Out Of The Ordinary

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Colier POV

The black box turns off and the rough boots made its approach in presence of me, I study his naked head

“Who are you? Why have you come to Earth?” I clutch my eyes tight and free them again, I struggle to move, but my body is in some kind of instrument “I will not repeat myself, girl,"

“I am not here to trouble all, I smashed on Planet Earth…” His heavy eyebrows thin, the scar on his left side view shows his braveness “I don’t believe you girl, there is only danger written all over you, why have you come here?”

I just hope he would snatch out of his bitterness and realize I am speaking the truth, but he despises anything besides an Earthling “I am speaking the truth…” The structure surrounding my body produces weird peeping noise and agonizing pain go through my body, I wail as the lightning sting me

“Please… Stop,” The system turns off and my body falls seeking healing “Don’t you dare lie to me again girl, who, and what are you? What do you want from Earth?”

I continue my silence this time, if he does not accept the fact, thus he won’t accept anything I answer, he gawks at me, fascinated “Open this damn door,” He twists himself in his heels and wander outside the exit, the instrument opens up and my body sinks to the ground, fatigued, sore.

“You will remain in this cell for as long as you live,” I encourage myself high and rush to the exit, I shriek as I dash against the exit, their footsteps fail, I am trapped here for the rest of my existence and once they locate the crystal balls, I will vanish along the rest of Planet Earth.

Quillan POV

I weigh myself outside the enormous base wall; I have been climbing for a few minutes now, hoping to find an open window or open balcony or something to let me inside, but I have no luck so far. A voice alerted me as I pass a close bordered window.

“That girl better talks or I will strangle her…” “It doesn’t help to see this out of rage, she doubts us, it’s understandable that she is,” The heavy boots from before walk closer to me, I slam myself against the wall out of sight.

“There is something different about her, odd if I should say, I don’t know what, but I am not falling for her words…”

“If you don’t admit her comments, then why are you questioning her?” Curious seems to cover the lighter voice, “Because I want to hear…”

“You wish to learn that she is a treat, that she appeared to provoke tragedy and horror…”

The lighter voice moaned as the heavy boots roar in anger “Never insult me like that ever again, I gave you this opportunity to study this girl and her stupid vessel, do not make me regret my decision Main,” Silence seems to fill the room.

“Sir…” “Now be a respectful boy and find out what needs to be finding, if there is a danger than she cannot remain alive…”

My eyes stretch. No, he cannot kill Colier, I need to find her.

“B-but Sir, don’t you realize we should investigate her as effectively? I mean make her turn to thaw up and maybe she would inform us the fact about…” “No, there is no time for that; I need to know right now…”

“But she is not just going to explain us what we require learning, she needs someone she can depend on, a character that would comfort her in understanding our interpretation,” “Then find me someone, that can make her talk,” “Correct proceeding Sir,”

I panic as I climb further. She must be in one of these rooms, she must be, I don’t want to think about the pain they are putting her through. I can hear slight sobs as I pass a window almost at the top of the base.

“Damn it, there is no way through,” I try with all my strength to pull the bars off, the bricks came loose and I almost lost my grip as the bars fly out of my hand, I break the window open and jump through “Colier,”

I try my best to call in a whisper; I don’t want to alert them, but she is not here. Where can she be? I swore I heard her crying. The door flies open and the heavy boots walk inside.

“Wha-who the hell are you?” My head snap at his bald head, “Where is she? What have you done to her?” The corners of his mouth lid up “Oh, I see now, she is no longer here boy, why don’t you run back to mommy…”

I hurry over to him and slam my fist against his cheekbone. He shifts backward, anger consumes his face, his thick eyebrows narrow “You Wanna playboy…”

My face heats as his fist slams into my cheekbones, I shift my mouth and push myself up, dangerous anger flow through me, I don’t know what knowledge Colier transfer to me, but it feels so…

I slam my fist into him; he dodges a few; I kick him in the stomach and slam my elbow into his back; he falls to the ground; he spits red liquid out his mouth.

“You are strong for a kid, but no one takes me down…” He pushes himself upwards and caught me off guard, he bends down and sweeps my feet underneath me, I slam hard against the teal, I can hear a cracking sound, panic spread through me as I try to think of what broke, me or the floor? He picks me up by the throat, my lungs battle for air, screams for mercy.

“So much trouble for her, she is not even a human boy,” I don’t care what she is, I need to save Colier, I need to keep her safe, I grip to his arm, I try my best to pull his arm away, but my strength cuts loose when he winds something into my side, he throws me against the wall while laughing.

“No one takes me down,” Panic spread through me fast as soon as I take notice of the red substance draining from me, I cannot fail now, I didn’t come all this way to perish, I pull the knife from my side after almost biting my tongue off, and he turns around, I throw the knife into his back, he falls to his knees.

“Son of a…” He picks himself up and walks to me, his death stare and black heart, related, my lungs battle once again for mercy as he slides me up the wall with his hand on my throat “I will kill you for this boy…”

“Where… is… she?” His amusing tone annoyed me “You will never find her boy…” Something slams into his back and he falls backward and pulls me along, I scurry off him and pull myself up “Please, I want no distress here…”

I stare at a grey-haired scientist pleading for mercy “WHERE IS SHE?” He shifts his glasses in front of his eyes “I can show you…”

I follow him out of the room into a hall. There are a million doors and each one had unique life forms in them. The scientist stops in front of a grey door with her name on it.

“Please don’t execute me afterward,” I ignore his pleading. He opens the door and I follow him inside.

Colier POV

I can appreciate the passion of simple arms lifting me, maybe the sympathy is racing, I am uncertain, something soft underneath me calms me down, they set something cold upon my head; I wiggle my eyelids, but they appear sluggish.

“Give her period,” A weak tone, it rings like the scientist from the black box, the color black shot through me as I struggle to change myself, I cannot, something is holding me from proceeding, or understand, or even… do all.

“There is no time, you need to wake her up,” “I can’t, if I go on, I might endanger her well-being…” It echoes like Quillan, he is here, and he showed to protect me? The color dark pink glow through me, I can imagine they are gawking at me weirdly.

“Did you have something higher than solidarity with her?” What does that have to do with him? His voices sound exotic.

“What the heck does that have to do with you?” Quillan sounds desperate, his warmth attacks my forehead, I sense something higher than affection for him “Study at her desires, she is significant, she flashes when she shows emotion, she feels more than just friendship… do you know who or what she is?”

His question spread confusion through me.

“I have an idea…”

Quillan can see through me, I realize this, but would he communicate the realism to this scientist who examines this? “She’s not human...”

“And what of it, it doesn’t make her less important, she is a living been,” He holds higher than friendship for me, but we can never be… blue blazes through me, we can never be further than friendship.

“Just do your job and wake her up please, before that dumb commander…” My eyes fell free, I thrust my torso forward grasping for air “Don’t require to,”

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