The Bug Girl

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Anger Management

During lunch, Britney and her companions were talking about the talent show, "So ladies what are we doing for the show? Any ideas? Oh, and Dana have you signed up yet?". Dana nodded, "Yeah I did yesterday. I'm singing. Are you guys performing?". Claire laughed, "Well we usually win every year so we have to come up with something amazing this time!". Amber agreed, "We usually all perform together. Like just the three of us so it works out that you're doing it by yourself". Britney grabbed Dana's hand, "Are you gonna sing a love song", she winked. Dana blushed, "No. I don't know what I'm singing yet". Amber's jaw dropped, "How about a new pop song! Those are always, um, good". Dana smiled, "I'll think about that offer". Thinking about what she said. Maybe a love song wouldn't be too bad. She did like Evan. A crush had formed. She couldn't place her finger on it though. It must've been his humorous attitude, or maybe just how nice he is. Nobody had ever been nice to Dana. Dana changed the subject, "What about you guys? Are you gonna sing?". Claire and Amber laughed, "No". Britney smiled at Dana, "We usually dance or something like that. Maybe we'll do a magic show!". Dana just went along with what they said. She zoned out really. Staring at some bees trying to get in the big window behind them. Eventually, there was a horde of bees on the window. "What the hell are you looking at?", Amber turned around frustratingly, "Oh my God!". Claire and Britney followed, their jaws dropping as Dana just stared at them. "Dana what the fuck! Why didn't you say anything?", Amber yelled and caught people's attention. Dana stammered over her words, "They're just honeybees they can't hurt you". Amber scoffed, "God I knew you were a freak the moment I met you!". The buzzing getting louder as more bees covered the window, scrambling to get inside. She stomped off as the entire lunchroom stared in horror at the bees that cast a shadow over the table. Claire pursued Amber but Britney didn't. Dana ran off and hid in the bathroom. Britney came and followed her, "Look it's not your fault all those bees showed up. The Queen was probably trapped in here or something". Dana cried as Britney hugged her, "I just wanted some friends". Britney pulled back and looked Dana in the eyes, "I'm your friend". Dana nodded, "We should get back to class before anyone notices". After her last class, Dana was walking to her locker and noticed Amber standing there. She approached cautiously, “Hey Amber. What are you doing over here?”. Amber rolled her eyes and rubbed her temples, “Britney told me to come apologize so I am. Sorry for how I acted, it was stupid”. Dana shook her head and pushed Amber out of the way, “Your apology is accepted but It wasn't my fault that those bees were there”. Amber rolled her eyes, “Yeah I know. It's not like you control them but you should've told us”. Dana finished getting her things, “They were harmless, you're just mean”. Amber stood there speechless as Evan walked right up. “Hey are you still up for roller skating tonight?”, Evan raised his eyebrows waiting for a response. Dana smirked, “Yeah what time-”, Amber interrupted her, “Oh my gosh hey Evan!”. She hit him playfully and and twisted her hair. Evan leaned on the locker which placed him in the middle of these two psychos, “Hey Amber, didn't notice you there”. Dana laughed to herself. He looked back at Dana, “Anyway, what time am I picking you up? I figured you can't go roller skating without wearing a banger outfit”. Dana’s face flushed ruby, “How is six?”. Amber budded in, “I thought we were doing that thing at six?”. Dana was confused, “What thing?”. Amber scoffed and walked away. Dana looked back at Evan, “Anyways, how does six sound?” Evan winked at her then held up car keys, “Want me to drive you home?”. Dana nodded, “Sure”. They walked into the parking lot and noticed Britney and her gang chatting it up. They saw her and began laughing and pointing. Gossiping. Dana got into Evans car, which was a pretty ruby red colored sports car, and sat in the passengers seat. Evan cranked it and drove down the streets of Maine, “So six right? I can't wait to take you to the best skating place in town! It's gonna be so fun”. Dana laughed, “I know I'm excited too. I have no clue what to wear”. Evan grinned, “Well if it helps my favorite color is red, so wear red!”. He winked at her again. Every time he did that she liked him a little bit more. Was a boy flirting with her? She had never experienced that so she wouldn't know. By the time they got to her house, the sun was already setting. Dana stared at it harshly, “Wow it's so pretty”. Evan looked into her eyes, “It's just as pretty as you”. Dana's heart started beating faster and faster. He leaned in and kissed her, his fingers going through her hair. His lips were soft, the perfect fit. The kiss was so naive, a simple favor virtually. She didn't pull away, in fact, at this very moment, you could say she actually felt like a normal girl. The girl she strived to be. The girl she could never be. A couple of butterflies had landed on the car. They blinked their wings and as soon as he let go, they flew off. A symbol of hope and change. “I’ll pick you up at six”, he smiled. Dana nodded, opening the door she ran inside to get ready. She pondered, what would she wear? She grabbed the phone and called her best friend, “Britney you'll never believe it! Evan kissed me isn't that crazy? What should I wear?”. Dana couldn't see it but britney was gritting her teeth. Angry at the fact Evan wasn't hers. She had already planned something gruesome but now, she had worse plans.

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