Short OC Design Challenge with Random Words

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This is part of an Original Character design challenge I saw. The challenge gives you random words for each day (ex. green / vehicle / romance) and you have to come up with a character using as many words as you want. This is just for fun and practise.

Scifi / Romance
Stefania Livanou
Age Rating:

The First Three Characters

1) Red/ Clock/ Science - Fiction:

Second, minutes, hours. Days, months, years. That was the essence of life for Nia. She would sit there, at her golden chair – some may call it a throne – and feel the time pass by. Curled in her red robe, the only thing her mother left her. That and the responsibility of time. Dawn was one of the most powerful creatures her time had seen. For years, she kept the time continuum at a balance, even though she had the chance to make it work at her favor. And let’s just say that, if she had a penny for every time, she saved the universe from mankind and its stupidity, she would be filthy rich. But money did not matter for her. Only time.

When her time came, she didn’t use the advantage she had to keep her young and beautiful. She knew that balance was more important and there would be a price to be paid at some point. Her last wish was for the time to keep running and for its keeper to be responsible and honorable. That is why she chose her daughter, Nia. Her only child, who she trusted with all her heart. Before she died, she told her “Time has a wonderful way of showing you what really matters. You just have to keep your eyes open.”.

Nia kept her advice at mind, but never understood it. It had been a year since she took her mother’s place and she felt emptier than ever. Time was passing by and she would feel every fraction of second. An hour was completed, and she would know. Thirty-six days would pass, and she could hear it. Time was in her bones. But she could not bear it. Because she had no one to share it with. With a dead mother and an unknown mortal father, she was alone. Alone with all the time in the world at her hands. Until, she met him.

2) Blue/ Sword/ Fantasy:

“And where the hell is that thing?”, Samuel screamed of the top of his lungs. Lost in the dark forest with his best friend Luna, he felt frustrated and in total despair. This was supposed to be a one-day job and they ended up searching for a week. Their supplies were already gone, and they were definitely lost for the past two days. All this trouble for a sword.

Luna sat down on a log letting out a big sigh.

“How are we supposed to find that thing, when the only thing we know is its color and what it can do?”, she said.

Samuel looked her way and his eyes softened a bit. He adored her in the friendliest way possible. Not only she abandoned her family to help him find the Ostium Sword, but she was also by his side since they were five years old. When he fell from a tree, she helped him go to the doctor without his parents noticing. When he was grounded because he brought a cat home, she climbed to his window, so he wasn’t alone. When he officially became prince of Valeria, she was there to make sure he smiled, even though he didn’t want to.

And now, that he had to prove himself to his parents and his entire kingdom by bringing home this sword, she was the one keeping him from loosing faith.

“We will find it.”, he said as he sat next to her. “Let’s just recap what we already know: the Ostium Sword, is a bright blue blade, created in the depths of the dark forest by dark fairies, and the only thing that separates it from the other swords is that it can open portals to another dimensions.”. They exchange a look, and both burst out laughing. “We are crazy, aren’t we?”, he said looking the tall trees that surrounded them. She remained silent for a while, and then stood up extending her hand at him.

“No, we’re not. We are doing this. Together.”

He smiled and took her hand as she pulled him up.

“Maybe when we find it, we can go to another dimension, the two of us”, he said.

“That would be nice.”

“And you know, maybe you’ll find a super attractive husband there. With abs and strong arms and you’ll drool all over hi-

“Ugh, shut up!”, she yelled and punched him in the shoulder as they continued their search for the Ostium Sword.

3) Aqua / Spider/ Fantasy:

Tony is a really lucky kid. Or at least, that’s what everybody says. Because, when your father is one of the most famous superheroes and you got your name from a genius man, like Tony Stark, you must be lucky. If only Tony felt like that.

Sitting in his bed, all he could think after a horrible day at school, was “How do I even compare to my father? How can I be better than Spiderman?”. While all these thoughts overwhelmed his teenage head, his mother entered the room with a bowl of ice cream in her hands.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart?”, MJ said, as she sat by his side. “Why are you mad?”

“I’m not mad…”

“Honey, you barely ate anything and when your dad asked you how was school today, you scowled, stood up and left. I think you’re really mad.”

“I don’t want to talk about it right now. Just leave, please.”

“Okay, since you’re asking so nicely. But you’ll have to talk it out eventually.”

She was right, as always. He was mad. He IS mad. Mostly at his father. But a lot more at his self. Since Peter had superpowers, the whole world expected from his son to have too. But he had absolutely no powers. It’s not like he didn’t try. He had spent hours, as a kid, in their garden, trying to climb the trees as a spider. Even more hours in his bedroom, trying to catch a lamb with a spider net. Like his dad. But he couldn’t. As the years went by, he stopped trying. He couldn’t bear any more failure. The kids at school always asked him to do crazy things, only Spiderman could do. The only crazy thing he could do, was to hold his breath for three minutes underwater. A very impressive skill, if you ask someone, but still wasn’t enough for him.

The pool has always been an escape for Tony. He would rather stay there or go to the beach, than go to school to face the same humiliation over and over again. MJ had to go through hell every time the bath time was over, because little Tony wanted to play with the water for hours. And only Peter knows, how many times he drove his son to swim practice. He really wanted to support him in the whole swimming thing, but Tony wouldn’t let him. Every time he had a swimming match, he told his parents not to come. They overheard him one time and when they got home, he was furious. Yelling stuff about privacy and independence. The truth was, that Tony didn’t want them to see him fail there too. His coach said that he could amazing things as a swimmer, but he holds himself back. No matter how much practice he did, he just couldn’t “unblock”.

A knock at the door made him jump from his thoughts. Peter popped his head from the door frame and smiled lightly.


“Hey dad… Look, mom already come to check on me, I don’t wan-

“I know. But the two of us need to talk.”

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