Out Of The Ordinary

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13. Senderio POV

Senderio POV

The happiness I feel knowing I will be getting married and bonding with a brand new Alivians woman excites me, I am so eager to meet her I cannot hold it in anymore

“Senerio Astier…” I move forward towards their circle they formed on the outside of the garden “Colier Woods”

She steps out of the bushes towards me and to my surprise, my heartbeat raises at the looks of her, she makes her way slowly over to me

“The ceremony will now take place, form your hands together so the bonding can take place”

Her soft hands curl into my fingers and everything lights up in me like a thousand suns, I peek up at her beautiful purple skin, flawless and lights up when the sun shines on it, her perfectly build nose and perfectly cherry lips fit her perfect eye shape…she is beyond perfect for me, beyond but I do not know if I want this, she is too perfect for my taste, her voice, her thinly build body, her beautiful hair shimmering in the sunlight…

What will become of me if I say no? What will become of me if I decide otherwise? I push the memories away and focus on her emotional change fluttering through her skin, it has beyond beautiful… she is indeed the perfect partner and the perfect wife

But then something in the back of my mind changes and before I can choose whether I want this or not, not that I have any choice) the Elder’s voice rings in our ears

“Repeat the oath after me”

The Eldest, Nakkaks) flies gently down and hover above us

“I Senerio Astier take this woman to hold forever, in sickness and in health, to bond a loving family with, to help her prosper and to never leave her sight”

Without hesitation, her mouth starts moving

“I Colier Woods take this man to hold forever, in sickness and in health, to bond a loving family with, to help him prosper and to never leave his sight”

I peek at the Eldest, the cloak around him makes it difficult to see his body line but his nostrils are pushed upwards and his eyes look tired and droopy but as for his mouth, thin and straight, no emotion attached, none whatsoever,

His sensory antennae form in straight lines… one thing about my raise is woman have curled sensory antennae and men have straight sensory antennae

“With this ring, I give you will help with the bonding but be warned, that if you do not bond perfectly and do not want to, the ring will sense any form of regret or fear and kill you instantly…

Once you put this on, one kiss will start the ceremony and once you have completed the dancing, you will choose your gender for your child and likes and dislikes, you will sign upon a written contract that the Alivians man must work and the Alivians wife must remain at home raising the child, once you sign up on these terms you will be granted a house”

I try my best to hide my short breathing, her quick glancing between me and the Eldest upsets me, I can sense she is panicking, I thought she wanted this too, I thought she was the perfect wife… I must make her mine and take over her clan, that is what I will do but I can also see her emotions, she is trying her best to hide how she feels

I heard about her when my mother, Eisso) talked to her parents, I was indeed a small boy but I could make out that she was well different and her parents disapproved of this, according to them, the breed machine operated wrongly and this caused Colier to receive her changing emotions.

And within flash seconds Colier is gone, nowhere to be seen…

Alarms raised and the Elder’s panicked, how can one girl just disappear like that? And my emotions changed as well towards my heart, she will pay for leaving me by the altar.

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