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Novellette: Something hit on a diamond star projecting a free-floating-planetary-mass through space with a high speed. It is heading to a specific system, threatening billions of lives. The intergalactic High Council gathered a Super-Squad of a few experts to follow the mass and find a solution. Things became complicated when odd and dangerous facts started to occur within the Super-squad Ship. Did the High Council send Super-Squad to a dead end or is someone sabotaging from inside?

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Chapter 1

Planet Zarmina – Constellation of Libra

“We have to land on this planet, the ship needs fuel”

While Hitch was refuelling the ship in a gas station, Samar was taking a look all around.

She was a tall and thin humanoid black young woman with red eyes and platinum hair.

Hitch was a humanoid/lion hybrid living, he was as tall as an average human and his feline facial features leave no doubt about his origin.

The two friends were parts of their respective space-squads and have already worked together in a few space-missions.

The universal food/water/energy crisis created a high tension between systems. Plots were regularly made to lay hands on dead planets resources and sometimes the still living ones.

The Intergalactic High Council often votes new laws; nevertheless, it was still hard to maintain balance between systems.

This time, Hitch and Samar were sent by their Governors to planet Osiris, to attend a secret meeting organized by the intergalactic council.

“Do you have any idea about the subject of the reunion?”

“I don’t know, the chancellor was rather vague…” Hitch explained.

After a while, the two colleagues reached out Pegasus Constellation, then Osiris.

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