Box of Bones

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Chapter Three

When she awoke from her troubled slumber. The stillness filled her small house. It was Saturday. She didn’t have to go into the museum today thought with the new delivery it was almost expected of her. This was her project though all she had done was suggest that it could, if done right, bring in new interest to the once shining institution. The museum had been living off the hay day of a decade or more. It wasn’t the same as it once had been. Though she couldn’t quite understand why.

It had the research teams and the school’s department of fellows to help at any time though it seemed they stopped trying to improve. They had only bid on low interest lying exhibits for at least the entire decade prior. It had once been the premier museum on the northeast region now it was used as a joke to most in the field. She had thought they were going back to the forefront when they had hired her, but it was for the pr and to make things legit. She was going to be a pawn. It was until much later when the committee that had picked her of the small number of applicants that she knew something was up. It was also around the same time her connection with Lou was found out.

The staff shifted their perceptions of her rather quickly, and she had then been hidden in the basement. She had voiced her opinion on a few issues and then she was told that she didn’t really have a voice here. When she had told Lou of her move to the basement, he was enraged. Having watch her fight for everything she had though she had wealth and prestige at her fingertips she had always shunned his offers, it was disheartening to him that she, his adopted goddaughter, had to go through this. she had grown up with access to everything her heart could have desired but she instead worked for everything, and now she was shunned because of it.

It was his nightmare. She, however, was living it. he had thought this exhibit would make up for things. He was shocked slightly when he had suggested at a donors meeting that he would bid on it for the museum and they told him they would have to think on it. the other donors all saw the look of fear in the museums staff. Something was wrong. Though no one would voice the opinion freely beside Lou, who had asked if they really didn’t like the possibility of having the museum become famous again. Everyone laughed off the idea, but the fear never left their eyes. The donors saw it. Lou saw it.

Lou didn’t back down though like they had hoped. He was like a Pitbull with bone when his haggles were up. He was relentless that whatever they feared had no choice to take a back burn to him. He was worse because he would be in their faces all the time. His caustic comments had hit home though, and enough people really started to look at the museum itself and start to wonder if something else was going on and or if their money would be used better in another museum instead. It was the thought of the donors leaving that finally wore them down.

Lou bid on the exhibit himself under the museums name. it was signed sealed and now delivered to the museum. She was already driving over to go through and make sure that everyone had got their correct boxes. She was placed in charge of the entire exhibit though that was more of a management decision. Each department would go through and learn and test as much before the two weeks before the exhibit would be opened in the main hall. They had six weeks before all of that took place. She smiled as she walked into the building and through the halls to the restricted area and then down to her office in the basement. It was still locked, and the lights were off as she went to the room. She smiled wondering why she expected something different.

When she walked in, there was an overwhelming sense of calm in the room. It was like the energy from the night prior was gone. She thought that was odd in a sense that she had really felt worked up and even nervous to a point on the two crates. She now felt calm and collected. It was amazing what a good nights sleep could do, she thought again as she placed her things down and then went to close the door. The slight breeze at her ankles got her attention again. It wasn’t cold as the air should have felt but warm and inviting. She looked around for a moment and then turned and shut her door again and went to the loading dock to make sure it was not in chaos.

It was in chaos. She really should have known better to think anything else. All the department heads were in a conflict of what to do next. She was looking at them and really started to wonder what was this was about. It had been the first major undertaking for years, and it seemed though that everyone had forgot how to do their jobs. She plastered her smile on and went into the bay and started suggesting what they do. Mainly to clear the loading docks and bring their new work to their own workspaces. They could look at the list of tests they were supposed to do in authenticating the works and also the what the could do lists that were with each crate.

Her coworkers were in shock that she had dared tell them what to do. When she was nearly in tears after one such Ph.D. had voiced his opinion of her and her ways she had noticed the air around them had grown freezing cold. At first, she thought it was her own emotions that had made her feel that way but she glanced around, and the people close to them also were shivering. The crates next to them which had been stacked two high for easy transport were sound the night before. However, when she glanced, it looked like one was about ready to tip. She went over in the middle of the putdowns and shoved it back to center. It was much more difficult than she had expected as if an unknown force was pushing on the other side.

