The Picking

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Chapter 2: Present

~ Hey guys this chapter is a little short sorry for that ~


It's the 6-year anniversary of that horrible day. I’m now legally an adult. I had planned to sit around in my comfy pajamas eating tons of junk food while watching Twilight or some other sappy movie like Titanic. I stir from my bed hearing a knock on my door. I open it to find Marcus with a tub of icecream and “Mean Girls” one of our favorite movies.

If anyone saw us we would be in trouble. Boys weren’t allowed to come to the girl's section it was one of the many new rules.

Marcus looked at me, “Are you going to let me in? Or we just going to stand here for days until a guard comes?”

Marcus is my insanely good looking best friend that has been with me since day one by my side through all the pain, sadness, and grief. I honestly don't know what I would do without him.

I took the ice cream and movie and ushered him in. I went to the kitchen got two spoons and walked back we cuddled and watched eating our ice cream.

I always had a crush on Marcus but we couldn’t be together. I just really needed to have a friend, and anyways he wouldn’t feel the same.

We got halfway through the movie, laughing and eating all the ice cream. I honestly loved this movie and Regina. I know she’s a bad character, but she’s so freaking funny.

Then I heard a knock at the door, quickly ushering Marcus to the closet. He ran with the ice cream. I turned the movie off fixed my hair and walked towards the door. I took a breath and opened the door.

I exhaled deeply noticing that it was just Jacob. I know you're wondering why isn’t Jacob invited? After the horrible day when my whole family came apart. Jacob started to become distant. He disappeared when I needed him the most. I thought he would understand what I was feeling since he lost his family too, but I guess I was wrong.

Jacob cleared his throat I looked up at him. I can't lie he looked stunning with his dark blue eyes and black hair and chiseled body. He walked in and sat on the couch. Putting a bag down on the table I knew that bag to well.

"Well, that was rude, not even a hi." I mumble. He walked in and looked around. He stared at the closet where Marcus was but looked away.

“Jacob can you tell me why you're here after disappearing for years?!” I said as I looked at him. He looked me up and down and a smirk appeared on his face, "wow you look good Starr." I could not hide the blush that came up my face.

I quickly remembered why I was mad. "You have no right to show up after leaving me when I needed you the most you were gone. Even though I freaking stood by your side through your loss. I thought you would understand since you lost someone to, but I guess I was wrong you're a cold-hearted monster and to top it off your one of there Bitches now I thought you hated them but here you are being a fucking errand boy delivering there useless bags of shit, do you really think that's going to make up for my parents death! "

I could not keep the tears in that started to escape remembering that horrible day. I still get nightmares but, having to talk about it felt even worse. For a second I thought I saw regret come over his face but it quickly morphed into anger. He started to slowly walk over, "You don't need me you have your boyfriend Marcus to protect you. You were only my friend because you felt pity for me, nothing else I decided to lift that burden off you. Your right I am a monster, but what I'm not is dumb."

I slowly started to back away, when I feel my back crash into the wall. He put his hands on either side of me and looked me in the eyes, "Was it really that smart to let a monster into your room... alone with no one to hear your screams. I never and will never be anyone's bitch." He whispered in my ear. I felt chills come down my neck. He quickly turned around and walked away, "Next time choose a different hiding spot, Marcus, if you forgot I always won at hide and seek. I watched as he walked out of my life as quickly as he walked in.

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