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Once a proud soldier of the U.S army, now a personal weapon and pet of the government. Nicholas .J Striker has to adapt to the violence and Carnage he will cause.

Scifi / Action
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The beast's origin

In all of my years of serving the U.S army, I've never seen a monster as brutal or scary as the new government pet they gave us. We were on mission to retrieve an Iraqi general, we were searching a village until he started killing everyone in sight. Men, women, children, elders, everyone. And we couldn't stop him. One of the officers yelled at him. "What the hell are you doing?!" He asked, then he said in a cold voice, "Following orders." And continued his slaughter. I was so traumatized, I can still hear the innocent cries of people, echoing through the smoke stained sky. No one knows if he is even human, he shows no emotion, no remorse just cold violence.

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