The Bug Girl

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The new student Dana's supposed friend, Britney, pulls a prank that deems her "The Bug Girl". Now Dana seeks revenge for the embarrassment caused. Little does Britney know, Dana has an odd gift that gives her the upper hand.

Scifi / Thriller
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The New Student

Dana walked into her new school terrified. She was never good at making friends or anything like that. Her Aunt did give her a super cute outfit to wear her first day though. It was a grey flannel with a white tucked in t-shirt and a black denim skirt which she paired with some black slides. Dana and her Aunt Paige were always super close. Dana left her hair down, it was too thick to style and too difficult to deal with. She went up to the front desk, "Hi I'm Dana Impala, a new student. I think I'm supposed to go to the councilor's office?". The woman at the front desk looked up and smiled, "Welcome to our school then! The councilor is in a meeting, do you know what class you're supposed to go to?". Dana was shaking a little bit out of nervousness, "Well no. She has my schedule actually". The woman got up and walked over to the computer, "I'm sure it's on here so I'll print one out for you. So where are you coming from?", her smile almost as fake as her earrings. Dana gleamed, "I'm actually from Maine, it's very different from here", the woman laughed, "Yes, it is. Oh! I found it. Looks like you'll be heading to Mr. Andy's class. Are you a sophomore or a junior?". Dana shook her head, "I'm a junior. Do you have a map, or an escort maybe?", she giggled. The woman handed Dana her schedule and a map, "Mr. Andy's class is History- he is upstairs right next to the bathroom. I'll send our aid with you- Britney!". A girl with dyed blonde hair came out of the back rooms, she was wearing a red short sleeve top that barely covered her stomach and tight black jeans with white heels, "Yes?". Dana thought she was very pretty and she wanted to be friends with her. "Can you take Dana here to Andy? She's new.", the woman smiled at Britney. Britney looked Dana up and down, judging her with her eyes then smiling, "I would be honored". Britney began walking Dana down the hallway, "So you're new? Interesting. We don't have many new people come in- your gonna be the talk of the school", she laughed, "I'm a junior so I can show you the ropes". Dana nodded, "I'm a junior too- maybe we have classes together", she handed Britney her schedule. Britney examined it for a moment before laughing, "No way. We have Music, Science, and lunch together! That's great! So you're going to Andys class?", they began walking up the steps. Dana smiled. She actually made a friend, maybe it's not as hard as she thought. "Yes, I am", Dana nodded. Britney smirked, "There's this cute boy in there- his name is Evan. He plays baseball. I don't date but", she nudged Dana with her elbow, "You could totally snag him". Dana laughed, "You really think so? I'm not THAT cute". Britney scoffed, "Of course you can silly. He's single right now so you know. Plus with a face and body like that- one hundred percent". They reached Mr. Andy's class and stood outside the door, "Now I warn you, he is a bit of a ladies man. And I'm talking about the teacher so be careful", Dana laughed, "I've seen a few of those". Britney was about to knock on the door, "Oh do you want to sit with me at lunch?", Dana shrugged, "I don't have anyone else so sure". Britney clapped, "Yay!", then knocked on the door. The teacher that came out of the classroom was a young man. He had dark brown hair and more of a muscular physique, although he couldn't be over thirty-five. He smiled, "Who's this Britney? Could it be the new student I was told about?", Britney nodded, "Yes sir. Here in the flesh! Looks like you got this Dana- I'll see you later!". She waved goodbye and disappeared down the steps- Dana's nervousness suddenly returned. Andy looked back at Dana, "So your Dana Impala! Welcome to my class you'll love it here. I promise I'm not a bad teacher", he winked, "Now let's get in here!". They walked into the classroom while getting stared down by the other students. Most of them were talking or drawing. "Okay class this is Dana Impala, she is our new student. Since she doesn't know any of you, why don't we play a game? Everyone goes around the room and says two interesting facts about yourself. Since Dana is the guest of honor she can start!", Andy nodded at Dana as her anxiety rose tremendously. Dana stuttered, "Um. Well. I have a pet praying mantis. And I live next to the strawberry fields". Andy clapped, "Alright! How about you Evan?". Dana paid close attention, remembering what Britney said. He was quite tall and wore a collared shirt along with some dress pants. His hair split down the middle, creating a wave-like curve of black. Evan stood up, "Well I know everyone else knows this but Dana doesn't. I play baseball. I also go skating on Friday nights". Dana zoned out after that. All the other kids in the class didn't have cool enough facts to distract her. After it all was said and done Andy asked where Dana wanted to sit. There were a couple of unused desks, "Um, can I sit by Evan?". He nodded. As class started Dana noticed a buzzing sound near the curtain. She looked over, noticing a bee, "Oh not again", she thought to herself. But as she noticed, so did others. "Oh my God is that a bee? I'm allergic to those!", one girl named Emma yelled. Dana stood up, "Dana what are you doing?", Andy seemed a little weirded out. "I'm gonna put him outside", she smiled at Andy. The bee was crawling on the curtain, it seemed to be agitated at the fact it couldn't go outside. Dana walked over and held her finger out, the bee jumped over and landed on her thin finger. "Can someone get the window open for me", Dana looked around the room. Evan walked over, "Sure. I don't mind. How come it doesn't sting you?". Dana stammered as Evan opened the window, "I don't know", she lied right through her teeth. The bee flew off and all was at peace. Evan turned around, โ€œGive it up for Dana! How about that!โ€, people clapped and laughed. But instead of laughing at her, they laughed with her. It was a change of pace. They didn't know her secret, and she didn't know theirs. Except that this was only the beginning. Anything could happen.

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