Out Of The Ordinary

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Colier POV

The affection of his lips pressed against mine, I can determine the thunder, the lightning combining us, our bits of intelligence, our devotion, our everything is developing into one, but something else awakes in me, individual impulses, mortal intentions, individual instincts, fraction of me enters him and fraction of him enters me, the cloud brings us down again and he wraps me in his arms.

“NO! How dare you? You stupid shitty human, you ruined everything…”

My head snaps at Senerio. He is… trapped inside a… bubble? I glare at Quillan, drained. But how did he do that? I have studied about the extra capabilities, but he is mortal, he cannot get these unique abilities… unless… the Elder’s accepted him with it… I draw aside from Quillan.

“They have adopted you; they have grand you this… this authority, these capabilities, I don’t know why, but…” His face slid up “They have? I knew they would; now we can be together, now we can…”

Blue flame through me “But I have to retire home and I yet don’t know if they would approve a mortal-you… to accompany me,”

Lightning blinded us as we both decrease to our knees, I glimpse at the exit, Senerio is disappearing “Senerio… how could you?” I look at Quillan, our signaling has strengthened to his mortal build, and he almost reads like me, more purple and different human skin.

“My skin? What is happening to me?” “Our signaling has transformed you, you are half Alivians and half-human…” He stares at me “What does that even mean?”

He stumbles to the ground again, I suppose he is still transforming “I will describe this to you once we approach my home, but first we have to capture Senerio again,” he draws himself up and study his skin development, he reads half like me, a purple skin shade, I also pick up my stay and he grasps my palm and before we notice it, both of us slams against the wall

“How could you?” My lungs beg for forgiveness as Senerio grip me around my throat, he pulls me up, orange shot through me, his thin eyebrows scare me, but I will not allow into his wants.

“It meant this to be us, you… him…” He forces me against another fence, I grumble as I watch him pluck up Quillan.

“And you… you took that chance from me; you will pay for what you have done…”

Quillan scurry underneath his protecting, my eyes threaten to solid, I pull them free, I must help Quillan, I must, Senerio’s screaming pass me as he shoots against the surface, Quillan screams and a lightning aura surrounds him, I peek at Senerio, once again Quillan captures him in a gush,

I accept my stance and rush to Quillan, red shot through me, his unusual form frightens me “Quillan…”

He settles down and glares at me in confusion “C-Colier, it’s okay,”

He draws me into a hug, his kindness is something I will desire for the breathing of my existence “We require getting him on the craft before he vanishes again,”

We stare at the vessel moving away with Rose and Senerio; it frightens me to think Senerio might try to kill her, but I know Rose is stronger than she gives herself credit for.

“So, what happens now?” I stare at him as the color light green flash through me, I am confused, I do not know how I feel, we have faced an impressive deal of battles just to stay alive on Planet Earth…

“I feel different, I feel more powerful and more stable than I did before, I have these new thoughts and additional needs that I did not have before…”

I take both his hands as the color black flash through me “Just be careful Quillan, you saw how easy it is for this to change evil, use this for the good and not for anger or revenge…”

He smiles lightly at me; he is a good, strong heart, but this kind of power can change one

“I won’t ever follow Senerio’s path Colier, I am nothing like him,” I nod my head as the color dark blue flashes through me “I know…”

Quillan falls backward screaming, I take notice of his blood coloring the floor, my head snap at the heavy boots making his way towards us, I fall to my knees before Quillan and try to help him with his wound,

“Where do you think you’re going?” Both our heads snap at heavy boots “B-but I killed… you,” Quillan moan as he tries to move away, it looks to me like heavy boots shot him in the stomach.

“I told you, boy, you don’t rid of me that easily,” I scream as loud as I could at both to stop, they both stare at me angrily,

“Please stop, I will co-operate and do what you ask, but please stop this fighting and killing and…” Quillan grip my hand tightly in his.

“You realize he will kill you, Colier? After he gets what he wants, I cannot let that happen, I already lost you once… not again,” The color blue flash through me as Quillan scream at me, I hate fighting, I never understood the purpose behind the fighting.

“I do comprehend that yes, but I cannot take this rebellious anymore, I never wanted to fight in the first place, this was not even the Planet I was scheduling on to land, I did unintentionally crash on here, the Planet which Senerio stole the crystal balls from are on Planet Saturn, I wanted to return the crystal balls and then bring Senerio down, but my craft failed me before I could complete my mission, I don’t want to fight anymore, and if this mortal ends up killing me, at least I know where my head lies…”

Quillan press stiffer on my hand “NO! He is not going to kill you…” Heavy boots stare at us obscure “I didn’t believe you before…”

“What are you doing?” I squeal as he points his black metallic at us “I still don’t believe you…” And shoot at us; I snatch Quillan on his arms as I pull him behind a table

“I am sorry…” The color dark red flashes through me “I hate this side of me…”

Quillan POV

Colier disappears from my sight, I could not do anything, the burning sensation of the wound is starting to get to me, my blood is overwhelming and warm “I knew it; I knew that’s why I didn’t trust you…”

His screaming echo through the room, I could not see Colier, and moving made the wound worst, there must be some healing abilities somewhere in this change, how can she withstand so many bruises and shots? Something flies through the window causing the glass to shatter everywhere;

I held my arms before me to block out most of the glass, her screaming echoed

“Colier,” I hope it was not Colier that went out the window…

“Damn boy, this could have gone the easy way, but instead you chose the hard way,” The table shift away from me and my lungs beg for mercy as his hand grip tightly around my throat “Please…”

He ignores my pleading, his hand slides into my side and everything slows down, everything fades before my eyes…

“This is how it ends when you take me on…” I kick my feet deep into his stomach and he falls backward, he let go of me and my lungs burn for air, I search around for Colier, but I don’t see her, my eyes stretch, oh no, it was her who went through the window, my eyes search for a weapon, anything that I can use to defend myself, I notice a piece of glass.

“Damn… it,” He kicks me in the stomach screaming in anger, I try my best to ignore the pain and instead scurry closer to the glass.

“If you only listened to me boy…” I grip the glass and stab it into his leg, he groans and falls backward “Son of a…”

I pick myself up and start running, I do not know to where, but anywhere away from here, the pain in my stomach made my running harder, and with each step, my body goes closer to fading

“DAMN IT BOY” His heavy boots are hard on my tale, I don’t know where to hide, I cannot use my abilities and I don’t even know how to “Come back here”

I ignore his threats and burst into an unknown room, I hope it’s empty, I slam the door shut and push myself against the wall, his heavy boots are searching for me like I am prey, I scream as something grips around my ankle, I don’t dare look down, I shook my leg and the door burst open, flying against the black painted wall, it reveals sort of light.

“Get off me…” I scream as I burst into the heavy boots, we fall together and he slams his head against the wall, whatever was in that room felt slimy and gross, I took notice of the surrounding, green slimy little men creep slowly towards us, I pick myself up and start running again, I glance behind me, they are creeping closer to him

“Damn it,” I don’t know why I am doing this; I turn around on my heels and run back to him “Back off…”

They stop in their tracks and eye me curiously, I pick up the heavy boots “Damn your heavy,” I throw him over my shoulder and my wound cripple more, I start running with him, I don’t know where to go, I don’t know where to hide, there is no one else as far as I can see, I don’t know what to do, but run…

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