Out Of The Ordinary

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The blast of something talking wakes me up, I wiggle my eyelids and glance at what sounds like a black box with individuals on them chatting about something serious.

Television POV

A small red-haired woman presses the mike in front of the renowned expert who has investigated the vessel structure and its existence inside.

“Therefore, what I discovered inside this craft have assisted me tighter to the realism of development outside Earth. Many may have queries, yes, but we have evidence of the existence…”

Her eyes spread wide,

“No, my craft, if they identify the crystal balls inside, it can destroy Planet Earth itself and it would condemn all existence,”

The small red-haired woman looked at him, “Mr. Main, what does that mean for life on Earth?” Her question caught the interest of everyone surrounding him, his straight face stares at them, he clears his throat and fitted his glasses in front of his eyes, he rests his hands on the carved wooden table and leans forward into the microphone.

“Acceptably, there is the information of what I mentioned, but there is nothing to dread, we have this under authority, I can reassure you, whatever life form emerged, they shut it under the strongest preservation, we, The Deep Space Society (DDS) would demand to maintain safety procedures, it would be our obligation to establish safety, that Earth stays that way, if all know any assistance about this craft and the body inside, we would welcome your co-operation, but for now, there is nothing to dread, there will be a meeting Monday morning at 8 o sharp for all,”

Red flash through her skin as she focuses on the black box. Nothing else matters now, but the information that is being blurted from that man. She would give anything to find her vessel and return to her mission. Panic spread fast through the crowd, a woman in the back push her way through the crowd, she stares at the scientist in panic; she pushes her microphone towards him,

“Do we know there won’t come more? Do we know that it was only one of them? However, do we know we are not in danger?” He pushes his glasses in front of his eyes again and stare at the crowd.

“There is nothing to foresee, there is no threat and yes we are on this incident, so to declare, if something should arise. Which there would not) Again we would defend you all…”

The famous scientist who also built a few hundred ships “However, the realism is earth does not have long, it is falling apart, and each house turns over on a new Sphere, and yes earth… overpopulated, but providing you a convenience,”

The short red-haired woman eyed him.

“Mr. Main, what happens to those who stay on Earth and not join your moving?”

“Fittingly, there have been announcements of Earth’s core heating every minute, eventually the core will overheat and burn Earth from the inside out. We, The Deep Space Society (DSS) would want to help everyone, but unfortunately, not everyone wants help, if you join the DSS, there will be a meeting Monday morning at 8 o’clock. There will be sign-ups and classes held for every type of relationship and work differences, we would want this to go smoothly and there will be no turning back, now if you join us, each ship contains 5000 pods, 4800 passengers and 200 crew members, there will be different financial ticket classes and we keep in mind that nor everyone can pay full price,”

“Hibernation pot failure will not happen, our ships are shield protected against any danger, and if such a thing should happen. Which there would not) then the ship would repair itself and put the pot back to sleep. I program the androids on board to make sure nothing goes wrong in the two rooms, each room holds 2500 pots, 5 family ships, and 5 single ships. You should understand that it took 5 years to build these ships and another year to build the androids, which sponsored to us by Droid Corp. So, no problem can lead to hibernation pot failure,”

“What should we call the other planet Mr. Main?”

“Epsilon 5. Our maximum is 48000 passengers and our maximum are 2000 crew members, we have trained 200 crew members for each ship and each contains 150 androids for services, so hurry if you wish to join us,”

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