Planet Beta

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In the year 2040 is a planet called planet beta. This planet was a peaceful one in the Andromeda galaxy. On this planet were two kids that were named Xandr and Kayi Who lived and trained with their parents every day. Then one day an evil organization named virus Corp. started wreaking havoc worldwide under the orders of Console the Ruler of the Andromeda Galaxy. Xandr and Kayi decided that they had enough of their corrupted galaxy and decided to stop Console and his reign of terror and to return their galaxy back to a peaceful place if they have time to its peaceful state yet again. New Episode Every Monday!

Scifi / Fantasy
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S1 Episode 1-Beginning of the journey

The scene fades in and we look at a holographic pod that

turns on and we are looking at a futuristic comic book that has the main character reads in the background.

Tobi: Long ago in a distant past, there were four very strong magic-users that protected the Earth. They sought out to protect the world from all threats of evil with the abilities they were given. XAX the holder Fire, Lumen the Holder of Ice, Nia The Keeper of Air, and Mogel the keeper of earth. They were the strongest the earth has ever seen...until the worst happened.

Xandr: Daaaaaaad... do I really have to sit through

this whoooole booooring book.

The scene then cuts to Tobi and Xandr on the couch.

Tobi: Well then, I guess we will never know what

happens to those poor poor magic users.

Xandr: That's not going to work again dad, I'm not

falling for it.

Tobi: HAHAHA my my you sure have grown up haven't you Xandr.

Xander: Why yes. Yes, I have

Kayi: I'll listen to the book daddy I love the that you

tell us.

Tobi: Why thank you Kayi...Uhhh where are you exactly?

Kayi: I'm right here.

Camera pans over to the curtain's where Rachle is making a snowman with her Krononite Crystal.

Xandr: I wouldn't if I where you Rach he might be trying to hypnotize you to, so you will be FORCED to listen the boring stories of dad's make-believe planet called E-arth.

Kayi: I don't mind at least the stories are nice.

Haylee: Now sometimes I will disagree with your father but this he is telling the truth. Earth is a planet far far away in the milky way galaxy. It is told to have life there, but I don't think that anyone is brave enough to go find out just yet. But the magic user part is complete gibberish.

Tobi: HAHAHA Well sorry for trying to spice up the planet I mean we do only know so little about it?!

Haylee: Yes, darling I know but please try to not get the kids hopes up about an uninhabited planet.

Tobi: Sorry about that.

Xandr: I'm brave enough.

Tobi: HAHAHA brave enough to do what my boy!?

Xandr: To see what else is out there I've always wanted to go on a fun and exciting journey!

Tobi: Well when the time comes my boy you will be the first one we'll call!

Xandr: YAY!

Alarms go off in Xenopus city where an evil group called Virus Corp. has invaded. Everyone is coming out of there homes confused about the situation.

(Everyone talks at once.)

Xandr: Well that's convenient

Tobi: Jefry stay inside with your sister!

Xandr: But you said...

Tobi: I know what I said but right now we need you protect your sister and keep her safe.

Xandr: But...

Haylee: I know how much you want to help and your time will come but now you need to just leave this to us.

Xandr: *sigh* fine

Haylee: Thank you for understanding

Tobi: (mumbles under breath) so her you understand.

Haylee: Did you say something dear?

Tobi: nothing at all. Let's get going.

Haylee: ok. we'll be back soon you two keep each other safe.

Xandr: ok mom hurry back I love you!

Xandr's narration fades over.

Xandr: That was the last time me and Rachel saw our parents. The Beta Police Force searched for them for a while but after minutes felt like hours, and hours felt like days, till they decided not give up the search. They told us that once more evidence appears they'll continue their search. But I'm not going to just stand by and do nothing, and at that moment I knew I had to do something.

—————————-Two Years Later—————————

Xandr and Kayi appears to be older. They are packing for a journey that they are about to take on.

