Fatal First Contact

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Mr Ryan Lucas is the sole owner of the worlds largest privately owned security company Globalsec. Ryan involves himself in a secret mission to save the daughters and wife of a diplomat and leads one of his elite squads to locate and save the women from criminals in a volatile country. But the mission takes on a bizarre twist and Ryan finds himself kidnapped by an alien race of beings that desperately need his skill and help. Ryan will risk everything including his life to carry out this extraordinary mission and face his greatest challenge ever. No training or experience has prepared him for this unique mission. Unbeknown to Ryan the consequences of his success or failure will reach not only back to earth but his own family. Will Ryan and his brave Privateers finally meet their match or will Ryan pull one last winning card from the deck that will save the universe!

Scifi / Adventure
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First Contact

Ryan’s vision came back as a blur of bright white light when he opened his eyes. He felt a little dizzy and nauseous. His uniform, equipment and armour were gone and he was wearing some sort of full length body suit. He was lying on a raised table of some sort and the whole room was white except for the roof which showed the night sky. Only something was different about the sky, the stars were moving, fast! Ryan looked around at the rest of the room, it was too big and its shape was to unconventional to be a vehicle moving or aircraft. He got up and stood, and then he remembered his leg and looked down. But he felt no pain at all, and saw no mark or bruise. Someone had treated him and fixed his leg wound, but who? Ryan looked for a door of some sort but he could not find a crack of any kind to indicate where a door would be. Then out of no where a section of the wall behind him raised up to reveal a lavender skin person, standing in the entrance with a vast corridor behind her. It was a female, a humanoid female; Ryan could tell that much from her appearance however she was not what he would call a human being female as he knew them. Apart from her skin being a beautiful shade of purple, light lavender to be exact, her eyes were just a bit bigger than normal humans. She also had a white mane across the top of her head as well as long white hair which came down to her waist. Her uniform was body tight and a little revealing. Ryan could see her ample breast as her white top was split in a V shape down the middle to her belly button. Instead of a skirt or pants she had what Ryan would call a matching bikini bottoms or underpants on that matched her uniform. It sort of resembled a full bathing suit a lady might wear on the beach. To complete the outfit she wore high boots to her thighs that were also white. Her body was trim and athletic and Ryan couldn’t wait to see what the back part looked like. But the most eye catching part of this person was her eyes and face. She had fire red eyes and pointy ears with a dainty nose and full red lips and white teeth. Ryan had to admit he was a little impressed and turned on in the same moment. She was absolutely stunning and incredibly sexy.

