Out Of The Ordinary

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My head clutch at the scientist look at me startled, I accept my stance and race over to him.

“Don’t you dare ever to remain a finger on me again,” He nods frightened, Quillan pulls me back?

“Colier, I am so glad you woke up, I thought…” I shift myself around and he delivers his arms around me, I experience insufficient affection, I have studied about it on Planet Alivo, but never have encountered it before until now, the color dark purple flash through me as I hug my arms around him.

“It looks like this is more than friendship…”

I tear myself aside and gawk at the scientist. Blue shot through me.

“Colier, are you all right?” I don’t know if I am, I have never encountered this, they ordered me to agree to Senerio, but I did not wish to and it’s another reason I swiped that craft, Senerio is an unstable fellow, and particularly I recognize his dangers…

“Where is my craft?” His eyes spread wide, “I can show you, but…”

“I don’t care about buts, just show me where it is,” He points us down an operating structure, it shows like this structure takes you up and down, according to him, it’s easier than stepping, the doors glide free and he draws us through another few doors until he holds, he writes on a narrow black box, and formerly a green laser scans his views, he shuffles his glasses on and the doors glide free, we step inside, I chilled at the sight of my craft, I rush towards it as the color blue glow through me.

“What have you accomplished with it?”

Red gleam through me as I beam at the craft, it is not a vessel anymore, but parts spread all over the enormous chamber.

“I desire to identify how it works…” I rush back to him and he scurries underneath my palms as I pull him up by his white long coat.

“You have demolished it; you don’t identify a thing about my technology” “…”

I let go of him and he collapses to the ground “I have to correct it,” I race to my shattered vessel and start simulating the separates. On Planet Alivo, learning mechanical intelligence is crucial.

“Does she even realize what she is doing?”

I overlook his interviewing and continue fixing my craft, this might be the sole chance I have to return to my mission, my primary mission was to return the crystal balls to their proper holder, which Senerio stole to exhaust their strength, they are sensitive and if they separate, thus we all are in jeopardy.

“Charm, you resolved it, I have investigated so high and now I understand that merely your palms can restore it…”

I glare at the scientist, for a scientist he can be foolish sometimes, I enter my craft and take notice of a missing fragment. Black shot through me.

“Where is it?”

Red lights circled the place as all the exits and windows slam shut.

“Did you guess I would not discover you Colier? I have the authority in my fists again and at this moment you will not interrupt me,”

Senerio? This cannot be, I withdraw my craft and peer up at his ordinary form.

“H-how did you locate me?” The edges of his mouth lid up, I did not expect he would consistently discover me or the crystal balls.

“You are such a simple junior girl Colier…” Red spark through me “Senerio stop this absurdity,” “I have a curiosity for you Colier, I expect you to admire this for once,”

He escapes through an exit, a few doors wide and I can hear sniffing, low grunts, the scientist run up the stairs.

“No, he has unraveled the creatures…” Before I could mention all, something falls on the scientist; I pull Quillan closer to my position, “Accompany me…”

Traces of their silent footsteps, before they can conceal themselves, I drag on his palm and we begin my craft; I draw the gates down, and the creature slams against the craft; I started pushing a few switches, and the ship roars to survive.

“I should prepare us to get out…” “What about that chap? Don’t we need to kill him?” I reject his challenge and advance the control forward.

“We-I can’t…” “Why not?”

I blow a tunnel through the chamber and disappear the craft through it “He is tougher than me, his spirit is dead,” He forces his course next to me “If he is unstable, aren’t Earth in danger?”

I realize he is wise, but it would be so much smoother to just break abroad and neglect this Planet, but then again, his words roll in my head “What am I accomplishing?” I swing the craft around and transcribe a few switches on the control pad, the scanner picks up Senerio.

“I discovered him, but it shows he is under the ground,”

“There must be a basement or something…” I investigate to situate him as an aim, but I cannot destroy him “We should cloak this ship, right?” He gawks at me as I do so.

“What is that?” I turn myself around as the color black flash through me

“Oh no, we demand to go, NOW,” I take off the craft distant away from the slaughter occurring, the Elder’s discovered us, Planet Earth is in exposure “Colier what are you doing? They will destroy Earth,” “I notice… I cannot crush them, they are the Elders of my Planet, they can execute you with a clutch of their fingers…”

His light eyes tumble on me as red flame through me, I do not see what to do, I can never overpower them, I can never…

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