Out Of The Ordinary

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Colier POV

I wiggle myself around; everything aches inside of me and on the outside, the color orange flash through me as I flutter my eyelids to veins wrapped around me “Colier, good you are awake…” Oh no, this cannot be… we are on…”

His evil smirk comes into my view as red flash through me “Yes on Planet Alivo” Dark red flash repeatedly “Senerio, let me go at once,”

He walks up and down with his hands neatly folded behind his back “I have turned you in, I will take over your clan and as for Rose and Quillan, they will die along with Earth,”

My eyes stretch at him as orange flashes through me “Why Senerio? What have I ever done to you? Why kill us all?”

“Because you have never appreciated this clan or this Planet or what the Elders have done for us all, you always admired Earth and its shitty plants and beings on it and so I have decided…”

black flash through me as I wiggle more in the veins “No more questioning Colier,” “Senerio please, why kill me when you want me to yourself? You said so to Quillan,” His head snap at me blankly yet I can see some sympathy in his reaction “I never wanted you to begin with, the Elder’s and their stupid circle of rules is the only thing that brought us together,”

blue flash through me, this is it, this is where we all die and everything, we went through to protect ourselves has gone to waste “But do not feel bad Colier, I did once love you,” “Once…” He nods at me as he makes his way over to me “Yes, it was in the beginning when the Elder’s announced our combining…”

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