The fate of the earth.

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Mia was dreaming in her cell, about when the attacks and bombings had first started, it was one week after the show she went with her dad of Angel’s of Anger. She was on her way to school when people were running away from it in the opposite way people were shouting “World War III has started!” or others “run for shelter!” Mom’s sobbed because they couldn’t find their children. Chaos was running through Times Square. Mia was still going to school when someone caught her hand. It was Susie. Her old friend, who betrayed her by telling the boy she loved Darius she had a crush on him. It was true, no secrets last forever.

“What are you doing Mia! Didn’t your parents read the newspaper today? We’re getting bombed by unrecognised planes, we just know they are not American. Look I know you’re never going to forgive me and I get it, but just this once listen to me the school has been locked down because at any moment it could be bombed!

“Holy crap! This is worse than World War III. This is the end of the earth as we know it! People have gone crazy! Oh and about me being angry I am quite sad but you will always be…

BOOM! A bomb interrupted Mia’s speech when it smashed in the middle of Times Square! Throwing Mia a few meters away, but poor Susie was never again seen in one piece! When the bomb exploded Mia had been in the front right side of the Times Square sadly Susie was in the middle left a few metres away from the bomb’s final location. The impact hurled Mia away and smashed her in a light post. The hit created a giant cut that went from her left eyebrow to her right eyebrow. She also had a deep cut in her stomach where she had smashed into a broken pavement that ripped her stomach skin! It was a miracle that she survived and that her dad found her before she had lost too much blood.

She had woken up in the house basement where all of the important house accessories were brought down: The fridge was there, all the bed’s, the family radio, TV, food in tin cans, books and the couch. Mia was in her bed with a tube pumping blood in her veins and an IV pack giving her nutritions that she needed for more strength. She couldn’t lift one of her arms and a leg up because they were broken and in a cast. She tried to stand up but couldn’t budge a bone, she felt a lot of pain in her ribs and her head pain was unbearable, she could feel her temperature swell up like the bruises in all of her body. She tried to say something but her throat was dry and didn’t make a sound. It even took her too much energy to open and close her mouth. Tommy was sitting next to her holding her unbroken arm and on his other hand he was holding a cup full of water to give to her when she would wake up. He turned around and saw Mia looking at him. She weakly pointed at the water.

“You want water Camila?” Asked Tommy silently while Mia tried shaking her head up and down but Tommy understood by the look on her face, “Ok here so you go sis.”

Mia gulped the water down carefully and slowly because her throat throbbed each time too much water passed or if it passed quickly. Mia felt refreshed and her throat was less dry than it had been before.

“Where… mom… Dad.... Now?” She tried to ask Tommy , but she still couldn’t get every word out of her mouth.

“Sis, just relax mom and dad are talking to the doctor right now to see if you don’t have any other injuries and how long it will take for you to recuperate fully.” Answered Tommy nicely but in an awkward fashion.

“What happened… Me where… Susie?” Asked Mia suddenly

“A bomb hit Times Square and the impact hurled you a few metres making you smash into a light post. Sadly… Sadly” He paused for a moment, “Susie passed away and didn’t make it.”

“Susie!” Cried Mia regaining some strength and memory inside her body, “Why did it have to be her! Why not me!” Tears erupted from her eyes.

“Hi Camila” It was Doctor Samuel, he was her doctor since she was a toddler. “I hope you’re feeling alright…”

The scene rearranged itself still in the basement but 1 year after the attacks had taken place. The basement was now full of dust and untidy books were thrown everywhere on the floor, glass was shattered. The beds were torn open with the polyester fibre popping out, pillows feathers were spread around the room. The room was dark except for the flashlights of the soldiers who were lurking around the room with their guns. They were searching for a couple and two children, a boy and a girl.

“I sense no movement here,” murmured a soldier quietly. “What are we supposed to do here this place is completely uninhabitable.

