Victoria's Secret Lunch Buffet

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Nothing but Flowers


Victoria’s Secret Lunch Buffet

David Estrada

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, events, or locations is coincidental.

Victoria’s Secret Lunch Buffet

Copyright 2020 David Estrada All Rights

That this work may pay homage to the Blessed Trinity and for the benefit of all life…

Someone told me that nothing is impossible because the word impossible says: I’m Possible to which I replied; ‘Equality is Possible’.

…for My Family

Nothing but Flowers

Rainbeau. That’s what he began calling me one day when he figured out why I would call him Rainman…and now he’s Tlaloc. Tlaloc the god of Rain whose statue brought rain to Mexico City in the summer. Quite a feat very much like Juan Diego and Our Lady’s image in the Tilma de Juan Diego and all those roses.

Today is the day when we should celebrate the Miracle of the Tilma.

I often play the ‘Talking Heads’ song ‘Nothing but Flowers’ thinking about this miracle and what kind of revealing Juan Diego and Our Lady gave to the Bishop. And how maybe the great apocalypse isn’t the end of the world but the revealing of the Blessed Trinity’s love for humanity.

December 12th…a couple of months ago Xolotl, Hector, Diana, and several tribes of White-handed Gibbons left in a new Patlani; the Trebuchet. The crew of the Sword was split and so Coatlicue, Tamara Olsen, felt that she neither had the skill set to deal with those damned dirty apes nor the desire to deal with those damned dirty apes and so she stayed behind and David allowed them to build the Trebuchet and Laurents could deal with the Lar Gibbons. He was very patient with not only people but also most animals. His dog, Cholo the Xolo, went with them.

Many of the male staff pass the time by indulging in pornography especially the erotic work of Mumbles Conlodedos. Deaf girl porn is an odd fetish. Many of them play video games. The Segovia brothers have organized a soccer club…they have two teams and because of the secretive nature of our work, they cannot form a league among other Military bases or even among other black operations projects.

Kristina is with Sandra and they are watching the soccer players. It has come to my attention that Sandra as a thing for both the Segovia brothers…and they kind of know about each other’s desire for Sandra.

Many days I meander the system of hallways that connect the hangars, living quarters, science laboratories, classrooms, briefing rooms, and the Café. The main part of the facility is underneath the lake in the Zona de Silencio. There are freight elevators that lead to houses around this lake. Most of the elevators stop underground and lead to a stairway that opens into the bathroom of these ramshackle homes. They are used only for an emergency or only to take people out of the underground facility. There is a hangar above ground and the freight elevator stops short of ground level that then the vehicle or people get one to another elevator that is the type one might see in a busy city. It is a sidewalk lift and so the vehicle is transferred from the freight elevator to the sidewalk lift so as to conceal that there is any below the doors are covered by debris…something someone might imagine a black ops project might have to conceal this sort of Lift. A junk car that rolls away as the doors open and rolls back as the doors close to conceal the lift below and the adjacent freight elevator. The hangar is disguised to look like an abandoned mechanic’s garage only a bit larger.

Yacatecutli is the Ghost who keeps tabs on baby Kassidy, baby Karnage. His grandparents were Holocaust survivors thanks to Oscar Schindler. Leonard Jacobs is the ‘Nose Lord’ but this Aztec name for a god of merchants seems antisemitic for a man whose grandparents survived World War Two because of the efforts of Oscar Schindler. Things like this seem different for those with different experiences. Leonard is a part-time hotdog vendor at Fenway…in actuality, Leo (as many people call him), owns the catering company whose job it is to sell concessions to the Red Sox fans. Although, he is Roman Catholic no one has ever said he may not spend his Saturday nights at the Temple and Sunday mornings at Mass. I’m sure no one will…

When Leo appears in the facility he often enters from this rundown hangar and Kristina is always nearby to meet him.

Since the Patlanis are guided by the Ghosts they don’t need to leave the underground hangars in order to jump through Space/Time. Many of the supplies needed for the Ghost Project come in on Patlanis and sometimes the trash goes out that way, too. But Leo appears in the nearby city and hires a taxi or appears with a car or motorcycle to drive to the hangar to bring his vehicle into the facility the old-fashioned way. There is nothing here in the preserve that would normally attract visitors except for the talk and the rumors of UFO and Paranormal activity.

Many days I either teach the staffs’ children or I help with the maintenance of the Patlanis and the cars held in their storage bays.

My husband helps and sometimes it gets confusing because of the clones and he describes that there are other clones of him and me who are creating the end of Space/Time by misusing the Patlani without an Aztec guide. They are ripping a hole in Space/Time that will implode our universe in several thousand years. With the use of the Ghosts, the universe would not implode that soon. It could have been another billion years…my husband described it as the little Dutch Boy with his finger in the hole of the dam… If they had used the Ghosts to guide them a man would bring the little boy food and the boy would remove his finger and water would flow into the man’s bucket. The Boy may have to live this way but the town will have water without going all the way to the lake. But without the Ghosts, it would be like there is no one to stop the flow with their finger and no one to patch the dam. Things would get worse and there would be no more town because no one paid any mind to the hole in the dam until it was too late.

My husband is Tlaloc the Aztec god of rain…and one of his clones is Tezcatlipoca or the Spirit of Vengeance and sometimes the only way I can tell them apart is that my husband seems cold…being near him the temperature seems to drop a bit while his clone seems hot like a desert. But this is no analogy of their personalities because they act almost identical and equally kind and compassionate.

Ghost Rider seems to take up a lot of Kristina’s attention. He remembers that she is her father but they both know he is a clone but not unworthy of this parental connection. My clone is Teteo Innan or Toci…I have asked her and she feels much the same way. Many of the staff, Protos, Humans, Ghosts, or otherwise feel a familial connection especially that we are stuck with each other…the Aztecs know each other’s minds and the Zeds the same…and the one family of Gibbons left is with Child.

When ‘the San Rafael nine’ come to visit, the Segovia brothers have enough players to organize another team, along with the various staff members who are interested in passing their time by play soccer waiting for something to pop up like the Woodhouse situation.

Huitzilopochtli, ‘the Left-Handed Hummingbird’, FBI Agent Miguel Algunez, began to teach the other staff, Ghosts, Zeds, or just human members of the military a game based on Bridge and Pinochle. Unbeknownst to George Jesus, I, his mother, know that George Jesus’ adept skill at this game has solidified a bond between Miguel Algunez and George Jesus…Quetzalcoatl and Huitzilopochtli…

Miguel is planning a trip as a surprise to ‘little q’…

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