Semper Sterk

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As a new cadet to one of the most prestigious military academies in the Sterkte Empire, Holly find herself unsure of how everything will happen... Will she find friends? Will she go through it alone? This is partially put to rest over rumors of an algorithm that places every student with three other students for the next five years. She finds herself among many friends, making some within her squad, and some outside... but one things is for sure. Her time at this academy will be anything but ordinary and normal.

Scifi / Action
3ak Cook
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Chapter 1

“We are so proud of you, Holl.” Holly’s Father said, patting her on her head as she stepped off of the shuttle. Holly glanced around the spaceport, several civilians and military members were rushing to get to where they needed to be. Holly took a deep breath, before turning to meet her parents’ gazes. Holly’s father chuckled for a moment, before stepping off the shuttle, he glanced over at Holly’s mother, who quickly embraced Holly, after several minutes, Holly released her grasp on her mother, glancing at her father who was tapping his foot, glancing at his pocket watch. Holly’s mother sighed for a moment, giving a parental grin, her eyes scanning Holly up and down.


“I know you’ll make us proud. The Shield Division! I can’t believe our little girl even considered the military.” Holly’s mother wiped a tear off her face, nodding to Holly’s father. Who nodded back. “Sadly I have to stay with the ship… make sure to write us once you get settled in. You’re gonna be the best student this academy has had since General Wolvez.”

“I’ll try to call you at the end of the week once you return home.” Holly replied, her mother giving her a kiss on the forehead before Holly and her father started towards a hover-bus. The two sat down in the front seats. Holly watched the city buzz by them as the bus moved towards the academy. The bus lurched to a stop, the academy beside it. The two got off the bus, a guide walking over to them to greet them.

“Hello! How are you two doing? I’m gonna just get you signed in. What’s your name?”

“Holly… Holly Velenia.”

“Ah, there you are, Ms Velenia. We are so glad to have you coming to this academy. There will be a seminar in thirty minutes. This droid here will take your things to your room.”

“Thank you.” Holly watched the guide nod, turn and walk to another student who was arriving. Holly turned to her father, who was watching the droid pack her things onto a cart. It then started towards a hatch, where it went into. “You’re not staying for the seminar and induction ceremony, are you?”

“No, I’m sorry Holl.” Her father uttered silently, he looked down at his daughter for a moment, one of his eyes glistening with water. “Your mother’s business needs her to be back as soon as possible. Y… You don’t really need us to go with you though, you’re a big girl now. In the big leagues.”

“I understand.” Holly replied silently. She looked down for several moments, before jumping up and hugging her father. “I don’t think I’ve been more scared while being at peak excitement.”

“If you wish to stop this path, this is the last moment you have before it costs more than disappointment from you and the staff here.”

“No… I’ve come this far. I’ve tried this hard. I’ve earned this.”

“That’s my girl.” Her father replied. The guide walking back over. “Looks like it’s your time to go.”


“See you soon.”

“Are you ready, Ms Velenia?”


“Okay, I will lead you and these other students to the seminar.”

“Good luck. Holly.” Holly heard over her shoulder. She glanced back to see her father watching her with a smile. She started up the stairs to the campus doors. She held the door open, glancing back to her father, who waved, then got onto a bus, and started back to the space port. Holly sighed, before stepping in after the final student walked in. The group moved to a seminar. As the door opened, Holly looked around, there were at least one hundred students sitting in the seats. Holly glanced desperately around, trying to find someone who looked kind. She then noticed beside her a girl, who was eying her, the girl smiled and waved, patting the seat next to her. Holly smiled, sitting down next to the girl. The two stared at each other, the girl’s maple brown eyes barely glistening from the lights up on the centerstage.

“Hey, I’m Song, Brave.”

“Holly Velenia.”

“I’m a Strategic Trajectory Assault Team Trainee.”

“Shield Division. It’s nice to meet you. I hear STAT is a good career.”

“Shield division is quite new, I’m sure there are plenty of career opportunities there.”

“I’m not sure how far I want to go. I just want to see how much I like this.”

“Yeah, I’m sure we’re all like that. Quite intimidating, coming in to almost a hundred students entering. And only two thousand special operations personnel and officers are put in this building during the semester.”

“So, what happens now?”

“I hear we get placed into battalions and squadrons.” A girl, leaning into view, she started to mess with her hair, tying it behind her head for a moment. “I’m Zoey. I’m also going into STAT.”

“Hey, I’m Holly.”

“It’d be great to have a shield division member on a squad with me, I hope we get placed together.”

“Yeah, that sounds great.”

“Sadly we don’t get much choice, they have an algorithm apparently. I don’t know how it works but apparently it somehow measures your aptitude from everything you submitted in the entrance exams and previous records, and knows how to assign you with people you’ll excel with.”

“Sounds scary.”

“Yeah, does it make mistakes? What if you got placed with a bunch of asshats?”

“There are rumors it makes some miscalculations… but for the most part students have always liked their four squad mates, even if the rest of the battalion aren’t for them.”

“Hello students. I am Randy Vortex… Arch General of the Sterkte Empire and the recently appointed headmaster of the academy. I will be the primary administrative figure that will be running things in what will seem like the background for many of you. This must be an exciting moment for many of you.. not to mention a step into what may seem like a dangerous imposition to join the military during this war. I can assure you that while you are here, your safety and security will be one of the most important things on my mind, second to only your education, of course. At the doors you entered from behind you all, there will be automation drones ready to scan your ID and tell you your assigned rooms, which include your assigned squadmates and battalion. These squadmates will be permanently assigned until you either quit the academy or walk across this stage at graduation. Now before you get moving, I know you are antsy to meet your squadmates and know what battalion you’re in, but the general of the armed forces, Noceri DeVici, is here to be your official inductor into this academy. A round of applause for General DeVici, please.”

“Thank you, Arch General. I am excited for each of you, I remember crossing this stage myself almost a decade ago. The best advice I can give you is to stick with it, face any hurdle head on and with your squadmates, and respect your squadmates and trust them with your life… they don’t have to be your friends… but they are the only thing that will keep you from failing at this academy, mentally, academically, or psychologically. I thank you, new cadets, for taking this step and becoming the next generation of officers, pilots, or special operators. Thank you, best of luck in the years ahead, and I’d like to wish you all a good day. Thank you.”

“Alright, cadets, move to the entrances, scan your ID and find your Battalion commanders in the lobby, they will lead you all to your rooms and help you get settled in and answer any further questions you may have. Best of luck, and remember, Semper Sterk.”

“Here we go.” Holly muttered to herself. Standing up, Song smiled at her with a nod. The three girls quickly walked to the droids, Holly scanning her tag.

“Identified. Welcome, Holly Velenia. Battalion: Zulu. Squadron: Upsilon. Number: Four. Next.”

“Identified. Welcome, Song Brave. Battalion: Zulu. Squadron: Zeta. Number: Four.”

“Identified. Welcome, Zoey Zing. Battalion: Zulu. Squadron: Zeta. Number: Three.”

“Shit. I’m sorry Holly.” Song uttered, she put her hand on Holly’s shoulder who sighed, shrugging. “I’m sure you’re squad will be great. We’re in the same battalion, so you don’t have to worry about being alone.”

“Song! We got into the same squad!” Zoey exclaimed, before quieting down looking at Holly. “Apologies. You’ll certainly get some good people, I can tell you’re a great person, and the algorithm will certainly not spoil such potential to any… problem cadets… hm?”

“I’m not too worried about it, thanks for the confidence boost… There’s the Zulu battalion commander, we’d best get over there.”

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