Out Of The Ordinary

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Colier POV

A scream escapes as soon as I throw the piece of glass on the ground, it smashes in pieces…

My purple fluid colors the floor…

I do not know where Quillan is and the fall I endured, must have been forty feet drop… the cold air slams against my bare skin as I push myself upwards… I need this suit to survive… otherwise… no! My lungs beg for mercy as I struggle to breathe… everything fades slightly as I see a shadow approaching me… something slides over my head and I can feel air attacking my lungs… “Colier…” Arms picked me up and before I can see where we are going… everything fade…

Quillan POV

I lay her inside the vessel… I do not know if I can even fly this thing or where her Planet even is… but I must try… “Quillan…?”

My head snaps at her voice and shock overtakes me “Colier…” Within seconds, I wrap her inside my arms “It is okay, you are safe now,” “No, Senerio…” And before I can reply to her answer… a loud crash, which sounds like an explosion) slams against us and Colier flies from my arms… in faint vision… I see a shadow picking up Colier…

“No…” I reach my arm out towards her and his evil smirk catches me off guard… “Senerio, no…” “You lose this time Quillan, she is mine now and I will make sure she gets what she deserves,” I try to push myself up but I cannot… I try again and with my luck, I slam straight onto the floor… burning pieces of metal explode, and before I can escape… falls on top of me…

Rose POV

“Wha…where am I…?” I flutter my eyelids towards an image in front of me; a bold head man “Let me go, what is this?” The metal strapped around my torso feels unbreakable… “I have come to the decision; I need your help…”

My eyes snap at him… “Excuse me?” He nods his head towards me while pointing his finger towards the white ceiling “Earth is in terrible danger and I cannot believe I am doing this but I need your help with saving Earth,”

I wiggle inside the machine again “Why…? You are the one that Earth needs saving from, this facility is dangerous, the things in here are not meant to be here, Earth is already in danger from the things you have been doing… this happening, is nothing compared to what you are doing,”

He sighs and turns himself around… “Listen, your planet contacted me, I don’t know what for and I don’t really care what their purpose is, and I just want you all off my damn planet,” “Your Planet…? Why would my Planet contact you…? Unless, no…you are the…”

He turns himself around in a nod “Yes I am Rose; I am the one…I know about all of you but I also know that Colier is the key to finding that Legend weapon…” My eyebrows hug each other… “I would never sacrifice my sister for you… you can forget about that,” His thin lips smirks “Oh I wasn’t asking Rose…” I wiggle further in the machine as he walks towards the door.

“You coward, she will never do this…” Within seconds his backhand burns on my cheekbone “Coward? Think twice before you insult me, Rose… you are a coward… blaming your sister for something you did…”

Anger raise in my cheekbones… “I never did anything wrong and you know it…” I exercise my cheekbone to calm the sting… “My sister will kill you… she will defend my honor…” “Not if she hears what happened Rose and if I were you, I would co-operate…”

I bow my head down “She may be angry but she will NEVER do anything to hurt me or to destroy…” His blank look scans me “So it is true then? She still does not know does she?”

My head snaps up at him “What does it matter to you if she knows? Your Planet is dying and there is nothing you or I can do about it,”

He moves forward, nose inches away from me, examining my face expression “What do you know about this world apocalypse Rose? Mind sharing your thoughts?” I pin the sting away and focus on him blankly again “Like you do not know…”

“Why would I be asking if I didn’t know Rose, tell me NOW,” I sigh in the contraption I am in, so uncomfortable and his appearance before me makes things even worse “Your Planet is dying, in a few years everything will be gone…”

Anger is all I can smell on his skin “How do you know of this?” Is he a moron by default or does he not know what I am talking about…? “It’s my job to know such things now let me go, so I can safe my sister and this stupid Planet,”

He straightens himself again but his focus remains on me “Not before you tell me what you know,” I sigh at his words; this is going to be a long day…

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