The Admiral's Daughter

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In a world where Aliens are an everyday thing and spaceships roam the skies, it's not a surprise that trouble will arise. This story follows the journey of an 18 year old girl who'd been locked up in her room her entire life. What happens when a simple mini adventure turns into a fight for her life? Or worse, a fight to save the entire Alien race.

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1

Living in a world where spaceships and aliens are an everyday thing can be exhausting, more so when you’re forced to stay within the confinements of your room.

Aboard the Nielia spacecraft, in the furthest room of the furthest section, was Scarlet. A young and bright girl with a curiosity that almost always got her into trouble. She was forced to stay in her room for almost her entire life, 18 years. She had always wondered what was out there, beyond the reinforced windows of her cabin. She wondered about all the things she wished she could see and do.

Scarlet was sitting on her bed and staring out her window like she did most nights when she heard a knock on her door. She straightened up and dusted herself off before letting out a quiet “Come in”

The doors slid open and a tall man filled the entrance, his body encased in crisp white and blue uniform. Many different medals adorned his chest. The Admiral. Scarlet’s father.

Scarlet stood up and looked up at him. He was large and round in the middle. He had a white beard and dark grey eyes.

It was the year 2069 many years after the earth was destroyed and humans were forced to move to the skies. The further they traveled the more dangerous it became. The Neilia was home to the soldiers under the admiral, Korkus’s, control. They were a part of an organization that specialized in fighting against rebel aliens. However, it had been years since the fight for earth and the soldiers of the United forces against the rebel aliens, UFARA, had been reduced to patrolling the skies and investigating any suspicious activities. Of course, they couldn’t keep everybody safe, certain planets were simply too dangerous to visit. ‘Run by filthy aliens’ as Korkus would often tell Scarlet.

Scarlet didn’t believe him much; she knew they were dangerous but she also knew that stories could be greatly exaggerated.

Korkus stepped into the room and greeted Scarlet with a firm nod. He was never one to show much emotion, but Scarlet knew he loved her, deep down. He cleared his throat and stated. “We’re stopping for some emergency supplies” Scarlet frowned and peered out the window “But isn’t this Alien territory?” She said standing up. Scarlet recognized the planet from all the books and news articles shed read. It was big and had a mixture of purple and blue swirling clouds. Lea 2190. The most dangerous planet, or so she heard. It was run entirely by Aliens. Even though Scarlet didn’t believe all those stories she still felt a little uneasy looking out the window.

“Listen Scarlet” Korkus got even more serious if that were possible.

“Now I’m sure you’ve heard the stories about all the vile creatures on this planet” he dropped down to Scarlet's level. Scarlet swallowed a lump in her throat.

“It’s exceptionally dangerous, we’re only stopping for a few essentials” Korkus sighed.

“Please Scarlet, I want you to stay in this room, I wouldn’t be telling you if this were necessary” Scarlet nodded slowly, a frown still apparent on her diamond-shaped face. Korkus left, but before he did, Scarlet heard him whisper something to one of his soldiers before taking off. The soldier grunted and stood right outside Scarlet’s door.

Of course, he’d put a guard on her door, after all Scarlet was never one to follow orders. Her fiery red hair matched her fiery personality. She had big green eyes and small pinkish lips. Her hair was long and reached her rear.

After 30 minutes of laying on her bed and staring up at her ceiling she was already bored. She groaned and got up from her bed, hopefully, the guard went to the bathroom or something. She peaked out the window and saw nothing but an empty hallway. She clicked a button right beside the doors and they slid open with a whirr. She peaked out once more before sneaking out of her room.

Scarlet hated staying in one place for too long, which made staying in her room for most of her life ten times more excruciating. She walked through the quiet halls and passed many empty posts. She furrowed her brows as her heart started thumping harder. “Where is everybody…” she whispered to herself as she rounded a corner. Somehow between wandering through the empty halls aimlessly and daydreaming she ended up at the hanger. She looked out into the city, bustling with life. They didn’t seem dangerous at all. Woman with blue skin and wide eyes swiftly made their way through the crowds, people of different shapes, colors and sizes were just going about their day. Scarlet faltered. It was nothing like what she’d read before.

She slowly took a step forward and her healed boot made a loud ‘Clank’ on the metal floor of the hanger. A voice shouted from behind her. A guard. This was it. This was a rare moment she got to explore while she still could.

Making up her mind she slid down the hanger and onto the dry dirt. No one seemed to pay any mind to the guard shouting after her. Quickly she weaved through the crowd and onto a road. The guard struggled to get through as Scarlet was smaller and faster. Scarlet looked back at her father’s ship and felt guilty. He’d be so worried. She furrowed her brows and shook her head.
“I’ll be back before he knows it” she muttered to herself as she turned around and started towards the tall glistening buildings.

Everything was different about this planet, the air was thick and warm unlike the cool, crisp nose-drying air she was used to on the spaceship.

As she walked further and further into town, she started noticing a few people eyeing her. She looked down at her clothes and saw that she was still wearing her UFARA uniform. It was a white and blue fitting jumpsuit that had their symbol on her right breast.

She started regretting her idea to venture out all on her own.

“Ugh Scarlet you always realize when it’s too late” she scolded herself. Afraid to cause any more trouble for herself she continued slowly down the road. The buildings became less and less pleasant looking, and so did the people.

By now her hands were trembling and her heart was racing. All she wanted to do was enjoy a little walk, see something other than her dull, steel cabin walls, and now she’s lost.

She heard a loud shout and she quickly hid behind a moldy wall. Her heart started thumping so loud she swore he ears would burst from the sound.

She peaked out and recognized her dad’s soldiers. Right in the middle was her dad. Her heart swelled and she was about to run out to him when something stopped her. Her father was standing over a man covered in blood, groaning.

Scarlet gasped and stepped further into the wall.

“Where is it,” Korkus asked, seething as he harshly grabbed the man’s chin.

The man who was an alien was light blue, he had blue hair and blue glowing eyes. He was wearing a uniform that Scarlet didn’t recognize.

The man just chuckled and Scarlet could see Korkus was losing his patience.

He pulled out his gun and placed it right on the man’s throat.

“Where.IS.IT” he whispered harshly, his patience slowly slipping away. The man grew serious.
“All you people do is destroy homes and take innocent lives, I will NEVE-” But before he could finish, Scarlet heard the loud whirr of a laser gun and a gargled scream. She shut her eyes as tears began to fill them.

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