.

Panel 3: Can see the ring being held by two fingers. The viewer can see the details of the ring: A Celtic weave is in the center of the band going around along in its center, a soft, circular, jewel is in the center and four oval jewels, also smooth, point at the one in the center diagonally. The jewel in the center is white, while the others around it are colored red, green, a deep ocean blue, and a light sky blue.

Nathan: Look at that design going around the band, that’s defiantly Celtic.

Josh: Those jewels, the different colors, suppose they mean something? They look expensive though. Maybe we can see how much it’s worth.

Nathan: Josh…

Josh: What?

Nathan: Look.

Panel 4 close up on Nathan’s and Josh’s head that are in the foreground looking toward the background to see a group of animals silhouettes in the forest.

Nathan: What do you think they’re doing here?

Page 27

Panel 1 Looking at the viewer Josh points a thumb behind him at the beast there in the background.

Josh: The same as those over there.

Panel 2 Looking down on the crater and the boys on the lip of it surrounded by a line of forest animals from predators to prey.

Josh: O-kaaay, I take back what I said earlier, this is weirder. What is this, the Lion King?

Panel 3 Angled view from behind a mountain lion and other animals big and small around it all completely focused at the two boys near the crater. Boys are on the left in the background and the animals on the right.

Nathan: I don’t think they’re here to hurt us, they’re watching.

Josh: Watching what!? I don’t think the wildlife of our local forest is avid star gazers.

Panel 4 the two look down at the ring in the palm of Nathan’s hand.

Nathan: This…?

Panel 5: Josh is looking up into the top of the panel at the sky while Nathan is lining up the ring to be put on the middle finger to his right hand. Both believe the immediate danger has passed and suspect nothing more to happen. The forest tree line can be seen in the background.

Josh: It’s getting late, and as much fun as I’ve had chasing down a falling Celtic ring from space, and being surrounded by the local fauna, I think I’ve had enough for today.

Nathan: Wonder if it fits?

Panel 6: The ring is on Nathan’s finger which can be seen through the blinding white light radiating from that point of connection. Nathan and Josh are mostly lost in the white light in the panel aside from some negative black on the opposite side of their body not facing the ring, but what you can see of Josh is that he’s shielding his face from the light with an arm.

Page 28

Panel Panel 1 Looking down at the crash site from above you can see the same light shoot up in a thin shot and a wave of light radiate out in a ring.

Panel Small panel showing a candles melting and burning wicks on a crude metal holder with a long steam.

Panel In a heavily shadowed cave there are a few candles on stands lit and a old supreme sorcerer who looks like he was in deep meditation, 3/4ths view on his right side so he's facing toward the right side of the page. He reacts suddenly to a magickal energy that has reached him causing him to fall back . His elderly body is cast in shadow as an aura of energy encases his head. A young man in in a gee with long brown hair tied back in a tail comes out of an opening from deeper in the cavern in the background.

Young Man: Master!

Sorcerer: Such magick, so powerful. So pure! The purest I’ve ever perceived.

Panel shows the elderly man with his arms holding himself up, the young man down on his knees looking down at his teacher, though not touching him, his arms are out to the side as if he does not want to touch him. The elderly man's head looks at the viewer cast in shadow from his grim looking eyes down because he is out from the candle's light.

Sorcerer: The first magick… magick of creation…. What could cause such a magickal force to be unleashed… and for what reason?

Panel A figure cast in shadow from the waist up is standing on the other side of a very tall window.

Man: Let me get this straight?

Panel In the Oval office, two US Generals stand with their hats in the cuff of one arm, in front of the President's desk. The body of the President can be seen in the foreground, with two fingers from his right hand touching the polished wood, the panel cuts him off just below the shoulder line.

President Obama: There was an unknown energy signature that flared up somewhere for a moment, then disappeared, and you can't tell me where or what it was?

