Out Of The Ordinary

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“I am finished with the suit repairing, I have a suit for you, the suit forms around your body, and it is unisex,” He smiles nervously at me as I hand him the little black box.

“It is nothing to stress about, it will not harm you, just clip it to your clothing, and it automatically surrounds your body when in danger… the suits are automatically designed to protect you against anything that may cause a threat,” He nods and does as he is told.

The suit covers his athletic body; I have a somewhat idea of human figures, we may look somewhat related to humans, but we have feet, designed according to shoes, and instead, males have 4 fingers… and females have 5.

He stands still like a statue with stretched arms waiting for the suit to complete; I want to laugh at him, but the color dark purple flashes through my skin.

He makes me nervous, to be honest, and I guess it is because he will help me although I am not from this planet, it does not look like it bothers him, he seems rather enchanted with me.

It is not every day that someone like me walks his path.

“This is weird but I can live with it,” I take his hands slowly, and his head snaps up at me “Uh what are you doing?” I smile at him slowly “Hold on,” And a zap of electricity travels through him and he yanks his hands back “What the…”

“Oh, forgive me, I should have told you first, I transferred some skills to you, it might come handy along the way… Quillan are you sure about this? You do not understand the dangers of this mission; I do not want to place your life in danger,”

He nods at me but I also see some hesitation there, he surely is thinking about this but still, he stands by his word, there is no talking him out of this, I am sure he will understand once we reach that point but for now, some things should be left unsaid.

“Thank you,” I can feel blue color assuming me.

On the planet, Alivo,) using your abilities, is against their law, at birth you are born with one look and one personality; every being are all equal brothers and sisters.

Every being on planet Alivo, have different abilities and required to train your abilities inside of the training fields and expected of you 3 times a week,

If danger did happen to strike Planet Alivo, every being will know what to do. Some have fire and ice, some have speed and some can slow down time, other special beings have strength and others are intelligent.

So, everyone on Planet Alivo, have their unique ability, the garden beings however… differently programmed, since the work 24/10 with plants, their figures designed according to plant forms, their abilities help the plants survive any harsh condition.

The farming beings also have their gardening skills but they have more water and wind combined, the security on Planet Earth is nothing compared to ours.

Physically strong and manipulation is their abilities, they can also freeze you…

In my race. Alivians, humanoids) every being can transform themselves into anyone and use cloak ability, both a common-born ability,

“Colier…you froze,” I pull my face into confusing as yellow burst through me, what does that mean? Did all this thinking freeze me?

“We have to train you for this mission, the sooner it is over, the sooner I can return home and deal with the problems that have been caused,” His pupils waters up and black flashes through me “Why are you leaking? Oh gosh, are you broken?”

He instantly laughs; I do not find this amusing at all “No I am not broken, it is… nothing,”

I examine his facial expression carefully, I can see there is something wrong but I leave it just there “Oh I see,” The color white flashes through me as I keep my stare on him, maybe he is not whom I thought he would be.

He looks like a decent human and could have traits I am yet to discover. However, enchantment blinks in his eyes all the way.

“Colier, before we do this and possibly die, I just want to let this off my chest, I like you and I hope once this mission is done, we can perhaps see each other again,”

Light pink shines brightly through me as he slowly slides his hands in mine “I…” The color blue flashes through me afterward.

We can never be, it is just how it is meant to be, I am not an Earthling and I will never be.

Once a female and male are born, their abilities compare; they must combine their abilities if they want to raise a child, to receive this blessing, they first have to prove their worth, and when they succeed the test.

The elders will grand one child but unlike me who am a breed, I cannot possibly see how I will bear children for him.

Although there was once a couple, the same as me and Quillan, the same story except she remained on Earth, years pass her beauty and she birthed a normal child, now I do not know if the tale is true but it was a story told among the youngsters.

For the DNA sampler to work, they use the likes and dislikes of both females and males.

And to approve a arrange marriage is hard; a ritual of compatibility must first take place, the elders chose two couples and if their chosen partner does not comply with them, they are thrown in the dungeon to learn their combining which is a thousand days.

Combining takes a lot of effort from couples; it is something that happens once in their lives

When females come of age, which is 1800, the partner chosen for them must be theirs until the end of time, the elders do not believe in separation.

The ritual starts as a dancing between the couple and once their eyes signal each other; their bodies automatically signal each other.

A lightning cloud forms around them and their abilities share in this cloud but for this to work, it must be a strong heart, and only a strong heart can attract the right partner.

“I should test them out, do you not think?” I laugh at him as the color dark purple burst through me, there is that color again, he makes me happy “I think so yes,”

Excruciating pain bumps against my head and the last thing I remember is Quillan screaming at me.

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