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The Chosen Ones (Book One) Excerpt

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Chapter 2: Childhood

Nothing but amazement and excitement washed over me when I saw my brother. His hair was dirty blonde now, and he stood at least six feet tall. He was skinny and his golden hair was relatively long, but overall he appeared to be healthy. He turned and looked at me with wide eyes.

“Sophrona?” He said as he slowly approached me. I nodded and gave him a bright smile. We hugged each other but were separated almost instantly.

“No touching,” the guard holding Cahal stated flatly. The two guards guided us down hallway after hallway.

All my life, the only family I’ve ever known was Dana, Arthur, and Cahal Blakely.

Sixteen years ago....

Arthur’s POV:

As I approached the front door, I hear a baby crying. When I look down, I see a small baby girl wrapped in a fluffy white blanket on my porch in front of the door. I gently scooped her up and saw a small note in one of the layers of the blanket. I took it out and my eyes widened in disbelief.

Unlocking the door, I rushed inside and called for my wife and son. I handed my wife the note and watched as fury flashed in her eyes before it was replaced by sorrow when she looked at the child.

My son reached for the note, but I pulled it away from him. He began to pout, but Dana ordered him to be quiet.

"We will take care of her, but we will never speak of this to her," I vowed. Dana nodded and the four of us got ready for dinner.

Present day......

Cahal and I were inseparable from that moment on. We would play football, basketball, and other sports and games together, no matter the weather. He would always win, of course, but I didn’t care because I was spending time with him. The two of us also learned self-defense from our father when I was about ten years old when he wasn’t working, of course.

As time went on, we formed an unbreakable bond. He would also comfort me when I had nightmares and chase away anyone who bullied me, and I would do the same for him. Then came his eighth-grade graduation. I was devastated that he was graduating because that meant that I had to face my bullies alone, and that terrified me.

After he left middle school, I became what some adults would consider being a “troubled child.” It was hard for me to adjust the following year. I was limited in terms of friends since I wasn’t exactly the most social individual. I had some friends, but sometimes I didn’t feel like I could count on them. It was that year, my seventh-grade year, that I realized that some of the people I thought were my friends were just talking about me behind my back. I didn’t appreciate that, so I decided to confront them about it and boy was my mom angry with me that day.

Three years ago.....

I was walking through the halls of Springfield Middle School on my way to my math class that I had in five minutes. As I was walking down the hall, I walked passed my so-called “friends” when I just so happened to hear one of them say, “Sophrona is such a loser. I mean, she isn’t even really a part of the Blakely family.”

I recognized the voice as Alicia Collins. At first, I chose to ignore her words because I didn’t see the point of starting anything, but then she decided to say, “I can see why her parents didn’t want her.”

And that’s all it took for me to ball my fists. I could understand if we were still in elementary school, and Alicia pulled this move, which she did, but we’re in middle school, and it’s time that she grew up a bit.

“Geez,” I said, “I thought we were in middle school, not elementary.”

All she did was glare at me before saying, "The Blakely family would much better off without you.” Her face had triumph written all over it, and I was determined to wipe it clean off her face.

“You know, I was just going to tell you to keep your opinions to yourselves,” I said darkly, “But now you just pissed me off!” And with that, I spun around and gave her a hard jab to the face. I’m pretty sure that I broke her nose because as soon as my fist came in contact with her face, I heard a crack just before she cried out in pain.

“Don’t you ever say that about my family. They love me!” I screamed at her before I was taken to the principal’s office.


"You did what?!" My mother yelled in shock.

"She deserved it, she was insulting the family!" I justified, crossing my arms over my chest. All she did was rub her forehead in frustration.

"You should have waited for Alicia or one of her friends to throw the first punch," Cahal said, looking over at me.

“Do you think dad is going to be just as angry as mom is?” I asked Cahal quietly as our mom spoke to the principal about my punishment.

“He’s probably going to be disappointed because you started the fight, but I doubt he’ll yell at you,” he answered with a reassuring smile. I nodded and crossed my fingers, hoping that I wasn’t going to die of fright later on.

I ended up getting suspended for three days, and that night my dad ended up doing precisely what Cahal said he would. Which irritated our mother, but he didn’t care. Instead, he moved his long, fair fingers through his short, brown hair and sighed before going upstairs to his bedroom. My mother, on the other hand, grounded me for a week that year. Which would be the same week where Cahal and I were given away to the government.

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