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The Government

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Sonic - The League Of Guardians

It started off with a few children. One would have the ability to teleport; another would have the ability to make things disappear. Pretty cool powers you would think, but not everyone would like to get the fright of their life if they realised that the kid that sat next to them on the bus was the same kid they just saw outside the window of the bus.

I know, freaky.

No one knows why these kids had powers, and there is still no reason to this day. These kids had to keep these abilities a secret of course, along with quite a few other ″special″ kids, but it wasn’t long before people started to hear about people with powers and began to fear them.

When they began to fear us.

The humans began trying to put us in facilities to ″protect us,″ but they weren’t really much of a protection. You see, quite a few of us kids had really, really, dangerous abilities, and the humans were not exactly prepared to deal with these ″destructive″ ones, so the humans turned hostile. The January Incident, or what we liked to call The Horner Facility Massacre, saw the deaths of approximately 341 youths at the hands of government military forces. This sparked off riots around the whole world with many youths revolting against their governments. It wasn’t a good time, as you can imagine, and there came to a point where both sides were getting tired of killing each other, so there was a ceasefire agreement, known as The Green Armistice (so-called The Green Armistice because just before the ceasefire was agreed, a soldier shot a little girl while she was carrying a green flag for peace.). Both sides were still on tenterhooks though, so it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose again. As both sides were nursing their wounds, government reform bills were being passed, and one that caught the attention of the world was that they were going to allow these super-powered people, and most of them had grown up now, to vote. Most of the ″special″ people had already formed groups of their own, becoming little crime fighting teams that would help clean up the streets, like those teams of superheroes you read about in comic books. But there was one that really stood out, and they were always on television.

The League of Guardians.

The League of Guardians comprises of seven individuals, all residing in the United States of America. Parker Sheridan is the team leader; he has that overused ability to fly, as well as another ability I don’t know about. His call name is Icarus, and he’s 32 years old. His best friend Kleitos Constantinos is the same age, and he’s a Greek-American guy Parker met while in college. He has an ability which is quite powerful, if I may say so myself. He can manipulate gravity, which is an awesome power, right? So he calls himself Gravitas.

Next to come in the picture was Nancy Thompson, who is now 31. She came over from England to study Medicine at Harvard University, and that’s where she met Parker, who had studied Law. They went out together and eventually got married. So now she’s called Nancy Sheridan. Turns out she has the ability to heal people, so I didn’t really understand why she had to waste her time and study Medicine. She is really into birds (weird) so she calls herself Nightingale.

Anyway, I should really tell you about the person I am scared of most in this group. Cassandra Von Baron. She is married to a real Baron, is 34 years old and is Dutch-English. She is so uptight and stiff-necked, but she is really good at tracking, has a deadly aim and uses a whip to…whip criminals. In fact I don’t even think she has much of a super power, as she doesn’t fly or anything, but she is very useful to the team. We fittingly call her The Baroness.

But the one who you don’t really want to mess with is Kimberley Jacobs. He is a 30 year old with a really weird ability, so I can only describe it to you. He can...confuse the senses of people, causing panic and chaos. So for example he can cause your eardrums to ring loudly, he can make your eyes cry non-stop and he can even make your nose smell really bad odours. We found out that he was responsible for some of the rioting that took place in America, so it isn’t a very nice ability. He only came into the group to escape jail time. He ironically calls himself Pandemonium.

Now I should talk about the youngsters in the group. There is Amelia Moses, who has the ability to turn into anyone else, usually someone she has seen or met. She’s a pretty 18 year old red head, and she got into the group by doing a very good impression of Kimberley, who she considers her nemesis. Because the name Mystique was already taken (which would have been so cool!) she decided to call herself Charade.

Then there’s my best buddy Tristan Cole. He has such a cool power, but it is also quite destructive. Any object that he touches can explode when he generates enough force, so I wanted to call him Master Blaster, but he didn’t like that so we just went along with Pulse. May I add that he also is the group’s only African-American, and he is 17 years old. Parker likes having a multi-national team, as we all can get along better. Well, I’m Greek-American as well.

And so finally we come on to me, the final member. I know what you’re thinking; I already went through seven members so that should be it. Well I’m not officially on the team but I like to consider myself as one of them, because my older brother Kleitos is in it. My name is Alexandros Constantinos, or Alexis for short, and I am 14 years old. My power is to cause concussive blasts using sound waves generated from my voice. I can shout really loud and blast objects away, and if I use it long enough, I can even cause deafness. Tristan wanted to call me Master Blaster, but I had a better name than that. I wanted to name myself something that had a purpose to it.

So I called myself Sonic.

Oh, and the reason why we’re so popular?

Because we make up the current government of the United States of America.

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