Box of Bones

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Chapter Two

She sat looking at the skull in her hands and had no clue who or why someone would send these to her. She did, however, want to find the mystery of who they were. She thought to herself that was probably the reason they were sent but as a gift, that she didn’t understand. She looked at the clock, and it was nearing midnight. Another flicker of the lights and she smiled to herself. She went to the next room and brought in another piece of machinery. She hooked it up to her private computer and began the scans as she glanced over the skull as the lasers started the process of making her a digital model of it. She would use that to rebuild the face later.

She could already see he was an East Asian descent. The bones themselves were not really that old. Only a few centuries. She would do testing on them later to narrow that down as well. She was too busy making mental notes of all the things she wanted to do but knew that her time would be limited with this set of remains as the exhibit would, of course, take precedence over all else. She picked up the receiver and cradled it against her neck and ear as she made the call out.

“Hey, it’s me.“, she said as soon as the phone was answered.

“I thought you would be calling soon.“, Lou answered.

“Really so you did have something to do with it.’, she said.

“With what?“, he replied back.

“With the present with the delivery.“, she replied.

“What?“, he asked. “Sweetheart, what are you talking about?”

“You didn’t have a present sent to me of two crates?“, she asked.

“No getting that exhibit to go through much against the directors and the board advisors was the present I gave you.“, Lou replied. “I did have to threaten to get it for you because I knew if you got it, they couldn’t deny your talent anymore.”

“I don’t care about that, Lou.“, she replied.

“What is this about two crates though?“, he asked.

“I got two extra crates with the delivery. When I called to check about them the person who answered said they were a gift for me, specifically. They have two sets of remains in them.“, she replied.

“I had nothing to do with that. I just sent both places a check to get them for you. Sorry kid looks like you have a mystery on your hands. Who would send you two boxes of bones though.“, Lou asked.

“I thought you. I don’t know who else. They look like they should be from the exhibit though. There is no backstory or anything else relating to them. Just the bones. The person said when I talked to them the bones would let me know something when they felt comfortable with me. Have you been going on about me talking to bones like you did with the cats?“, she asked.

“No.,” he said as he laughed.

“Lou someone took a lot of trouble to pack these up and send them to me, specifically me. I am not the worlds best anthropologist. I am barely known. So why me? It has to be something from you.“, she said.

“It’s not. I have kept my distance when it comes to you. I know it has affected you being associated with me. I try not to bring it up.“, Lou stated.

“Yeah, it hasn’t been easy being your niece.“, she said with a smile. “Parties, millions at my disposal, and of course the attention.”

“Sounds horrible.“, Lou laughed.

“It is. Absolutely.“, she laughed. “Lou I wouldn’t change a thing, regardless of it all being an annoyance.“, she said softly.

“I know sweetheart. Plus when I die you get it all.“, he replied.

“What?“, she asked.

“I told you about this before.“, he replied.

“No, No you didn’t.“, she said.

“Yes, Yes I did. We both know I am not fit to be a father so I will not have any children of my own. I have no siblings, thank god. You are the closest thing to family I have got. Plus I did help raise you to a point. The only female to stir my heart. So it all goes to you.“, Lou said. “However we will talk of this later. I just arrived.”

“Arrived?“, she asked.

“Party, my dear. A party.“, Lou said. “Someone between the two of us has to live.”

“I do.“, she replied.

“Not nearly enough.“, Lou said as he hung up the phone. As she looked at the phone and softly smiled to herself, that is the man I call my uncle she thought. He was always like that. A gentle hand to help guide her but only on his own terms. She had skipped into his life, and that was that. He had claimed her that day as she was refreshing and innocent. It was that simple for him, and he had made promises just like all the other adults in her life, but only he mostly came through. She was still waiting for the castle he had promised to buy her when she was ten.

She looked back at the skull and still wondered who would send them to her. She didn’t have any idea and with the cryptical message that was given as well. She wished she had asked a name of the person she had talked to, but hindsight was always twenty-twenty. She shook her head again as the machines buzzed away. She should do a quick exam but decided that sleep would be better. She had to wait for the laser scanner to finish before she could leave. Otherwise, she didn’t know who would take it in the morning and what they would do with her skull. She couldn’t risk that.

Finally, after an hour, the scan was complete. She had the 3-d model on her computer, and in the later morning, she would run the software she would need to build his face. She gently picked his skull up and carried it back to the crates. “Sorry I know I just took you out but until I know who you are I have to put you back in there for safe keeping.“, She said absentmindedly to the skull. As if by response another gust of cool air seemed to swirl around her effortlessly. “I need to call maintenance about that wind.”

She placed the skull down and closed the lid. She got her things and started out the door. She closed and locked her office after she placed back all the equipment she had used during the night. She smiled to herself as she looked toward the crates once again. She did need a good mystery every once in a while to keep her on her toes. This was going to be the one of a lifetime. She really didn’t feel all that bad when she left. Something ironically felt more right about the mystery boxes now in her care. She didn’t know their origin, but she was sure they were supposed to be there with her. She had always felt things like that with certain items.

