The fate of the earth.

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Doctor Blurry

Mia woke up heavily sedated. She had been sleeping for 12 hours but still couldn’t quite open her eyes. She dimly saw the shape of the doctor who was sitting at his desk writing bullet points in something that looked like a post.

“ I am sorry for the inconvenience of the injection, we just had to do a little testing in your body and we have discovered you are in a perfectly good condition to continue your transformation.” Pronounced the doctor while walking closer to Mia, “ My name is doctor Jonathon Blurry and I know that yours is Camila Brown or shortened to Mia. Which of these names should I call you, my dear girl?”

“Never call me Camila again that’s who I was in the past, but things change, now I am Mia to everyone.” Answered Mia rudely.

“I would have chosen that too” Agreed Blurry “After that terrible history you have had over the past few years.”

“How do you know my past?” Asked Mia ruthfully, “nobody’s supposed to know.”

“No secrets last forever. You should especially know that best, but here in the changer, we will not just change you physically but also mentally. The way you think now will be completely different, you will think in a superior and better way like us. Here you will learn how to respect us the Jabians and how to be a Jabian. You will be our soldiers and our seedlings that will help develop and grow our empire because as everybody knows. We are the future! You will learn how to respect and worship our saviour and our founder, Jeffrey Bite. Now it’s your turn to say his name, go on don’t be afraid!

“I’m never saying his name over my dead body!” Shouted Mia, “That idiot and son of a…” She never got to finish what she was saying because she got lashed at by Jonathon then she reacted badly and tried to choke him to death with the rope tying her. The assistants rushed into the room when the choking doctor Blurry had begun and Mia was getting anethisiased, it took some time for her to be sedated again.

“Take the prisoner to room 100 , over there she’ll learn how to treat an adult and respect her superiors. Let the mental change begin!” Exclaimed Blurry with a malicious smile on his mouth. “Oh and when she’s in the room give her double the dose of etomidate, so she can get a long and unpleasant night sleep.”

“I don’t want to sleep, I don’t want to sleep.” Complained sedated Mia while being brought to room 100 “I don’t want to sleep, I want to dance and sing all night long!”

“Oh please do.” Laughed one of the two assisting doctors. With a russian accent.“Shut up Vichtenten! Can’t you see we have to carry this rude little brat until that horrible room, hear her mumble stupid frazes and have you annoying and then trying to see if a sedated teenage girl flirts with you. Come on, just help!” Shouted the other assistant, with a french accent. “We have finally arrived could you please enter your cell young girl?”

“No, I won’t enter the room to sleep. I want to sing all of the Angel of Anger’s songs.” Sobbed Mia in a childlike way.

“You will enter now or we will put you to sleep before you enter and then call doctor Blurry to punish you!”

“Nobody’s going to put me inside, I want to. Ouch!” Mia got interrupted by the syringe piercing her skin, “Shame on you man, Shame on you…”

“Come on Vichtenten, help me put her in the room. Or are you just going to stand there watching me struggle to carry her in the room!”

“Chill out, I am coming to help. But do we really have to enter that room? It’s a completely disgusting and depressing place to be in.” Answered Vichtenten nervously.

“You better help me or I’m going to send a complaint to Blurry about you not doing your job right!” Yelled Lupin rudely. He was turning red as a tomato.

The two men lifted sleeping Mia up, and gently put her in the freezing ground of room 100 or also known as the nightmare room. Then they both ran out of the room and Lupin locked the door with the code, his key and voice ID (which only he and Blurry had created for it.) . But this room wouldn’t be open for a long time because as was said when people leave the changer they come out changed.

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