“Careful with those. You can’t leave it like that.“, she had turned around and said.

“We didn’t touch those, Doctor.“, the professor had spat out, “I have done my job since before you were born. I know how to do it.”

“Then do it.“, she replied. “Someone moved that, and it was about ready to fall.”

“The only person to touch those was you.“, he ground out.

“Okay, this is getting us nowhere. The loading bay needs to be cleared out by tomorrow. Take your crates to your labs and start working on them. It is simple as that.“, she said as she sighed.

“I have other projects to work on.“, h replied. “These will just take up space.”

“I don’t care.“, she said. “The museum work takes precedence over our personal work.”

She knew what he was working on though she didn’t agree with the practice; it was something to look forward to the reports on it. She wondered if they realized that their own projects and the lack of work done in the museum itself was one of the main issues. The museum itself funded many of the staffs pet projects in the hopes that one would strike it big with a new discovery before another research facility did. The museum was dwindling in funds though because they had neglected the actual museum half of the equation. They had not had a good exhibit in years. One that could bring in people which in turn meant more money for the doctors on staff. No one else seemed to see that. she shook her head and wondered if it was too late to find another job.

She hated coming to work. Even now with this new exhibit, it was akin to hell. She turned on her heel and started off back in the direction of her office. When a crash came out of nowhere. She turned to see the box she had just pushed to dead center had toppled over and was on the man who had insulted her as she turned. She had tried to ignore the rich bitch comments and often just went deaf as they were spoken, but this man as she had walked away had said much more under his breath. She looked at him as he struggled to breathe under the weighted contents of the crate and the people flocked around him to lift it off. She got the impression through the pain was coming in waves, and the box seeming looked like it was moving up and down. Almost as if someone was jumping on the crate itself. She said quietly, “that is enough.”

The box stopped moving, and they lifted the crate off him easy. That had to be a trick of her eyes. She shook her head and tried to clear the thoughts but they all came back to something had been on that crate. She had pushed it back to dead center. It moved seemingly on its own. When she had said stop, it stopped. This couldn’t be happening. It could not be. She had heard of things like this. she knew the risks when she took this job that someone who was “Touched” as her mother called it could bring out things long buried in objects. The new exhibit was haunted.

That thought sat with her as she went over the paperwork of the exhibits long history. She was going to try to figure out who or what was attached to the items here. She knew she was in for a long battle and it would have to be completed by herself as it wasn’t like she could say it was haunted. Though she wasn’t scared per se, she was slightly apprehensive. She knew this could go either way as the museum itself was full of nonbelievers. She was more curious than nervous, and she still had more work to do with the skull and the bones that were sent to her.

She had almost forgot about them though they were glaring at her from inside their straw beds. She thought that was apt in a way. She more so wondered if the bones were the one thing that was doing this. she knew she would sound crazy, even to Lou if she said too much of anything. How could a doctor with a few degrees in science really believe in ghosts? It would all come back to her age and then she would have an uphill battle again. This time she would do this as her own experiment.

She calculated her plan. It was simple enough. She would observe everything and everyone and write it all down. She looked at the skull that for some reason had seemed to call to her and she had placed it on her desk. She was looking into where its eyes once were. She took out a small notepad that was in her desk and started writing down everything that had happened in the past day. She glanced up into the skulls obitual holes and smiled.

“I really need you and your friends to behave.“, she said. “people already have it out for my blood and though I appreciate what you guys did out there, that can not happen again.”

She felt the air in her office change again. It wasn’t something that could be measured by any instruments; it was a feeling she knew well though. She smiled and looked at the skull. Somehow this object made her feel better. Maybe she had lost her mind. Maybe she had imagined the whole thing. Or maybe just maybe she had made a new friend.

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