The fate of the earth.

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The world in 2083 has become different with an organisation which is taking over. This story is seen in the eyes of two children, siblings one who has been caught and another who is searching for answers.

Scifi / Drama
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Blood was frantically smeared in every inch of the town. The year 2083 was devastating, most buildings were piles of ashes in the ruined settlement. Clocks had stopped ticking and the mobile phones had stopped ringing, in a town that used to be busy and loud: New York. Where the trees that once had cheerful memories were now just lifeless like all of the city. Tommy was 12 years old but he looked much older given his size and height. Mia, who was older, was 14. They both had the same gorgeous brown hair and big hazel brown eyes, they were wearing torn and bloody clothes. They were silent mice waiting to see if the roaring had stopped, sweat dripped from their forehead to the bloody floor.

Suddenly everything came to a stop, not a sound was to be heard. Mia slowly crept out of her hiding place to see for herself if the sound had actually stopped. Instantly she was vigorously knocked down on the floor by a ferocious soldier, who was shouting things at her that she couldn’t understand. Then darkness swallowed the light…

Thirty minutes had gone by. Tommy couldn’t understand why Mia wasn’t back yet. It felt like 30 years that he was silently waiting. He was beginning to get impatient and desperate. He was about to go search for his beloved sister. Wicked voices interrupted the silence. Tommy listened carefully to what they said.

“I’ve found a survivor, what do I do with her?” whispered one of them.

“Take the prisoner to the changer,” replied the second soldier,

“Oh no!” cried Tommy, as tears started streaming down his face. He knew who that prisoner was and there was no way to save her.

“I think I heard something,” shouted the second soldier, “ Group 1 search the area on the ground. Group 2 go on the helicopter and search from above.”

Run! That was the only thing Tommy could think of. He started slowly and then got more pace. He climbed the stairs of one of the remaining buildings and when reaching the top floor, entered one of the open hotel rooms. After locking the door Tommy looked around the room searching for a good hiding place, but then he saw something he would never forget. He felt so sick he fell down on the floor and started puking on the ripped black carpet.

There was nothing wrong with the room, the walls were white with a few pieces of paint coming out, making people want to peel it off. All the walls were like this except one of the walls that had been bombed when the bombs started falling. The beds were very comfortable and fleecy. They had 2 medium-sized beds and one big one in another room that was connected with this one. The only problem was that on one of the beds lay a dead couple and 3 dead children one who was about 15 the other one was Tommy’s age the final one was the one that made Tommy sick. It was a newborn baby…

He stayed a few minutes coming and fading away, echo’s were to be heard around the building, Tommy got up and was about to go into the bathroom to hide when he heard a sound. He looked around the room but saw nothing, except that the place where the baby had been, was just the family with no baby. Tommy looked under him and there was the baby crawling and mumbling right next to him, the baby had been sleeping all this time and the blood on his clothes was the family’s blood. He went down to pick up the baby when the banging started, rushing to the bathtub Tommy jumped into it and stayed quiet. The door burst open and soldiers were everywhere, Tommy had to play quietly with the baby so that he wouldn’t cry. Then 2 soldiers came into the bathroom and looked around then they saw the bathtub. They started walking towards it as slow as a leopard observing his prey, but at the last moment, the group leader said they found movement in another room.

They sprinted out of the room to the other room, the door was slammed open like this room but instead of nobody in the room, you could hear a middle-aged woman shouting at the soldiers. Bang!! The sound of the gunshot echoed in Tommy and the baby’s ears, there was no sound to be heard, but Tommy knew he would have to stay the night here, cause at night things get messy.

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