The fate of the earth.

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The changer

Waking up tied up on a chair wasn’t something Mia liked, she could only see faint things because of all of the light flashing on her face. Her hands were tied behind her back and her feet were bound on the chair legs. Mia tried to reach her head where she was beaten because of how much it burned, her legs were numb. A doctor entered the room with two of his assistants,

“Where am I?” Asked Mia painfully, the doctor stayed a few minutes preparing an injection with his assistants. After preparing it he responded to Mia

“You are in the changer, don’t worry, in a few months you will be able to leave here.” Responded the doctor nicely, then he continued preparing another syringe for ten more minutes.

The doctor who she talked to looked as if he was a bit older than 60 years of age, he had brown skin colour with dark hair and eyes. His teeth were completely white and perfect in shape as if fake, he had quite a large but fit body size that looked as if he practised some rugby or used to go to academy. He wore some weird clothes that were as if he was on a beach in Miami, with a t-shirt full of stripes each with a different colour then he had some pants that were also stripy but were just blue, they looked exactly as swimming trousers Tommy used to wear.

Oh, Tommy! Thought Mia in her head, she couldn’t keep it up, her tears started pouring down her cheeks. He’s probably all alone still hiding trying to figure out what happened to me or he could have been. No, she couldn’t think of this option he couldn’t be. He just couldn’t be dead!

The room she was in was immense, Mia was located in the middle of the room where there were glass walls all around her with a locked door that could only be opened with the voice and face of the people working in the changer. After the glass walls, there was a fridge to keep injections cold and a table full of operating items, where the doctor and all of his assistants were in. This room was connected with the doctor’s office where she could see countless books with titles about how to make people different or change them. This made Mia very uncomfortable about staying close to that doctor, who she thought was a complete lunatic and now proved her point even more. There weren’t only books in the doctor’s office, in his office he had a desk with a notebook that said the name, gender and age of the patients he had. There was also a window that you could see another closed room through it, it was as if the building was never-ending! He had a bijou lamp, a pair of Bvlgari BV glasses on his desk.

“What are you going to do to me?” Questioned Mia, consuming the Stillness that had lasted more than an hour. She waited patiently for about half an hour but the doctor was busy preparing the sixth syringe, making Mia more anxious than she already was to know what he would do to her. “Can you stop what you’re doing and listen for once, I have been tied up on a chair for so long I lost track of time. So now, tell me what the hell you are going to do to me!”

Finally, the doctor walked towards Mia putting his operating gloves and mask on, with his assistants. Mia couldn’t see what he was holding with all of the light on her face but the closer he got the more she could see, it was one of the injections! Then he responded calmly,

“Firstly watch your manners when you are talking to an adult. Secondly, just relax and stay still, this will all be over in a few seconds.” Mia could feel the injection entering while he was saying some other things she couldn’t quite hear. Suddenly she started getting drowsy, she could see she was being carried to an operating bed where she was tied up again. The doctor was already injecting another injection in her arm but she could not feel or see anything because she was in profound sleep that would only be finished in a few hours.


The baby had been weeping for hours, Tommy couldn’t control his temper anymore he was reasoning about leaving the baby in the room and let him be discovered the next day. But he knew he would never bear to watch the baby die, he had become so obsessed with him that he had even given him a name, Ethan, he had played with him for a few hours after the soldiers left, but then a few hours earlier he started weeping and never stopped since. Instantly after all of this time thinking he knew why Ethan was crying so much, he was hungry! He had to find some milk for the baby. He went out of the room to the second room where he found a suitcase, Ethan was howling like a dying dog.

“Come on where is it!” Uttered Tommy pleading the suitcases to have something for the baby, who was getting louder each second that passed. “Found it! Thank god, I finally found a bit!” He read the instructions of how baby milk worked. What he had to do was get 2 spoons of a white powder (the milk), it smelled terrible but he had to do it. He then put these 2 powder spoons in hot water and mixed it for a few minutes, when he finished he ran towards Ethan and gave him the milk. Promptly, Ethan stopped crying and lay down happily drinking his milk. He drank the milk very greedily, almost as if showing Tommy how hungry he was, immediately after drinking his milk, he fell into a deep sleep.