“Just follow the orders and we’ll be out in no time,” replied the sergeant. “He just wants to make sure everybody has been discovered. He wants to do this by visiting house to house.”

“Can’t we just move to the next house there’s nothing to see here, ″ said the soldier again. “Who would be dumb enough to do this”

Right when the last words slipped out of his mouth, the sergeant grabbed his neck with his monstrous hands and banged the soldier’s head on the edge of the desk. His nose cracked and blood erupted out of it, the blood streamed down his face to the floor, the soldier kneeled down on the floor sobbing softly. He didn’t have time to think that the sergeant turned around and kicked him in the face. The sergeant bent down and stepped on the soldier’s face, blood spurting from the soldier’s mouth and nose, the other privates had to grab the lieutenant’s arms to remove him from the soldier’s face.

“Someone else wants to contradict the orders or me!” Shouted the lieutenant shaking free of the clutches of the other soldier, “Private your name!”

The soldier on the floor was immobile holding his face, while tears streamed down his eyes removing the blood from his hands. He slowly and cautiously stood up and answered the lieutenant.

“Private McPherson, sir.” Answered the soldier painfully, he couldn’t quite get the words out of his mouth. His nose was quite twisted from the hit and dark blood wouldn’t start coming out, his left eye was swollen and could barely be open, in his mouth a few of his teeth were cracked and missing around the mouth it was completely bruised. His face looked quite ruined and wouldn’t look good for a few weeks.

“Well private McPherson you’ll be reported for not following orders, from your instructors and superiors,” Said the sergeant, “You understand me?”

“Yes sir!”

“Good. Now get this man a medic!”

“Right away sir,” said another soldier, “come with me McPherson.”

When the two soldiers left, the sergeant continued his search using the movement detector machine. While the other soldiers were opening cupboards and turning the beds around to see if anybody was there. After a few hours of searching they gave up and were about to leave when the movement detector started beeping crazily.

The Brown family were hidden in a secret passage behind the bookcase, Camila and Thomas were whimpering silently with their mouths covered, but a single movement could trigger the detector. Camila had recovered from her injuries, her arm and leg were better, she had a large scar where the gash from the left eyebrow to the right one which was slowly fading and her stomach cut was still in bandages but was slowly getting better. They all looked tired as if they hadn’t slept for months, the clothes they wore were quite dirty and had some spots of blood on them. They had a few cuts on their arms and legs, they were all greasy and none of them had taken a bath for a few months, their hair were completely messed up and completely untidy. Thomas looked like a rock star with all the hair he had, he almost had the same amount of hair Camila had. They were all holding hands hoping they wouldn’t be found but their stomachs wouldn’t stop grumbling and the sweat wouldn’t stop dripping down their forehead.

“The noise is coming from behind one of those shelves,” said the sergeant.

The soldiers went to the shelves, and were waiting for the order to tear them all down until they found the cause of the sound

“Tear it down!”

The order came and down went the shelves smashing on the ground wood and books shooting out from the shelves pots and plates ceramics smashing on the floor, piercing the skin of some of the soldiers but they never gave up one by one the shelves fell breaking everything around it. There it was the passage where the Brown’s had been hiding, it was quite hard to see because it was the same colour as the wall.

“There’s nothing here, sir,” said one of the soldier’s.

The sergeant who wasn’t as dumb as the other went to the wall and pushed at it, a creeking noise took place and there it was the secret bunker. He walked a few steps and then at the right he saw a man and a woman. The woman was shivering, she looked identically as the picture in the sergeant’s hands. She had golden hair falling down to her t-shirt, her vivid blue eyes showing her innocence in this world, not one wrinkle could be discovered on her face, even though all the dirtiness on her, her face was gorgeous. Her honey sweet lips wavered and you could see her pearl white teeth in it, what a smile it must have been. Her posture was never deceiving even in these hard situations, she had a slender body and was quite strong. Her husband looked older and white hair was ruling over his black hair, he had a beard and few wrinkles were visible on his face, he had pitch black eyes which made you drift into his nightmares. He was 6 feet tall and was well-built, his arms were quite muscular and so were his abs. The sergeant stood a few minutes gazing in awe at the beautiful sight of the women, he couldn’t stop thinking can’t we keep her and not kill her. After a few minutes he woke up from his little day dream and remembered. The children.

