Out Of The Ordinary

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14. Anger

“You left me there…” He turns around bending before me, vines bruises against my skin, “You left me there, why? Why would you leave me there? Why disappear when we were supposed to be wed, Collier?”

His screaming shivers through me, in red flashes, “I-I…” “You what? What Collier? Tell me?” “I do not know, Senerio, I was ready to marry you and then, I felt… alone, I could see your mind has changed, you did not want to wed me, but they gave you no choice,”

He takes his stand, mouth slightly parched, “Yes, I agree, they gave me no choice, but I loved you… but now you and that stupid human boy have signaled, I cannot allow this to continue, both of you will be ended by the Elders,”

Orange flashes through me repeatedly.

“No, Senerio, please, I beg of you, think about this… if you end me or that human boy, both planets will seek revenge and all will be lost,” He starts laughing mysteriously, causing yellow to flash through me, “You think I care stupid girl? I want this to happen,”

“Wait… you brought the Elders to planet Earth?” He nods grinning broadly, blue flashes through me, “Yes, I did, but stupid enough, Rose managed to convince them, I am unsure how, but this time, all will fall by my hands,”

He plugs the crystal balls from his table and place then gently on a table vine, red flashes through me, if he does this, I don’t want to think of the consequences,

“Alivo and Earth are doomed,” red flashes through me whilst I swallow the knot in my throat and before I can say something else, Senerio falls forward…

“What…” “Collier, thank goodness I found you, are you hurt?” Quillan bends before me, cutting the vines with a minor knife, red flashes through me,

“Quillan no, cutting them will affect the whole planet, signals will be forced this side, and the night creatures will stalk us,” He pulls the minor knife back, “Then how do I free you?”

Light yellow flash through me as I focus on them, “I will get them off, hide the crystal balls, before Senerio wakes, please, he cannot find them,”

He nods disappearing with them… Orange flashes through me as I rip them off one for one, I do not want Senerio to find me here when he wakes, he will kill me if he notices the balls are gone.

I know I’m alerting the creatures, but I have to escape, along with Quillan, he can protect me from him, protect me from my jail.

My feet aches from the running, I can sense them behind me, orange flashes through me, I do not see the ship or Quillan, I hope nothing happened to him.

“Collier…” The creature's scent disappears and I stop myself in a turn, “Oh, no…” Blue flashes through as soon as Rose slides before me, “What have you done?” He laughs at me whilst dark red flashes through me.

“You think you can get away from me? Steal from me? And think I would not find you?” I collapsed onto her, “Oh, Rose, forgive me,” He yanks my hair against his chest, and dark red flashes through me.

With one shove against his chest, I send him flying against a tree stump, “You will not walk away lightly from this, you killed my sister!”

Power wields inside of me, a side I never liked, dark red consumes me, He groans in his stand, “You think a little shove would frighten me?”

My figure flies upward, dark red consumes the air around me, my vision fades, “Senerio, you must be punished for the crimes you committed,”

His panicking voice fills the air, with a snap of my finger, life drains from him… all his memories fades slowly, leaving him gasping for air.

“Collier! Collier!” I slam Senerio against the ground and my vision fades slowly, what have I done?

The rattling of a ship wakes me instantly, my lungs gasp for air, orange flashes through me, “What… w-where am I?” His palm presses on my torso, “Calm down, you’re okay, Collier, I got you,” I faintly peek at him whilst dark blue flashes through me, “Quillan,”

He pushes me down onto the soft surface again, “Rest, everything will be okay,” “Senerio, where is he? Did he escape?”

He shakes, “No, the Elders took him…” The Elders? Light yellow flashes through me, “The E-Elders took him? And Rose?” He bends his head, oh, no… she is gone, my sister is gone…

Blue bolts through me, causing a stroke in my chest, “She is gone? H-he murdered her,” I rest my head backward, covering my eyes, “Her spirit is leaving me, she is fading into the soil, I-I caused this, I should have the punishment,”

He pressures my hand, lowering them, “They took her Collier, the Elder’s said they can save her, but her figure wouldn’t be the same,” What… they have not done such a thing in a long time, I push upward against the icy metal, grey flashes through me.

“They did? But how did you talk to them?” He smiles minorly causing dark pink to bolt through me, “I’m not human anymore, Collier, my last transformation changed me completely into a Alivian,”

I peer at him, parched lips, “I did not know this was possible? I did not know humans can change into a-a Alivian, this is news to me,” He nods… “The Elders said we should return to Earth and warn them of the dangers ahead,”

Red flashes through me, “W-what danger?” He exhales his held breathe, “The extinction of Earth…” Orange flashes through me, “War? Between two planets, but why?”

“No, Collier, not war…” Oh… I did not completely understand his words, “I see… how are we supposed to do such a thing?” He glances into the distance leaving me with light green flashes.

“I’m not sure, Collier, we have to find a way,” I nod toward him, “We will figure something, Quillan, I am sure of it,”

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