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You think 14 days Quarantine is bad? Imagine if it were to last longer than two centuries... well don't worry about it because i have already done the imagining part for you!

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter One: Introduction

I woke up. Calmness. Sitting in my seat to San Junipero. the rest of the aircraft is missing, wind passing against my eardrums like thousand bulls fighting to get pass the man with the red cloth. I am free falling but I am not alone there is a dolphin that just appeared next to me. I have to act like I am panicking. Just another day.

As I am about to hit the ground I would be to warped back to my desk. So in the meantime let me introduce myself, I am Harold Ronny Augustus 24 1022025 and I work as the virtual interactive human code in the most popular game of this 24rd century, Crazy Cruiser 4. This world is crazy enough not to include video games but something has to feed the humans its pleasure of power and dominance over the others. After the events of 2209 the life has become quite dull and monotonous, all you do is eat and sleep in this spaceship.

Looks like we have reached our destination, sadly the poor dolphin wouldn’t survive the fall as for me I am already at my desk.

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