Xandr: Hey Rach hurry up so we can go!

Kayi: Coooming!

Kayi falls down the stairs and lands on her butt with all of her supplies falling out. she quickly picks them up and puts them in her bag.

Kayi: Ow!

Xandr: well now what did you learn?

Kayi: yeah yeah I know you don't have to rub it in.

Xandr: ok now Let's get going.

Tex: Wait!

A small dragon flys through the room and crashes into a wall.

Xandr: Tex he's a dragon that me and my sister found in the forbidden forest of shadows. It's true he is smaller than most dragon's his age but he's also helped this family through a lot hard times.


we flashback to a young Xandr arguing with his mother about wanting to go to the forbidden forest of shadows.

Xandr: But MOOOM your telling me that you never wanted to once go into the forbidden forest of shadows?

Haylee: No.

Xandr: (Whiny tone) But not it sounds pretty fun.

Haylee: Because it's dangerous hence the name "Forbidden Forest".

Xandr: Come Dad help me out here.

Tobi: Well you know sweetheart it does sound like fun and in fact he might learn..some..thing. (looks at Haylee's upset face) sorry son but your mother's right it's (Clears Throat) to dangerous.

Haylee: I don't want to hear anymore talk about this wanting to go to the forbidden forest.

Xandr: Ugh! Fine! I never get to have any fun.

Xandr runs upstairs to his room while Haylee sits down on the couch with Tobi watching tv.

Haylee: Oh Tobi What are we going to do with him?

Tobi: (Snoring)

Haylee: Ugh!

We cut to Xandr in his room where he is upset about not being able to go into Forbidden Forest.

Kayi walks into the room.

Kayi: (Singing Tone) HEEELLLLOOOO!

Xandr: Oh Hello Kayi. Wait aren't you supposed to be in bed?

Kayi: Yeeessss buuut I overheard you and mom talking about the Forbidden Forest so I thought why not just go when she's asleep and then you can be back home before she even wakes up.

Xandr: Kayi that is... the most smartest idea I've ever heard!

Kayi: But you can only go if I go with you.

Xandr: Are you sure that you will be able to handle yourself if you come with me?

Kayi: seeing that I mastered my powers before you and was able to get not one but two new abilities I say I'm more than able.

Camera cuts to Xandr crying Into a pillow.

Xandr: (muffled crying)

Kayi: Oh sorry bro. I started to brag about myself again.

Xandr: No it's ok. That just means that I just need to try harder. Which is exactly why I need to go into that Forbidden Forest. Now LLLEEET'SS GO!

The scene then fades to both Kayi and Xandr walking into the Forbidden Forest.

Kayi: Wow This place sure is creepy.

Xandr: Are you getting second thoughts?

Kayi: Y-Yea right you're looking at the first sibling who mastered their abilities.

Xandr: I'm going to let you have that only because your scared.

Kayi: Shut up.

Xandr: Shh I hear something over there in the bushes.

A scared baby dragon walks out in tears and badly injured and then passes out.

Baby Tex: Please...Please help me.

Kayi: I wonder what happened to him.

Kayi walks closer to the baby dragon and picks it up.

Xandr: It might be a trap Kayi so stay on your guard.

Kayi: Yea

Xandr: Let's go home and treat his wounds.

Kayi: Ok. I wonder what kind of monster did this to him?

As they start to walking home multiple creatures called Shadow Dogs jump out of the bushes ambushing them.

Shadow Dog 1: Nice of you to find the tasty snack that got away from us. We'll be taking it with us now.

Shadow Dog 2: Yea so just hand it over.

Xandr: What are these things?

Kayi: I Don't Know but they look scary.

Xandr: I think their Shadow Dogs.

Kayi: Shadow Dogs?

Xandr: Yeah their Mystical Creatures that takes peoples fears and turns them onto their Attackers.

Shadow Dog 2: Are you going to hand it over or not?!

