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I shriek as something grips around my waistline, the sympathy of a hand covers my mouth, as the glow bright yellow shot through me “Keep calm,”

I scampered in between male arms, but he maintains his grasp “Sir we discovered something…”

I hold my frown as I hear clicking heels rushing this sector; the arms pull me further into the bushes, I stealth myself,

His arms carry me solid as I struggle to focus on covering my emotions… his calm breaths blow on my collar and it thrills me, he sounds about my age.

“No, it was just a creature, Sir, we will continue searching…”

The voice fades along with the clicking, another engine rumbles to life, the color dark blue blazes through me “Gone…”

I thrust the arms of me and in an angle, my fingers forms along with his collar, I peek up at his shocking green eyes examining me as if I am something thrilling, his somewhat broad nose twitches, and his narrow lips draw into an encouraging smile, I can report he has the brave character, that is for sure

“You are… I assumed they were after me, wait, who are you?”

I have no comments for this human male, pink shot through me as I still examine his human facial futures, his messy black hair falls all positions as he changes his head and his green pupils still scan me.

“Don’t be scared, I won’t harm you… I thought they were after me,” This is it; this is my chance to get elsewhere and secure myself.

Before someone else strikes me, I glance above the bush; I grab my stand and so does the mortal next to me. The passion of his hand pulls me back before I can set a course for a direction.

“Wait… who are you? You are not from Earth, are you?”

Hesitation crawls through me. What will take place once he learns who I am? Although he was also sheltering from heavy boots, but it does not diminish that he can yet declare.

Orange attacks my skin “I will not harm you,” And again an emotion of his palm covering my whole hand causes pink flame, I have never carried a mortal hand before and this terrifies me, I have never communicated to a mortal before, but I find his voice soothing.

“My name is Colier woods…” Without hesitating anymore, I expose myself to him and his smile lures me tighter to him “I am Quillan Jones,”

His eyes enchant the bright pink shining through me “H-how do you do that? It is extraordinary,”

A dispute in my head scares me higher than this human boy, and before I experience it, I discover myself suffered in scary long bushes, his footsteps ring on the ground after me, but terrified of him, I spooked of releasing him to receive hurt…

Black flashes through me as I operate further, I do not recognize where I am going and every turn I take confuses me even more and then the same warmth pulls me back against his chest “Colier please, I will not harm you,”

Orange warms my skin as soon as I study his twinkling eyes “P-please do not run away, I have a safe place for you to stay if you don’t have… a home,”

I do not have a home here; I am not even from Earth. I am from another Planet, obviously, but this human seems so nice and calm, yet I can sense something else inside him, hurt, and loss.


He leads me further through the bushes

A few hours later

I am thankful for escaping those horror bushes and with the orange sky next to us, he leads me on an open road “What is that? It’s so magical,” He examines the orange sky enchanted.

“Sunset,” “What is sunset?” He chuckles calmly, “It’s when the sun settles… night-time follows then,” I cannot draw away from it, I have never seen it before…

On planet Alivo,) we do not have sunsets, we have 3 different planets, providing light, which lasts 60 days, and 3 different moons, providing darkness, that last 60 days.

Because of the darkness, we remain indoors, stories dwell of unknown creatures seeking prey at night, seeking the flesh of our kind, seeking nothing other than danger…

He leads me into a tunnel towards a metal door “Come on in,”

I should add, he makes me feel more welcome to this planet than those other humans did.

He pushes the door open, and he shows me inside; I cover my arms as I examine the room. What is this place? I have never seen a home like this before. Is it even a home? The color dark red flash through me as soon as a loud noise behind me frightens me.

His frightened look shakes me out of my moment “Colier, it is okay”

His dirty material collides with my hands and the color black flashes through me. What am I even doing here? How is this going to bring me back to my craft or even keep us safe? I slowly let go of his clothing and green flashes through me.

“Colier I will not hurt you, there is nothing to be afraid of, they do not know anyone lives here,” I can understand his point of view but it is not him I am afraid of, it is I.

“Forgive me, I was frightened,” His confused look shocks me, does he understand me? “Your voice is so soft, sounds like a lullaby and container like at the same time but with a slight pitch,”

Honestly puzzled with this mortal boy, the color grey flashes through me as his sparkling eyes lines with mine, so enchanting yet anxious about them.