Her mother on one of the rare times she had spoken kindly to her had called her touched. She at the time thought it was yet another insult which her mother had been fond of throwing at the youngest of her children. Touched in her mother’s mind was gifted with the other side. She always thought her mother’s new age beliefs cupped with her staunch Catholic beliefs were a little strange, to say the least, but as she got older one of those things made more sense to her than the other. She was touched, she could see things others couldn’t. It was one of the reasons she was called to work in this field. So she could identify the dead to put them to rest. Was this what had happened in this case? Had they found these remains and couldn’t place them? Why as a gift though? It kept coming back to who would send her a gift like this? She had more questions than answers as she drove home. Her small house on the outskirts of town was perfect for just her. She always had stayed to herself. She didn’t mind all that much though she did seem to spend more and more time alone as she got older. She wished now she really had skipped all of this and had a few drinks with the delivery driver. She had seen him before, and she silently hoped she would see him again.

She could read the dead effortlessly but the living, that was a completely different story. The day she met Lou everything in her life changed. She had skipped right into him and his unusual life. It was like fate had intertwined the two from the beginning. Lou a young twenty-five-year-old business mogul who was known for his unconventional ways in business was no different when it came to his personal life. He had looked down at the girl with his dark almost black eyes and asked, “Don’t good little girls have to be in school?”

Her reply, “Probably that is why I am not there.” Is what caught his attention and he roared with laughter. He was not known for his kindness, and her father was glaring at her and apologizing to his new somewhat eccentric boss. Lou had waved all of that off.

“Stan, you have to let me take this honest little creature out to lunch.“, Lou said with a smile.

“You want to take her out to lunch?“, her father had replied.

“Yes. I so very rarely meet such an honest child. I would like to reward her.“, Lou said with a small wink in her direction.

“I... I.. guess so. Let me clear my desk first.“, her father sputtered out.

“No, I think you misunderstand. Her, not you.“, Lou said.

“I guess that would be fine.“, her father said as he turned to her, “Please behave.”

“I will dad.“, she said with a smile and Lou reached out his hand to her as soon as the pair left the office space on the fourth floor.

“I honestly hope you won’t, sweetheart.“, Lou said with another smile.

“I won’t what, sir?“, she said.

“Behave.“, Lou said with a wink. That was the beginning of the most unusual friendship between the two. He had lavished a five-star meal on her to which she replied when asked it really wasn’t all that good, and she was still hungry he laughed and then walked around the capital mall with her as her eyes went bright in a bookstore but not the toy store he was in awe. He thought all children would like the newest fancy toys but not this one. This one wanted books and computer models. Every book she picked up was noted, and he would surprise the young girl with them all later. When he offered to get her something she smiled but refused. He was in awe of the tiny beauty next to him. She could have anything she desired, but she turned the smile on him and would only say no thank you. He returned her a few hours later to her father, and he knew she was going to be in his future.

The next day a truck showed up at their house and began to unload things in boxes. When her mother had gone out, she was even more displeased when she had found out everything in the truck was for her youngest daughter. Her look-alike daughter. The only one of her daughters that didn’t care about makeup or jewelry. She cared about books. Now hundreds of them were being delivered to the house. Her mother had cornered her when she did get home from school and confronted her about her father’s boss.

“You let him do something!“, her mother had screamed.

“No Mom.“, she said. “He offered to buy them for me, I told him no thank you.”

“Don’t lie!“, her mother roared.

“I’m not.“, she said softly.

“He did something to you now tell me what!“, her mother screamed again at her.

“I am telling you, mom.“, she said.

“Liar. I knew you would be a whore as well.“, Her mother screamed. The eight-year-old girl looked at her mother with widened eyes. She knew what that word meant though she didn’t understand why her mother would say that about her.

“Mom, that’s enough.“, Danny her oldest brother said and her mother’s favorite child.

“Dan Can’t do you see. She has the mark of the devil in her.“, her mother pleaded.

“Mom. That is really enough. She didn’t do anything. Dad’s boss told him she refused every time he offered to buy her something. Did you not hear him last night when he spoke?“, Dan asked.

“But all these gifts?“, her mother asked of her brother, “She had to do something to get these.”

“Mom, dad’s boss was probably being generous for her not asking for something.“, Dan said. “You are scaring her now. I suggest you stop.”

“Yes, fine go.“, She said looking at the girl who ran from the room almost in tears. She decided that day she would never cry in front of her mother again. She also knew that a gift that should be heaven could easily be a gift from hell. She sat in her room and wanted nothing more to not be here in this house anymore. That was the day she knew she would leave and never look back as soon as she could.

She arrived at her house sometime while reliving that memory as she moved silently throughout the small building she smiled to herself. Nothing in her life had been good until Lou showed up. As much as she changed him for the better, he had also changed her. She wanted more out of life, and he was the person to supply it. As she changed clothes and climbed into her cozy futon bed and drifted to sleep she thought of the happier times, they all contained him somehow.

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