Out Of The Ordinary

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Colier POV, Planet Earth)

Quillan gawks at the monstrous ship drifting in the air, I don’t think they will just strike us, they will early try to infer, but if they discover us, they will discipline me and execute Quillan.

“We require protecting you, I cannot compromise the chance of them discovering you,” He clutches my palm in his.

“We will make this through, we just need to rethink our chances against them, maybe we can… maybe we can use the crystal balls to destroy their ship…”

My head snap at him “But I am frightened it would consume the Planet awfully, I do not know…” I dug my head, all shows useless, we must combat Senerio if we demand the crystal balls and if we don’t take them, the Elder’s would still slay us, no means what my thoughts are, all drown us.

“Colier we can do this; you didn’t cross my path for nothing…” Another vessel got sight of my views.

“That reads like… ROSE,” “Who is Rose?” The color of heated purple burst through me.

“My relative,”

“Colier, thank mercy I discovered you, why are the Elder’s here?”

I dash myself over to the narrow appliance on the craft.

“I do not know…”

“I will communicate to them; they will accept to me,” Her vessel changes to the Elder’s ship, and her craft escapes through the tremendous ship.

Rose POV

I do not know what I am doing, but I positively believe this works, I depart the craft and make my course over to them, just like on our Planet, they remain in a row behind the command board.

“Rose, why have you arrived here?” I shallow tough and remain steep before them “You cannot ruin this planet…” Their views glare pleasantly at me.

“And why should we accept you?” A female question “Because there are gullible souls on this Planet, Colier never executed that fellow, Senerio did,” His mother’s head snap at me on the left side.

“Do you have information of such indictments, Rose? You cannot just charge my child…”

“It does not signify if he is your offspring, if he is capable for the death of that fellow than we must prosecute him…”

His mother advances from her sitting “You do not provoke a hand on my offspring,” “I am in demand here, not you or your offspring,” I beam at them as they holler at each other, so I suppose they won’t wipe out the Planet Earth?

“We will retire home, but on one condition,” I respond as I fear under my shave.

“You arrest Senerio and transport him back to Planet Alivo,” I glare at them as if they all have fled hysterical; how do they demand me to do something like that? I may be one of the finest warriors, but Senerio is something… different. Without hesitancy, I salute.

Colier POV

“I made them to withdraw back home, but I have one trouble…”

The color black shine through me “I require arresting Senerio and hold him back home,” What? Are they absurd? The color black glow through me as I dread “Are they mad,” “I too realized so, his parent is frantic with me,” I could rate enough.

“All right, we should reexamine this…” “There is nothing to amend Colier; he is tougher than us all, if I don’t draw him back, Planet Earth is doom…”

The color blue dart through me frequently, I will never have the chance to adventure this world on this planet, I have learned such magnificent elements in the Holobary that I pledged myself I would learn one day, but now I calculate our chances are nothing…

“Colier maybe I can take him up in his vessel and break the crystal balls…” I swing myself around gawking at him; he must have also gone hysterical, “No! You will execute yourself,”

My green pupils must have been extensive at this moment “Quillan, this is not a brilliant scheme, and there must be another means,”

He urges on my wings, his sympathy is something I will regularly cherish “Colier I have to do this, there is no other way, maybe if we kill him, then the elders will see the threat is gone and…”

“And again, you are too extended,” “It’s not ideal, no,” “Let us just challenge him and get it over with,”

“What kind of strategy is that, Rose? I may identify his fighting, but he knows the crystal balls,” the intensity black glow through me

“Watch out!” Something crashes into us, I slip backward and Quillan shifts next to me and exhaust his skull against the vessel, he grumbles.

“Oh, gosh no,” “Your vessel is on fire Colier,”

The gas penetrated our nostrils as we struggle to mask our noses, Quillan is yet light-headed from the crash, I shift myself high and pick him along with me; I opened the secret plague pod and drag Quillan on the seat,

I knock my paw on the glowing switch and we launch out from the craft, as quick as the pod proceeds, it plunges somewhere distant from Rose, the aching sensation travel through my head as I slam against the control board, everything turns black.

Quillan POV

I flutter moaning in pain, something is holding me, I cannot move, I open my eyes and search my surrounding “Colier,” Both of us tied up.

“Colier,” She does not move, no! She cannot be dead, she cannot… the silver door slides open.

“Did you figure out you can crush me? I am…” Senerio dude, I should have known he would do something like this.

“What do you want?” His face lid “Strongly this is the initial occasion someone proposes to me what I demand,” I roll my eyes.

“Let us go, you got your stupid crystal balls,” His eyebrows narrow at Colier “You slew her, didn’t you?”

My question pricked some strings in his stony heart “No I didn’t… you did…”

Life drained from my face, is she gone? NO! That cannot be… “Don’t be so surprised human boy, you should have known that a human cannot compete with an Alivians, because of you she lies there, unable to defend her stupid clan and because of you, I get to be the next leader…”

He laughs and narrows his eyebrows at me, he creeps closer to me “I should thank you, human child, you carried out my dreams become natural,”

The same powerful anger consumes me, I bump my arms against the machine and pieces everywhere as I stand tall before him.

“YOU… will die for this, I will revenge her through killing you…” Shock smeared over his face “And what makes you assume it will arise? The elders will welcome you as one of us? As an Alivians, I don’t judge so human child,”

My eyebrows narrow, the anger feels like lightning surrounding me, tingling my skin, I push my fist to the side and scream as more anger covers my heart “Well maybe they just need a hero…”

I glance at Colier “She needed a hero…” He laughs, he covers his stomach with his hands,

“You a hero? Please, mortals can never be heroes, do you even realize what heroic means?”

“And you do?” His laughing stops as he stares at me.

“I will declare something human fellow, my race is dangerous predators… you will NEVER be stronger than me, you will NEVER revenge her because you are just a foolish little human child who rushes after his spirit instead of his head…”

I slam my fist into his face; he flies backward and slams hard into the wall “never call me that EVER AGAIN!” He groans in anger as he stares at me “Why do you stand by her?”

“Because she deserves a defense, because I…” He takes his stand-in shock; he glances at her and me again.

“Because you admire her? Don’t you? A mortal and an Alivians, I have never observed that emotion before; I didn’t identify it was available, I saw that particularly our race can receive that unique bond,” I stare at him “Well now you know…”

His face sunk in misery “But they humbled her to join me… they meant us for each other, not a mortal child, me,” I eye his move, does he think Colier would love him like he is now? He is a monster, an evil monster.

“Don’t count on it Senerio,” Anger raise in his eyes “How dare you inscribe on my fiancé?” He runs towards me and I punch him with both fists in the stomach, he flies once again against the wall.

“You do not deserve her… you never did,”

“And you do? You are a mortal, our race may not imprint of mortals, it doesn’t count if you cherish her, you will NEVER be together Quillan, suffer the laws,”

“The same goes for you, Senerio,”

I stand my ground, yes his words grab my heart, but I don’t care what he says, we will be together, we will find a way, only I am left to kill Senerio and once I do, their Planet will see that humans am trustworthy and they will allow Colier and I too be together.

“Are you genuine Quillan? That will never accomplish, they will never trust you, never as one of us, and they will execute you once you set foot there…”

Oh, no you don’t, stay out of my head you bastard, something forms in my fist, I close my eyes and an aura surrounds me,

Senerio screams, but I ignore his pleading, I surround him in a lightning ball and I open my eyes again; I relax myself and shake my head; I take notice of Colier still locked up,

I rip the machine off her and press my lips against her. Thunder sounds surrounded us as a cloud picks us up, lightning slams against the ground, I close my eyes and she gasp for air.

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