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Year 2047, two years ago a disaster struck our planet ending all human life. Three investigation robots were sent, but all were destroyed while holding onto a lot of important information. Sara, the fourth investigation robot is sent out to collect all her the information left by her 'sisters'. She prepares a variety of tools, in addition to Tom, a cat-like robot assigned to aid her on her mission. Together they go out to the destroyed world to retrieve the information.

Scifi / Adventure
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Connection lost with third robot, activating the fourth robot.

In an underground base, a robot awakens, she moves out of her storage room, which had a four written above the door, she directly goes to the main computer to get the information about her mission. She confirms she is indeed number four by a series of passwords, after that she had to identify herself orally,“my name is Sara, a humanoid investigation bot. I am number four between my sisters, the body type I was given is that of a female human in her twenties, I am of average height, short hair green, blue eyes and a number four written on my forehead.” She said confirming her identity, Sara was allowed into the main computer. She got all the necessary information about her mission. Her three sisters that proceeded her all got destroyed after collecting a great amount of information.

Her mission was to collect the lost pieces of memories and get them to a marked location. A different base where her sisters were supposed to go to on the end of their missions.

“Understood, it is a retrieval mission, and since my sisters were most likely destroyed I should prepare for the possibility of a fight.” She marked the most efficient path. After that Sara headed to grab her equipment. She studied each one of them carefully before making her decision.
The last step was to chose a helper. She picked Tom, a robot similar to cats. It had balanced states of attack, defense, and scouting ability.

“I need a summary of your ability before confirming my choice..“Sara said in her robotic cold tone.

“Affirmative, I am a lot bigger on the inside, the free space can be used to carry evidence. While its main role is to carry the cat units.” Tom said.

“Explain cat units.” Sara ordered.

“There are three types, Defensive cat unit (DCU), Offensive cat unit (OCU), and scout cat unit (SCU).” Tom said then released three robots, they were all small spherical robots, all of them had a small tail and a pair of cat ears. Each of them had a small screen in the middle which was colored according to robot type. Defensive was green, offensive red, and scout was blue. Scout had sound and video recording devices, ones of great quality. Offensive had three weapons, a laser sword as its tail, rocket launchers as its ears, and a small automatic rifle on its head. Defensive was the largest and had three green orbs floating around it, the green orbs formed a shield between them protecting a small area that can be linked with other defensive cat units to expand the area. Tom explained each robot, his explanation went to the smallest details.

“You have very helpful skills.“Sara said as she made her choice, she stored her tools in a special backpack.

After all her preparations were done, Sara began her mission.

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