Watching the baby sleep made Tommy super tired but he had to stay awake for if there was any problem he had to be awake to not be caught. He closed his eyes for a few seconds but then he shook himself awake again, he remembered his mom’s favourite thing when she had to be awake to drive at night, it was coffee. Tommy went to the small kitchen to see if there was any coffee but there was none to be found, so then he decided to lie down a bit on one of the clean beds. Without knowing he slept, the next morning he woke up and looked at the fridge clock and saw that he had woken up at 10:00 am, it had been the first time in months that he slept more than 10 hours. When he woke up Ethan was silently playing with one of his stuffed toys, he had 3 stuffed toys, one was a monkey, the other one was an elephant and the final one was a teddy bear. He was frolicking with the stuffed elephant now but he was about to get the teddy bear when Tommy picked him up to give him some milk that he had prepared. Tommy who had not eaten for a day was ravenous, thankfully he found some rice Krispies; where he served himself a giant bowl, he found some apples and pears he got 2 of each and he found some greek yoghurt from the brand Yoplait. He ate his food as greedily as the baby had last night, while Ethan drank his milk calmly after Tommy finished his food he served himself more cereals and another apple.

After the delicious meal, Tommy looked in one of the families suitcases to find some clothes for him and for Ethan; especially Ethan because of the blood on his clothes from his family wounds that were everywhere. When he found the suitcase with the baby’s and the 10-year-old boy’s clothes, he entered in the shower and put the baby in a tiny bathtub. Tommy felt so refreshed after the shower, he hadn’t showered for a month; the last shower he had was when his parents were still alive, but now they were dead and it was all his fault. He got dressed in a black Pink Floyd shirt (his favourite band since he was a toddler) and blue jeans, the baby was dressed in a plain white shirt and red pants. It was already 12:30 in a bit of time he would have to move, thankfully he had brought his bag that contained: 2 empty water bottles (his and Mia’s), binoculars, a picture of his family, some old books and an old chocolate bar wrapper. He took out his old books and put them on the floor, he knew those books almost by heart (the books were Open up Sally, Lord of the flies and The fisher’s disappearance); they were his all-time favourite books he read almost every day when he had a home and a family but that were the happy old days before the disaster took place. He then took out the chocolate wrapper, and one of the 2 water bottles, then the one he was going to keep he filled it with fresh cold water. He then added all of the baby’s clothes and his new clothes in his bag and some fruit, yoghurt, and the Rice Krispies packets in another bag that was from the family. He also put the baby’s stuffed toys in the other bag he had found in the room. It was already 1:30 he had to move now or stay the night here again.

Tommy put the 2 small but heavy bags on his back and went to pick Ethan up to go and find a new hideout. He entered the room where Ethan and Tommy had slept in. He had put Ethan in the crib so he could get prepared faster but when he arrived there was the crib but no baby. He started getting nervous and scared he started calling his name not too loud or too quiet,

“Ethan where are you, we’ve gotta go, so can you please come here or I will leave without you!” No response, Tommy started getting really worried he was going to the living room and then he saw the open door. Ethan had left! Tommy ran out of the room and jumped to the stairs, he started skipping some stairs to get down quicker, then he saw Ethan who was on the top of the stairs. He was going to stop and climb up to pick Ethan up, but he was going too fast, that he fell from the stairs! Thankfully he was on the second last stair and he fell with his butt first. When Tommy landed, he heard some laughter, he looked up and saw the baby laughing at him, making Tommy embarrassed by a newborn baby. When they were finally ready it was already 2:45 pm they would have to leave and find shelter quickly. Tommy had wanted to leave earlier so he could have a better chance of getting closer to the changer to save his precious sister.

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