Kayi: No way it's staying with us you big meanie heads!

Shadow Dog 1: If you don't hand it over then how about after we take it from you.

Xandr: It's staying with us!

Kayi: YEAH!

Shadow Dog 2: Then we will eat you to along with him!

The Shadow Dogs lunges at both Xandr and Kayi. Forcing them to run for their lives.

Xandr: Kayi put down the baby dragon so can use one of your powers to get us out of here.

Kayi: I Can't!

Xandr: But I thought you mastered them?!

Kayi: Weeeelll that's not entirely true.

Xandr: What?!

Kayi: I mean I did master them but do you know the expression another one bites the dust? Well that's literally all I mastered.


Kayi: Well I got jealous that you were already on your third ability and so I got jealous and lied about mastering my so you wouldn't make fun of me.

Xandr: Kayi that's sad and all but can we hold off on the long revisions till we're NOT getting chased by shadows Dogs that want to literally bite our HEADS OFF!

Kayi: Ok but how do we get out of here?

Xandr: What moves can you do?

Kayi: Well as a life magic user all I can do right now is make a force field.

Xandr: Perfect when I say now do it.

Kayi: Ok.

As Kayi and Xandr are running the Shadow Dogs behind them are getting closer and closer on their heels.

Kayi: Xan their closing in on us!

Xandr: Not yet..

Kayi: Xandr!!

Xandr: Not Yet!

Kayi: ( Screams)

Xandr: NOW!


Kayi's force field appears and the Shadow Dogs are trying to break the force field by ramming it. Xandr's attack is now charging up.

Shadow Dog 1: Keep going. Get Them!

Shadow Dog 3: Wait do you guys see that?

Xandr: Don't Blink. ENERGIZE LEVEL 1

Xandr then punches all of the Shadow Dogs far away.

Shadow Dog 1: DARN YOU KIDS!

Xandr: Come on Kayi let's hurry home before more show up.

Kayi: Yeah Faster we can get this little guy home the better.

Xandr: By the way Kayi we haven't picked out a name for him yet. Would you like to do the honors?

Kayi: Really!?

Xandr: Yeah You earned it.

Kayi: How about Tex?

Xandr: Tex?

Kayi: Yeah I mean he is a dragon isn't he?

Xandr: Well yes he is...

Kayi: Then Tex it is.

Xandr: Ok Kayi Tex it is. Even though the name has no relation to what it is.

Xandr and Kayi headed back home without their mother nothing their decision.

Back to the present day we see Xandr, Kayi, and Tex about to set out for their journey to find their parents until there stopped by a familiar face.

Cousin Klem: Hey you two.

Xandr and Kayi: Cousin Klem!

Cousin Klem: I heard that you guys are going on a journey to find your parents so I thought to give you guys this.

Cousin Klem hands over a strange stone necklace.

Cousin Klem: Here this is called the Ivex Stone it was passed down from my father's father to my father to me now I hand it you.

Xandr and Kayi: Wow! Thanks!

Cousin Klem: (Laughs) Glad you kids like it!

Xandr and Kayi: No..Problem

Cousin Klem: You guys know that this journey will be creepy right?

Xandr and Kayi: Yes we know but we'll be fine.

Cousin Klem: Okay glad to know you both are confident.

Xandr and Kayi smack their to get themselves pumped up.

Kayi: Hey Cousin Klem How about you come with we can really use the extra help?

Cousin Klem: Sorry kids but i have to stay here to help out these city people with the investigation here.

Xandr: Awe man. Well i guess we'll bring you back a souvenir or two.

Cousin Klem: Thanks. Now you kids get going. Don't want to keep your parents waiting do ya?

Xandr and Kayi: No Sir!!

Tex: Yeah! Let's show those big meanies not to mess with us!

Kayi: You ready guys!

Xandr and Tex: You know it!

Xandr, Tex, Kayi: LET'S GO!!

Episode 2-Zoomie

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