“Hello human I am Narelle of the planet Kluton, far from your galaxy. I mean you no harm and wish only to communicate with you and ask for your help”. “I am Ryan Lucas CEO of Globalsec and I am originally from a country called Australia, on a planet called Earth”. What is “CEO”? It means I am the Chief Executive Officer of Globalsec, I am also the owner of that security company”. I see Ryan Lucas”. “You can call me Ryan if you like”. Thank you Ryan of Globalsec, Earth”. You know what and where Australia is and what my company does?” Yes Ryan we do, Australia is a beautiful country as is your planet, and it is situated on the largest island on your planet. Its people are non violent for the most part and have a kind and pleasant way about them. There population is small compared to most countries, but they still have a voice and are respected by most other countries on Earth. Globalsec is a privately owned company which you started in 2006, it is well known for providing protection and security to people and their property. You company is located in 5 countries, but travel around the world offering your services and you and your company as well as the people who work for you are highly respected by your fellow earthlings.” It is the main reason we sort you out”. Why me? A head of state would have been better. “No your history shows politicians cannot be trusted, besides as I said Ryan of Earth we need your help.” My help, what can I do that would help such an advanced society such as yours Narelle?” I will let the leader of our people Queen Sharin explain that too you Ryan, for now we only need you to come with us to our planet willingly of course.” I have a family Narelle, a wife, children, that depend on me and a mother and father and a brother, what will they think if I suddenly disappear? And what about my company, those people depend on me.” We have taken care of your responsibilities on earth Ryan, no one will miss you and all your family will be none the wiser that you have gone. In fact they will think you are still there with them, especially your wife and children. What do you mean? We have the ability to reproduce an exact copy of a living being, they have the memories and ability of the being that was copied and they will act and think exactly as the original would.” You mean I have been cloned; there is a clone of me back on earth living with my family and running my company? Yes Ryan there is, do not worry he will protect your family with his life if he has too and he will take care of your company and its people.” How do you know he would make the same decisions as I would, for all I know he may bankrupt my company or make bad decision that will lose clients”? I understand your concerns Ryan but you will have to trust me when I say he will be you while you are with us and he will think and act as you would”. I hope so Narelle, because there is a lot of responsibility for him to take on.” Oh shit! Will he be having sex with my wife too? He will won’t he?” Yes Ryan he must perform all the functions you would” That’s just great not only do I not get to see my wife and kids everyday, but some stranger is pleasuring my wife! You know on earth this is considered offensive to a spouse.” Please accept my apologies Ryan for the inconvenience and suffering you will endure while with us, but I can only say we are in dire need of your help and the consequences of our actions are out weighed by the purpose of our actions.” I understand Narelle and thank you for you compassion.” I take it we are in a spacecraft of some sort” Yes that is correct”. May I have a tour Narelle? “As you wish Ryan, I would be honoured to show you around, with an escort of course.” Of course Narelle that is acceptable to me”. Narelle moved to the entrance she had entered and the panel opened once again ,she then went through the door way and spoke some quick words of what must be her own language to what Ryan assume were door guards. Ryan also noticed he was right, the backside of Narelle was just as satisfying to the eyes as the front.” Ryan moved past the entrance and snuck a quick look around; there as he guessed was a guard on each side of the door. There uniform was similar to the Narelle’s with the exception of two differences. They wore black uniforms and they had what appeared to be a wrap around short skirt as well. They also had lavender skin with fire red eyes, but no mane hair styles the same as Narelle. They were also very attractive just as Narelle. Each of them smiled in a very flirting manner when Ryan looked at each one. When he return his gaze to Narelle she too was smiling and looking very smug as though she knew exactly what Ryan was looking and thinking about. I thank you and my colleague’s thank you Ryan on your compliments about our appearance; I especially would like to thank you for approving of my backside.” The two guards did a quick giggle and Ryan could feel his face warm with embarrassment”. So you are telepaths who can read minds.” Yes Ryan most of us can and some of us can even hear from long distances or see in the dark with out light devices.” That’s good information to have Narelle I’ll keep that in mind.” I am sorry if my thoughts offended you or your colleagues in any way.” Oh I can assure you Ryan they did not offend us, we Klutonians crave compliments and approval. If any thing we are feeling grateful towards you.” Oh well in that case you are most welcome, and let me say that all three of you are incredibly beautiful in every way.” All three women looked at Ryan as if they were in love, he felt a little overwhelmed and venerable, one of the guards came close and put her hand all over Ryan’s left side smiling all the time. Narelle spoke a quit command to her and the guard moved away. Narelle came close to Ryan and whispered to him,” you must take care with your compliments Ryan, the higher and more intimate the compliment the, more inviting your affection becomes. My colleague here was ready to physically show you her appreciation for your comments about her appearance.” Really? If only Earth girls were so easy to please”. Ryan look at the guard and gave her an apologetic smiled.” I am sorry to mislead you mame, but I have a partner and I am taken already.” The guard just smiled and blinked her eyes.” Um Narelle did she not understand what I said, did it make sense to you”. Oh it made sense Ryan but Klutonian culture does not recognise marriage. We are as you say Monogamous in relationships. More than one partner is more than acceptable. I bet your men have no trouble finding a partner then.” We have no males Ryan only females on Klutonian. “Ryan’s eyes nearly popped out as a flood of thoughts went through his head, including every mans dream of girl on girl action, he quickly shunted the thought out of his head, but could already see from the expressions on his hosts that they knew exactly what he was thinking.” You mean you have sexual relationships with each other in multiple partners? Yes Ryan we do” So how does your race multiply without a male partner?” We are multi sexual before the age of 100 of your years, and can reproduce without the assistance of male sperm.” I see so you’re kind of like some frogs we have on Earth that can conceive a newborn without any conception? Yes that is correct Ryan we can.” Wow I hope Earth women don’t learn that trick or we men will be out of the sex business for good. “Narelle gave a quizzical look at Ryan and then seemed to grasp his meaning and smiled.” If they are smart your females they will recognise that they are lucky to have you and be grateful.” Shall we continue the tour?” Yes by all means ladies let.” They walked a few meters along the corridor which was all bright white until they passed another door then things really got interesting. They stepped in to a corridor tube which was completely made of glass and elevated up at least a kilometre from the bottom. It was very unsettling, but Narelle put her arm through Ryan’s and lead him onwards. This is our home away from home living quarters”. Ryan could not believe what he was seeing; it was the most fantastic sight he had ever seen. It was like a piece of earth was inside the ship, there was a sky that was more green than blue, a lush green forest surrounding a small village of some sort at the bottom, to either side of him there were two huge dome like towers, multiple stories high and the width was vast. There was movement on every level, like some sort of shopping centre back on earth and there was people and vehicles everywhere, in the sky on the ground in shops, walking through other tubes like the one he was in. There must have been thousands of Klutonians in sight. Ryan even noticed some animals as well, on the ground in the sky, some even had riders steering them.” WOW!” that’s all Ryan could say.” Yes it is very how you say impressive is it not.” It sure is Narelle your people are amazing and very inventive. I’m very impressed, every Earthling would be.

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