Out Of The Ordinary

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Page 4 Memory

Colier Memory

*** “Rose, why do they want to pitch me in the dungeon?” She eyeballed me; her grief is contagious “Because… I told them what you did, no one can lie to the Elders,”

My senses bounce exposed, rage smother bones. How could she? “But you lied, I did not murder that man, Senerio did,” Rose frown her look in misunderstanding “But I saw you with that man Colier, I saw you,”

“How could you, Rose? I cannot believe you lied to them, I would never kill someone else, I never did, Senerio did, and after he did, I try to help him, but I could not… save him,”

She bowed her head in shame, I can see that, but I am furious for what she did, she demolished everything “Colier please forgive me, I did not mean to…” I wobble my skull in annoyance.

“No, you lied to them; I can never forgive you…” ***

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