Saving The World From A Lunatic

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Austin Avery, discovers that his father is an evil lunatic who wants to end the earth. In order to do so he has to kill Austin, or find five powerful items. He and his friends go on a quest and try to stop Austin's father from destroying the world. Will they succeed or not?

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The child was born. But the father was gone. The baby's name was Austin. Austin Avery. The father turned out to be an evil lunatic who wanted to end the earth. he was powerful, he could control minds. His name was Brian. He never wanted a child, but he had one anyway, because he fell madly in love with a beautiful woman. Her name was Mary. when Brian found out that Mary gave birth to a child that was his, he killed her.
He was really angry because he knew that if he had a child he would inherit some of his power of manipulating minds. He was also devastated because he killed the only person he loved.
In the moment he killed Mary he remembered when they met. And how she was so special for him, because she was the only person he couldn't control. And she was the only one that brought him joy.
When Mary found out the type of person he was, she wanted to get away from him, without telling him she was expecting a baby. She went to her house and told her sister all she found out about Brian. Mary told her sister that when Austin was born Brian was going to try and kill him and Mary. So she told Rose to hide Austin and keep him safe from his father.

When Rose found out that her sister was killed by Brian she raised Austin like her own.When Austin turned one a prophecy was made. Austin was asleep when suddenly an old lady appeared out of nowhere and made the prophecy.
"The son of Mary shall save the world from it's end with his friends' help. One of his friends shall meet the end. And by the end of Austin's quest, he must decide the fate of his father and his fate. The quest is going to be extremely difficult." She paused and then she said, "The rest of the information is dangerous for you to hear. in this paper there is all Austin needs to know in his quest. this will not open to anyone, only to him at the age of 16." The old lady dropped an envelope to the floor and disappeared out of thin air. Rose picked the envelope and put it in a portrait hole, in the room that used to be Mary's.
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