The fate of the earth.

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The Flashbacks

Leaving the building made the 2 kids happy, Tommy because of all the loneliness and death there was in the building and Ethan because he hadn’t gone outside for 2 days and a half. Tommy had never seen the streets so empty with no soldiers shouting and prisoners crying or getting beaten up. All the times he was with Mia each road had at least 2 soldiers, a helicopter and a shed full of weapons. There were no voices, no helicopter sounds, no walkie talkie sound and not a soldier to be seen, Tommy and Ethan were moving behind cover, no sooner they were walking on the roads. Tommy was getting a bit tired, then he saw car keys on the ground he went to pick it up, it was an Audi car key. He pressed the open button and saw the light of the car opening. He was really tired but he ran holding Ethan and 2 small but heavy bags. When he arrived and he saw the car he started having tears in his eyes. It was the exact same car and colour his dad had, an Audi A7 blue Sportback. He entered it but right when he entered he started having old flashbacks…

“Tommy and Camila come see the new car, it’s amazing!” Called dad, “ We also have surprises for you!”

“I liked our old car!” Sulked the 7-year-old Tommy while coming downstairs, “Why did you have to sell it, dad? We loved it as if it was part of our family” Tommy arrived down and went outside. “What do you…” Tommy couldn’t even finish his sentence of how gorgeous the car was “It really is amazing dad, Camila come down and take a look at the new car it’s even better looking than our old and dirty BMW we’ve had for 10 years.” He entered the car and started coughing, “Dad what’s this smell?”

“It’s the smell of a new car, I love the smell of a new car reminds me of when I was little and I didn’t like the smell like you don’t know.” Replied James (Tommy’s dad name), “Come down Camila so you can let Tommy open his surprise and you could also open your surprise and see our new car! I know how attached you were to the other car, but we sometimes have to move on in life! No sooner he said those words down came grumpy Camila, hearing her rock’n’roll playlist.

“I’m down dad, I hope you’re not wasting my time!” Mumbled Camila loudly, when she came outside she was as shocked as Tommy had been since the car was amazing. She tried to continue being mad but James had already seen her surprised face. “ Okay I am sorry dad for being angry with you, this car is amazing!”

“Okay everyone come in to drink some fresh lemonade I made and some chocolate chip cookies, you can open your presents while you’re eating.” Called Sally (their mom), the kids ran as fast as they could to eat the best chocolate chip cookies and lemonade in the world. Their mom’s! When they arrived they saw one wrapped packet on each side of the table, they were about to rip open their presents but Sally interrupted “Wait for dad if you want to open the presents.” James arrived in less than a minute. When they were finally allowed to open the presents, they started ripping the wrappers like mad dogs. Paper was being thrown everywhere suddenly Camila and Tommy stopped opening the presents because they had ripped all of the paper around the house.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” Shouted Camila, “Tickets to my favourite rock band, Angel of Anger”, it was a classic rock band that formed in the year 2041 it was 39 years old at that time! “Thank you, mom, thank you, dad I am super happy you couldn’t have made my day happier, I will go up and tell all my friends.” She leapt from the table joyfully and ran the fastest she could to her room.

“Mom and dad, this is amazing!” Screamed Tommy in his turn, “ I got 3 books: Open up Sally (the final book of the Drummond Crain series by Bowie Brooks), Lord of the Flies and The world’s destruction. He had also gotten a Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon shirt and the Rolling Stones tongue shirt. “Mom, Dad I am going to go up, put on the Pink Floyd shirt and finish the Drummond Crain series, thanks again.” And there went Tommy like Camila, running like a lightning bolt. James and Sally looked at each other, not pleased with the kids’ reactions. They hadn’t given them no hugs or kisses and they had left them immediately after opening the presents. James was going to test the car with Sally, but there were the kids to give them kisses and hugs, then Camila asked if she and Tommy could test the car with them. There went the Brown family having one of their last happy car trips...

When the flashback ended, Tommy was lying down in the two front seats and Ethan was on him sleeping. It must have been a few minutes I’ve been having the flashback though Tommy, he put the sleeping Ethan to sit on the backseats and inserted the key in the key slot and turned the key, the motor roared like a waking beast. He turned the car off and left the car to see if he could find a baby seat for Ethan who he left in the car. Tommy looked around him and saw that he was in a parking lot where people must have been hiding because of all the bombed walls and the amount of cars. He looked in each car but found no baby seat, he was about to give up when he saw one in an old ford that he couldn’t make out the model because of how destroyed it was. He tried to see if the doors were unlocked, sadly they were locked, he then tried to see if there were any broken windows to open from inside but it was only destroyed from behind in the back of the car. He would have to do it the Arnold Schwarzenegger way, he punched the window with all his might, pain surged in all of his body, his knuckles broke right when he touched the glass. Tommy started crying but he couldn’t just give up and danger Ethan, he wiped his tears and went around the parking lot to find a useful weapon to break the glass; a few minutes after his search he found a small broken post on the floor. He then went back to the destroyed car and had to bang the pole 15 times to fully break the glass because of his broken knuckles, when his hands went through the broken glass he unlocked the door.

When he was back to Ethan, Ethan was still sleeping while Tommy put him in his baby seat. It took a few minutes to prepare it for Ethan because for him it was alien made. They finally left the garage at 3:45 pm. They had wasted 1 hour of precious time to find his sister.

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