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Chapter 23

Nick pushed himself up with a groan.

The mangled Pegasus mimicked his distress, letting out a creak.

"Gods..." Nick muttered, running a hand through his hair. It came back with a slight smear of blood. He rubbed at his head again. It stung a bit but he didn't feel overly groggy.

They’d been attacked. Someone had shot at them and they hadn't stood a chance. Or so he'd thought. But they weren’t dead. Though perhaps the Pegasus had been in better shape. It was sitting on an angle but at least the cabin was still intact. Part of the bonnet was a little crumpled and there was a crack through the windscreen.

"Maybe we should have put in some of those weapon upgrades, Sarah," he muttered, pushing himself a little more upright and rolling himself so he faced the passenger side.

Sarah was unconscious, her head resting against the passenger window.

"Sarah?" He shook her shoulder and she let out a moan.

"Go away, sleeping."

Nick exhaled. He hoped that was sarcasm and didn't indicate any serious damage. He fought with the driver’s side door. It creaked, causing the whole vehicle to rattle, and then eventually popped part way open and stuck, leaving him a gap of about forty centimetres to slip through.

Nick squeezed out and found himself on a rocky outcropping. The Pegasus was about a car length away from a sheer drop. Behind them, a rock wall stretched upwards and back. They'd landed on a shelf of rock, perhaps not more than four times as large as the Pegasus.

Nick stepped cautiously towards the cliff edge, fighting a feeling of nausea. He eventually had to squat down so that he could work up the courage to lean over the edge and see what was down there.

A deep throated roar met him and he was nearly hit by a spray of saltwater that rocketed up the cliff face and shot into the air. Below him the churning ocean spread out, roaring and gurgling and way, way too close for comfort.

Nick rose to his feet and backed away from the edge. Rock spires and water stretched out all around him, as far as he could see. Below was vast and raw, spread out all around. And his sister was out there. Somewhere. And here he was stuck. He ran his hands through his hair again, this time ignoring the sting. "Gods damn it, Rebecca. What have I dragged us into?”

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