Cosmic Flotsam and Jetsam

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Different wolds, dimensions, and futures abound in this collection of various short stories. From robots to aliens, every story is something different, all you have to do is pick one.

Joshua Bryant
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Whoosh and Gone

Let’s dance in the Void tonight. Let’s take our tired and sore muscles and stretch for a while in the Nothing.

The fog, the mist, doesn’t it call you? Doesn’t it beckon? Come now, be honest. I know the desire is there. Just accept it and step into the dream world of the Nothing.

No pain. No suffering. Just the softness of the deep darkness. Who cares if we don’t come back? Once there, you won’t care about anything anymore.

Haven’t you ever looked at a candle, blown it out, and wondered what that felt like? Just whoosh and you’re gone. That’s the Void.

Only the weak don’t return. Their minds are too fragile to reconstitute themselves. You’re not weak are you? Give yourself a little credit and stop doubting. You’ll be glad you did afterward. I promise. It’s damn sure an experience you won’t forget.

Even if you are too weak to come back, you’ll be immortal. If you think about it. From a certain perspective, you know? You go in, the darkness accepts you, you don’t feel anything, you don’t see anything, you more or less hover in a forever state of almost existence. So, obviously you can’t die. See? Immortality. Death is dead. Bang, gone, removed, deleted. A middle finger to the old Reaper, eh?

So, take my hand and we’ll go. We’ll dance in the Void, tonight or forever. Or tonight and forever. But, with something like this, what’s the difference?

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