The Bug Girl

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Evan went wide-eyed, "Oh shit come on! I figured we could have a nice walk!". He grabbed her hand and ran through the strawberry field. Dana followed close behind, "Hey!", as she pulled her arm away she began laughing, "Evan calm down its just rain!". She stopped in her tracks. In the middle of the strawberry field of all places. Her hair now soaked completely, her clothes dampened enough to almost be see-through. Maybe wearing a white shirt wasn't the best decision for her. Evan was thoroughly drenched as well. He stammered standing in front of her, "Yeah but you don't want to go home all wet do you?". Dana grinned, "I don't mind". Evan ran his fingers through his sodden hair. "Well I'm still walking you home!", he threw his hands up in the air. Dana rolled her eyes sarcastically, "Well come on then!". Dana began running through the field, which seemed to go on forever. Evan chased her as their laughs circled through the sky. Evan caught up to her, "Got you!", he reached forward and grabbed her. As she turned she tripped over a vine and fell into the mud. Evan covered his mouth in surprise, "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!". Dana busted out into laughter, "It's okay! it's okay!", she stood up. For some unknown reason, she wasn't covered in a bit of mud. Evan looked in surprise, "How do you not have mud on you?". Dana looked down at her feet. She watched the ants scramble back into the ground. She gulped hoping Evan didn't see them, "Just luck I guess". They walked to Dana's house and stood on her porch. Evan put his hand on the door; preventing her from opening it, "Now this Friday", he paused, "Want to come skating with me?". Dana leaned on her door, "If I say yes will you let me in my house?". Evan looked up and thought to himself, "Hmm", he shrugged, "Sure". Dana giggled, "Well then yes". He lifted his hand off the door, "I'll see you tomorrow then. And after school Friday of course", and he walked away. He disappeared into the rain and fog. She sighed and walked into her house. She lived alone. Her parents left her after an incident involving some insects and a complicated eleven-year-old. She never felt lonely though. Her pet mantis, Kip, kept her company. So did the other bugs. While not her pets, other bugs seemed to follow her. Her house was perfectly clean, but somehow they never went away. She stared at Kip, remembering why her parents left. Her young self was devious. Her father had hit her and when she told her mother, she didn't believe her. Dana had been using her powers and experimenting with them but she couldn't figure it out. Her mother yelled at her, "Go to your room and go to bed! I'm tired of these lies!". Dana was upset, angry. So as she cried in her room she heard her mother scream. She rushed into Dana's room covered in ants. Completely submerged in them. Yet they didn't bite her, they just crawled on her to scare her. Dana snapped out of her gaze and walked over to her bed. She laid down and remembered that she had signed up for the talent show. She sat up and wondered what song to sing. What genre, age, style? She would have to think about it for a couple of days. She got up and after a long shower, she went to bed. Her dreams consisted of flashes of wasps and the strawberry field at night. The next morning she woke up to bees setting clothes out. She was astonished, “How the hell?”. She knew she was the one doing it, but she couldn't translate it. The bees crawled around on her shirt and pants. As she went to pick them up the bees all moved out of the way. She moved her finger around, caressing the fabric. Everywhere her finger went the bees moved or flew away. They made paths for her. She threw her clothes on and walked out the door as bees flew off of her and back into the woods. Evan was sitting on her porch. “What are you doing here?”, Dana startled by his presence. Evan looked up and noticed her, “Well I figured we could walk to school together. I live right across the street”. Dana walked off the porch and began going through the strawberry field as Evan followed close behind. “Hey guess what I brought!”, he pulled out a black umbrella. Dana laughed, “Well it's good to always be prepared”. Evan and Dana walked all the way to school together and talked for what seemed like forever. As they walked into the lobby together, Dana noticed people were staring at her. More like glaring. It was mainly girls full of jealousy. They went their separate ways and Dana went to her locker. As she took her books out, a bee crawled out of her sleeve. She went wide-eyed and hoped nobody saw it. A boy came up to her. She seemed to recognize him but couldn't place it. His voice cracked, “Hey pretty lady. Wanna go out sometime?”. She looked around and looked back at him while simultaneously covering the bee in her hand, “Are you talking to me?”. He nodded. She looked him up and down, “No thanks”. The boy scoffed, “Fine bitch you're ugly anyway”, and walked off. Dana rolled her eyes and put the bee in a Tupperware container she poked holes in. She already had it from when she would collect bugs in the fields. She stuck it in her purse and walked to class. Walking in she noticed the same boy sitting a couple of seats away. Adam. That was his name. She remembered from yesterday. She sat in her seat and he kept glaring at her. She began to get sick of it. Dana used to get annoyed easily but she didn't anymore. For some reason though, Adam was really driving the nail. In the middle of a lesson, Adam began to slap his wrist. She noticed ants on his hand. It started with one or two but then began to increase. He stood up and began slapping his arms and legs. A couple of gasps from near classmates really got it going. People were cornered and huddling away from him as ants covered him. Dana knew she was doing it but didn't know how to stop it. He was crying out as the teacher ran out of the room to get a nurse. Dana calmed herself down and deep in her mind thought to stop. Stop. Stop. After that, she noticed the ants crawled off him and back into the floor. No bites. Just like her mother. After class Evan came up to her, “That was crazy. I wonder what happened to him?”. Dana shrugged, “No idea”.

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