“So, your changing color emotions, it is unique but how does it work? Mind telling me?” Black bolts through me as I focus on him “As far as I remember I was breed according to how they calculated the machine, but I think something went wrong and then I came along, I am the only one with this ability,”

He nods “Wait you said breed, do you mean like in a tank? Your race does not have normal births?” “No, they breed us,” “Well, I have seen weird stuff in my lifetime, but that is by far the coolest thing.”

“Thank you…”

I smile friendly at him as the color dark pink flash through me, I have never experienced pink in such a way before, he makes me feel so much different from Senerio did “You differ from any other girl I have met before,” I am not from Planet Earth human boy; it makes sense to me

“Well, you can sleep over here,” I follow him gently towards a corner with a weird-looking plank. It could be a bed and with a thin layer of sponge and a weird misshapen pillow, “Thank you,”

I can tell from the looks of it, this human male does not have much, and it is sad to see this from my point of view “I know it is not much but it is at least something,” I nod in observation, human homes differ from our homes.

Changing my appearance is the only thing I should concentrate on, not this human boy, but I am afraid of what will happen once I do,

Maybe he will kill me or maybe he will turn me in, I can feel the color red spreading over me, I know that feeling well by now, panic has been spreading across my body since I have been here and then warm hands wrap around my biceps and I feel his calmness “Colier, are you okay? You are shaking,”

I do not know if I ever will be okay; I do not know what I am doing here when I should form a plan to save my craft; I do not even know if I will ever see my planet again.

“Quillan thank you so much for helping me…” Fear covers his face “Wait, are you leaving? Please do not go,”

I cannot convince him, this is harder than I thought, but I will sneak out and find my way, I must, I cannot see how this human boy can help me rescue my craft.

Color of blue flash through me as soon as I spin myself around “Please let me help you Colier,” In a turn his misery begs onto me “I do not think you can Quillan, what I seek is not a save journey and I fear for your sake,”

The corner of his thin lips lift “I live for danger,” I tilt my head, I do not think he has any idea what danger is. Purple flashes through me… wait, purple? I rarely have this emotion but then I am afraid of this emotion… I mean looking at his clothing, they look decent enough, but he will need a suit like mine.

If I agree to his pleading but still, I do not think this is a wonderful idea “You will need a suit like mine,” I follow his eyes towards the torn parts.

“But what about you,” “Yes, I can see that I will need a few hours to repair it,”

The black box on me must have damaged in the crash.

Our suits on Planet, Alivo) repairs themselves, the clothing range on my planet differs from Earth,

Unique occasions mean different tracksuits, and the only clothing we wear is ones to protect us from any form of danger.

However, when I touched Quillan’s material, it felt dirty and hard; it did not please my hands at all. But then again, seeing where he lives, I can understand this material.

I move towards the block-shaped window and stare outside as I fiddle with the small box, an immense field beautifully decorated with flowers and blue flashes through me again.

On Planet, Alivo), we have fresh flowers with various names and several meanings; each flower gives off a unique emotion when touched.

However, the garden beings on my planet have a unique ability against these flowers to prevent harm.

A few hours later, I close the small box and watch the shredded material piece itself together. In my times of being alone, I spend some time to learn my mechanical skill, in the hololibrary,

Although the requirement to learn such a skill in situations like these, but not every being has to learn this skill.

Blue flashes through my skin, I miss my home; I miss Rose; I miss my family and even though my family is deceased, I still miss them deeply.

I turn myself around towards a few papers on the brown/black table with pictures on them about human females and different homes.

On the planet, Alivo), we do not have those papers; we have holographic television showing my race with different colored suits on, and with each season the color changes, and according to the elder’s, they require us to wear these colors to prevent us from many sicknesses and season damage.

“Colier, you okay?” I snap out of my thoughtfulness towards his concerned pupils “Yes thank you,” Blue could have been flashing through me for the last few seconds “So are you done?” “Nearly,”

His position on his brightly colored couch makes me think back on my living room furniture, I also like vividly painted things but.

The elders feel that everything should be black and white; they believe colored objects give off radioactivity, which fiddles with the brain, which is not true, but I can never argue with them.

However, watching him watch my every move, I guess he is just as suspicious as I am of him.

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