Out Of The Ordinary

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In the meantime, on Planet Alivo Headquarters, Rose POV)

A red dot captures my awareness as rapidly as I force a few knobs on the holographic control pad, oh no, Planet Earth is in exposure and Colier is on it, I have to do something, anything; I fear in my place, I stealth myself and break out of the headquarters, I encourage myself between the crack as I listen to footsteps strolling towards me; I hushed my exhale, but one of them picks up me.


Their freezing bullets glide towards me, I ditch them and I plunge on the one guard’s shoulder, I wrench his head and dive off him as he stumbles “Hold,”

I neglect his manipulation and advance on the second guard’s shoulders; I screw his head and bounce off him; I land on the ground and he sinks behind me; I advance my passing towards the transport chamber; I have to support Colier, she can never attack them solely, she may be capable, but they are controlling, I shoot my hand on the command of a limited box next to the exit and rush to my craft; I hope I get there before they invade.

The irritating sound of an alarm screams through the midair, “Oh, no,” The seals shut forcefully, and a vast army of Alvians security surrounds me.

“Hold,” In fright, I aim toward the sealed doors and blast a cannonball, “Shit,” “Rose, do not do this, they have you surrounded,” I pin my eyes and press on the small black button,

“Zane please, Planet Earth will soon be demolished,” “And why do you care? It has nothing to do with you…” “Colier…”

“What about Colier?” “Imprisoned on Planet Earth, along with an Alivian,” “You own me, Rose,”

The entrances slide open, and I glide through, skirting the freeze bullets, as best as I can…

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