Cyborg: The End of the World

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" It has human hair and... It's looking at me," Reese said as she looked at her new grandchild. She was pretty uncertain about what she was looking at. Was it a baby or a machine? " That is our child Ma," Simon replied. " That is correct," P E. A. C. H. added. She stood with Simon. " What?!" Reese gasped. What in tarnation was that?! She looked flabbergasted. The universe was already unbalanced because of Simon's love for his and Android wife, P E. A. C. H. With newly developed technology, Simon got her an e-womb and she was able to carry their baby. Being born into a world with much exposure to danger, their son was lured by vengeful aliens and together with them, the plan on wiping out the entire human generation. Will there be a stop to this or will it just be too late?

Scifi / Thriller
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Introduction: Welcome to the city of Imagination!

Imagine living in the best neighborhood with loving friends and family and even very happy and loving neighbors, not those mean ones that'll let their dog into your lawn to poop and bark all night long or those ones that never smile back whenever you smiled at them! Then, suddenly... they're all gone! You see them being killed or taken can no longer meet up with them.

Imagine being in a cosmic battle. Imagine aliens from outer space raging wars with humans... That apocalyptic feeling.

A beautiful city in a newly discovered planet had to face something very similar if not worse. The citizens of Erupten could never get back all they lost. Erupten was considered the most beautiful place on Earth and very safe but all that changed and what or who was behind this?

It is not really important to blame anyone because the traumas Erupten has faced can never be cured. It'll cause flashbacks after flashbacks and it'll only be a miracle if anyone will ever dare to tlive in the world's safest place ever again.

Being a major tourist attraction for years, Erupten could not be compared to any other place in the universe. Though small, it brought bigger dreams and imaginations. The only place that made one feel very same. Some even argued it was Heaven because of how pretty and safe it was.

Endowed with lots of natural resources and various exotic species of plants and animals, Erupten was clearly the place to be and anyone who could when a that lasted was very lucky.

Now, what made a place as beautiful and as safe as Erupten become so unsafe and awful? What happened to the Universe's once safest place? What was the date of the world?

The aliens took everything and nearly wiped the human race and the one behind this shares a DNA with a human! What could have triggered this? At the peak of the battle, there are only very few humans...what would be the date of the human race? Will the few humans left on the surface of the Earth be courageous enough to rise and fight these usurpers?

The answers to the questions are yet unknown. The story says everything. It was found in the chronicle of one of the survivors a few years ago. Be very careful for you have one of the very important part of history in your hands right now! If humans were wiped out, what race of people do we have now on Earth?

Welcome to year 3000...

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