“Mrs and Mr Brown we need your children,” he said politely, “now, where are they?”

“Well you were quite slow, they just left.” Answered James trying as hard as he could to act nicely.

“This is your last chance, answer my question or I will blow your beautiful wife’s face off. Soldiers grab her!”

“You better not touch her!” Yelled James.

“Well well well, what do we have here,” Said the sergeant when Sally had been brought there, “Well you must be Sally nice to meet you.” He grabbed her face trying to make her look at him. But right when he did she spit at him.

“You better not touch her, you piece of shit! I’m gonna kill you!” Yelled James behind the clutches of the soldiers, one of them punched him in the rib with the butt of the gun, calming him for a minute or two.

The sergeant wiped the saliva of his face and grabbed Sally’s face again this time with a tighter grip but this time she kicked him in his balls. At the same time James freed himself from the clutches of the soldiers, they tried to catch him again but he had already grabbed one of the shotguns, he pointed it to the soldiers not one movement was made he then pointed it to the sergeant, Sally came running towards him but was caught by the sergeant. He grabbed his pistol and put the muzzle on the side of Sally’s head, tears rolled down her eyes. James could see the grip safety was off and the gun was loaded with ammo by the trouble of carrying it, the sergeant cocked the gun. James cocked his shotgun too and kept pointing it at the sergeant not one move was made. James, who had been prepared for this, had already put his glock 17 in his back pocket.

“Drop the gun or your wife dies.”

James did as was told and put the shotgun down, the owner of it bent down to take it. James punched him in the back and grabbed his glock, he ran to the sergeant and put the gun behind his head.

“Put all your guns down or I shoot his bloody head off!” Shouted James, the soldiers did nothing, James cocked the gun, “this is your last chance.”

“Shoot him, Shoot him!” Shouted the sergeant.

“Shut up!” Yelled James and smashed the butt of the gun on his neck, “Give me my wife now!” The sergeant kept holding her and pushed the gun harder on her neck.

“Godammit shoot him in his face!”

“I told you to shut up!” James hit him even stronger with the but of the gun, he banged it in the back of the sergeant’s head. This time it knocked the gun out of the sergeant hand and he plummeted to the ground, his head thumped on the ground. Two bullets came flying to his head the moment he fell, a puddle of blood was forming on the ground. Not one movement took place the soldiers looked in a shocked expression at the body and then at James, James grabbed the sergeant pistol and pointed them both at the soldiers. There were three of them, “Run,” whispered James to Sally, “run away from here I’ll hold them for you.”

“I can’t leave you,” sobbed Sally, “I can’t leave you.”

“Do it now, I’ll meet you when I’m done here, I’ll find you some way,” they kissed for a few seconds then she went running to the left side of the tunnel and disappeared from the soldiers’ sight. James cocked both guns and kept it pointing to them, upstairs something unexpected took place. The soldier who’d taken the other soldier to the infirmary came back, James barely turned around he got shot in the stomach by a shotgun. The pistol echoed in his ears as they hit the ground like the gauges capsule as it smashed on the ground, he could barely hear the soldiers shouting and running to Sally. He couldn’t feel anything, his intestines falling out from the hole that was made in his stomach, he was losing too much blood. Blood dripped out of his mouth when he opened it, he didn’t care if he died he cared about Sally, he tried shouting her name but his voice was too weak. It took a few minutes for him to pass away completely; he died of blood loss laying beside the sergeant he had killed a few minutes ago.