General 1: Mr President, we believe that it was not nuclear or an EMP

Pres.: "You believe"? That fills me with confidence.

General 1: To be frank, sir, the science boys tell us that there's never been anything like this before. We don't believe that this is a manmade event.

General 2: Sir, we're getting reports of unnatural occurrences; freak tides, deep core thermal spikes, the jet stream shifting into patterns never seen before, massive animal migrations on a biblical scale. This suggests the start of some form of environmental phenomenon that has never been recorded before.

Panel Grimskull whips his head to the side as he gets a hint of the magick cross over into the world he is in.

Caption: Something's happening.

Gs: It has been found!

Page 29

This page will have one long column on the left side while the rest of are smaller and on the right, and they are askew.

Panel 1 In the middle of the panel as its bottom half where Nathan would be standing is a thick white light that swirls around in a weaving column like a tornado. At the spot where the light touches the ground spikes of light shoot out. Behind the light on the left side is Josh, who has fallen back and is on the ground holding his upper body up by his bracing arms behind him. He looks on in awe as the winds of the white light tornado blow around debris as well as his clothes and what little hair there is to blow on his head.

Panel 2 The column of whirling white light gives way to an actually column of wind and looks like an actual tornado.

Panel 3 Now the tornado turns into a water sprite (a tornado over the water)

Panel 4 The water gives way to a swirling column of rocks, boulders, and dirt.

Panel 5 The last effect is a column of fire that takes over.

Page 30

Panel 1 is a large part of the page showing flames and smoke from the ground coming up where Nathan once stood. In his place is Avalon, his cape billows to the side as flames come off his body, his head is a little raised due to the rush of the swirling column. He’s in a bracing stance with arms and legs out for greater balance. Josh is in the background straighter in his stance on the ground and eyes wide (as if they weren’t already).

Panel 2 3/4ths view of Avalon looking down at his hands and arms confused, cast in heavy shadows. His cape is wavy and fumes come from the back of him.

Panel 3 Josh is closer to you as he gets his legs under him but is still in a crouching position. His eyes never leave Avalon, who is standing where the last of the smoke from the ground and on his body as dissipating and thinning. Avalon’s not standing up straight as he turns to Josh still in that angled side view.

Nathan/Avalon: What happened?

Caption Box: You have been found wanting, fleshling.

Page 31

Panel 1 Looking at an angle from behind it, Grimskull slams a blade of his Ax into the ground making the mist part, sending out lines of spiking white out from the point of impact on the ground. The lines start out going high up then reseed, like the lines are going under the earth, which they are.

Panel 2 Looking at Spiked lines recced into the Earth to the point that they are almost gone, and Grimskull is in the background.

Grimskull: GO! Bleed through this world and into the next

Panel 3: The lines show up again going up from the ground rising up the side of a mound in a clearing in the middle of a forest

Grimskull: Retrieve what I seek

Panel 4: The mound flares with White Light from atop the mound

Grimskull: Find me the one who wields the Ring and bring that fool here to me

Panel 5: Withered and decayed, hands shoot out of the ground at different spots but all from the mound. One holds a hatchet, another holds a six shooter, you can see some have the tattered remains of clothing.

Grimskull: So that I can watch the human beg and quiver at my feet….

Page 32

Splash page of a collage showing Avalon in the bottom left corner who’s looking at his arms curled up in front of him, fist balled up, Josh is behind him on his feet, looking over what Nathan has become in disbelief on the right of him. In the middle of the page the mound gives away its dead warriors, Indian and Union soldiers, some few on mounts, most armed in some way. Their faces vacant and unfeeling as they reach out of the ground and at the viewer, an image of Grimskull looking down at them in a maniacal, threating, pose, the fingers of his left hand palm up are curled in front of him. He is also on the right side corner of the page (possible the moon on the top left with the silhouette cast in front of it blending down into the darkness of night, looking over all that is happening).

Grimskull: Before I grant him the cold touch of Death.

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