The Bug Girl

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New Friends

After the bell rang Emma walked up to Dana, "Thanks for getting the bee out!", not giving Dana a chance to speak skipped out of there. Dana gathered her things and began to walk away from her desk when her lipgloss fell out of her pocket and rolled across the room. It just so happened to hit Evans's foot. Dana set her things down again and began to walk over and get her lipgloss, but Evan was twisting it around in his hands. "Hey, Evan could you give me my lipgloss back?", Dana spoke quietly but Evan didn't mind, "Sure. Can I smell it first?". He laughed and Dana giggled, "Uh sure I don't see why not". He opened it and nodded as he took in the strawberry fumes, "That smells really good!", he handed it back to her, "So where are you going next?". Dana rubbed her shoulder, "I'm actually going to music class". They walked into the hallway together as others stared in jealousy. "You sing? Lemme hear you!", Evan laughed to himself. "Oh no that's not necessary. I'm sure you'll hear me if I perform", Dana was nervous. She didn't want to embarrass herself in front of a cute boy. Evan shrugged, "Well in case you didn't know, there is a talent show, and anyone can join. I think you should do it", Dana raised her eyebrows, "That seems fun. Maybe I will". They walked all the way to the Music class where Britney was waiting for her. Dana waved goodbye to Evan and that was that. Britney squealed in excitement, "So how'd it go?!", Dana laughed, "We barely talked but he seems nice". Britney scoffed, "But he's cute right?". Dana bobbed her head up and down as they laughed together. The day went on and Dana met new people and made new friends. It seemed like every class a bee somehow made its way in. Dana knew she had to be careful when she is at school. She had moved six times before this, hoping this would be her last. The school seemed welcoming to her. There wasn't a local mean girl, or so she thought. Britney was actually the bully at this school, of course, every school has one. Britney's facade didn't fool everyone else. Her niceness may seem genuine but she always has her faults. Dana walked in the lunchroom and walked over to Britney's table, "Hey Britney. How's your day been?". Two other girls at the table began giggling and looking over at Britney. Britney smiled through her perfectly white teeth, "It's been great. Why don't you sit down?", she glared at the other girls. Dana sat across from Britney while the other girls sat next to her. Britney looked at the other girls, "Ladies why don't you introduce yourself to our new member?". The girl on the right rolled her eyes, "I'm Claire Grahm, the principal's daughter". Dana smiled at her. Claire had been in her math class. She had long, thin brown hair and rusty brown eyes. Her outfit composed of a teal sweatshirt and a mustard corduroy skirt with some brown sandals. She was very pretty too. Her face resembling a blossoming flower in the sun. Her skin was clear and orange tan. The other girl spoke out, "I'm Amber and my dad actually owns that strawberry field you live by". Amber was in her history class with Evan, yet Dana had not paid any attention to her. She had dirty blonde hair and tan skin. She had a mole under her eye much as movie stars do. She was wearing a thin white shirt you could see her red bra through from a mile away and skinny jeans that seemed to be a little too tight. The girls smiled at Dana but it didn't seem friendly. "So", Britney stabbed her fork into her salad, "I know you know about the talent show here. What are you gonna do for it?". Dana laughed nervously, "Who said I was doing it?". Britney laughed, "Well your new and all so personally I think you should do it. Just so everyone gets a taste of who you really are". Claire and Amber nodded along with Britney. Dana stuttered but before she could speak Claire chimed in, "The show is in a couple days and prom is next week! Just think about it. If you win the talent show, you're bound to win prom queen!". Britney cleared her throat, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves Claire, she doesn't even have a date or a ticket!". Dana nodded, "She's right Claire, I couldn't win prom queen if I didn't have a prom king". Amber shrugged her shoulders, "Hanging with us is enough to get you popular I guess. And your thing with bees". Britney's eyebrows slanted, "What bee thing?". Before Dana could change the discussion Amber dished, "It's like she is the bee master. In the first period, she got a bee out of the room without it stinging her! It was super cool". Britney looked over at Dana and laughed, "That's so weird!". Dana stuttered, "It last wanted out the window so I let it out. It's nothing", she laughed nervously. After lunch, the day continued. She figured out Evan was in her last class of the day, so she talked to him a lot. As she packed her stuff up to go home at her locker Evan came up to her, "Hey we both live by the strawberry field, why don't I walk you home?". Dana finished packing up, "You're kidding?". She began walking down the hall as Evan chased after her, "I'm not. Let's walk home together! It'll be fun!". Dana rolled her eyes jokingly, "Alright. Fine". She noticed a signup sheet for the talent show on a wall. She stopped in her tracks- thinking- should she sign up? She didn't want to be the quiet kid anymore. She stared at it for a moment before walking up to it and writing her name, number, and talent. She stalled a moment, wondering what she would perform. She wrote "singing" down and began walking again with Evan. He nudged her, "So your gonna sing for everyone? Interesting. I can't wait to hear it". Dana nudged him back as the grey clouds inflicted a filter over her when she walked outside, "I'm not amazing but I am pretty good if I say so myself". Evan laughed, "I'm sure you're great! Better than I could ever do. My only talent is playing baseball". Dana remembered the bee in the classroom, "Everyone has a secret talent. I'm sure you just haven't really found it yet". Evan smirked, "Well what's your secret talent then?". Dana began to get uneasy again, "Singing". She spoke a little bit quieter than before. Then, suddenly, a raindrop hit Dana's cheek. Then another. Suddenly, it began to pour.

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