Sally had heard the echo of the shotgun shot in the tunnel, also she heard a body thump on the ground. She didn’t stop running for the exit, then she realised the body was James. She dropped on the ground, she put her hands to her face and held it there until the soldiers arrived. They grabbed her arms and legs and she gave a piercing scream. They carried her to her husband and lay her down beside him and she started screaming some more, the screams stopped when her heart stopped. Blood dripped from her pretty hair, you couldn’t recognise her face anymore after the destruction the bullet made to that fragile and unforgettable face. The 12 gauge ammo destroyed every sign of beauty, she had been shot two times once in the head and the other in the stomach like her husband. Sally had died holding James’s hand every step of the way she died in his dead arms, wishing their children weren’t caught or dead. Wishing she had been there for when they were adults, wishing their lives could have been better and happier and not have death all around it. Wishing they were just normal children with a normal education and that someday everything would calm down again and they would just live the normal life. She died with these wishes in her mind thinking about her children.

While this took place Thomas and Camila had already left and were going in the underground tunnels the survivors had made connecting house to house. Thomas and Camila stopped moving.

“Thomas we gotta change names, nicknames so people don’t know who we are and don’t find us.”

“What about mom and dad, how will they find us,”

“They won’t. We’ll find them, tomorrow we start our search for now you’re gonna be known as Tommy Smith and me Mia Smith.”

“Sure Mia,” Tommy said with a sad sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Mia, “Anything you want to talk about,”

“I don’t know since we left, I can’t stop thinking what if mom and dad have been caught,”

“You know dad he would fight to be held against his or mom’s will.”

“Yeah but I don’t know about this one sis. You heard the man cracking the soldier’s nose, imagine what he could do when he’s with a gun.” Tommy said, Mia thought for a moment or two before coming fully to her senses.

“We have no time to waste, run!”

“Run where, which direction.”

“Run home, we can prevent they’re death. We can prevent our mother and father’s death.” Mia’s voice faded as she entered the tunnel again, she was running the fastest she had ever run, but she knew deep in her heart that what was of her parents was gone, diminished in ashes, blood or something but not alive. As she approached the hideout an abnormal silence took place, she could only hear her steps on the damp floor splashing around, when the ground got dryer she could only hear her breath.

“Please tell me it’s not true, please tell me it hasn’t happened,” Mia told herself she walked into the room what was that smell it smelled like an old metally smell. She entered her room and couldn’t bear the sight in front of her. She could see two people lying on the floor, she could recognise both bodies. She rocked the bodies in her arms, tears flowing on them, she rocked them until Tommy arrived and had seen what had become of their two generous and loving parents. Correspondingly he turned his head not to look at the sight in front of him, he dried his tears on his shirt and muttered softly that he was the man of the house now he had to take care of Mia and him. Subsequently he took Mia’s hand and tried to drag her out of the room where the bodies lay.

“Common Camila we’ve got to go, they’ll be back soon, to get us,”

“No I can’t leave them,” Mia loudly sobbed, “We can’t leave them like this.”

“We have to go Mia,” Tommy said calmly.

There went Tommy fading away to allow the next flashback to come, Mia was standing alone in a room she couldn’t recognise. She could see two men behind her talking. She tried to speak but not a peak crawled out of her mouth. So she decided to listen to their conversation:

“When do you expect the bombings to cease, sir.” Asked one of the men who had a recognisable gruff voice.

The other man said, “Until people start understanding that there is no point in fighting back, but just to understand that I am the future.” When those words were said Mia knew who this was and had never actually heard him talk before. He had a cruel and penetrating voice when this was said.

“But sir, soon you will have no more survivors for your plan. If you cease now and threaten them you will start again. I’m sure they will listen to you.” The last words were softly spoken for he didn’t know if what he had said was right.

“You want the fun to end already? It’s just started!” Jeffrey Bite cackled a huge smirk came across his face and he turned to look at Mia. Mia thought her location had been compromised but she remembered that it was just a flashback. Even though this one she had not experienced.

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