Homones Chronicles

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Homones Chronicles is an informational, inspirational and educational novella about the different conditions and experiences of life affecting humanity. The novella is written and told in a unique format by a non-human entity from a different galaxy. The entity, with an intelligence faculty and perception greatly surpassing that of mankind, is on a mission on the planet to know what it contains. But in the process of congregating the planet’s information, he is touched by humanity and the experiences and conditions they have. This makes him get involve with humans in addressing these experiences and conditions, and their solutions.

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Hello. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Sergei. Simple and plain. Sounds Russian? But I am not Russian. I am not even from the continent where the country is, and I am not of this world either. I come from another dimension, another galaxy. I am a non-human entity on a mission in your planet. Nothing and no being of this world has ever seen me, but I have seen everything that has ever happen in your world since four thousand years ago. That is the time period I have been here, and I thought it important sharing with you all that I have seen, experienced and perceived. Why is this, you might ask. This is because I have seen and I am seeing what you are going through. The content of information in a period of four thousand years in your planet will almost look infinite and eternal to you. You have gone through a lot, and experienced a lot. There are those of you who are in a frantic and desperate vestibule of idleness, unemployment and hopelessness, and are looking for a way out. Those who believe their conditions are permanent and unchangeable and have completely given up in life. Those in constant hardships and indignities. Those fettered by poverty and toil. And those who live in violent, hostile and unruly environments that put a toll in their lives. This has made you desperately yearn and long for betterment, improvement or change in your way of life. Maybe I can be able to address these challenges in a way that will motivate and inspire you to make a difference in your life and better it. I am optimistic about this because I have seen more than you have ever seen in your planet, and I see things more detailed and in-depth compared to how you see them.

I will start with the subject of God in the chronological events about you. I am going to inform you of my study and knowledge about your God, since it is the most important information I have learned on your planet. It is an interesting aspect, considering that it is the only knowledge I have learned everywhere I have explored in the universe. You should also know that my exploration period isn’t a minor solar system exploration. I have thousands of trillions of light years exploration flight periods in the universe. The duration has made me discover hundreds of billions of galaxies, and there is nowhere I have seen living beings having a belief in God like you do. Yours is new to me, and it was worth studying thoroughly until I understood every possible information about it. My findings and submission is going to surprise and fascinate those that send me here.

All over the perceived universe, living beings have different perceptions of a god. There are very powerful beings and entities in the universe who have been accorded the title and status of gods. Their influence is all pervading great, and they are immortal. Still yet, there are those with the status of mighty gods. They have extremely powerful intellectual perceptions and faculties. Their levels of technological and scientific innovations are beyond human imagination. They are beings who make equivalent or more of light speed travel and powerful space shuttle engineering and production possible. Almost all living beings across the universe acquiesce and submit willingly to their rule and supremeness. They are in fact my superiors, who send equivalent of scout entities to various galaxies across the universe to learn about other planets, celestial and cosmic bodies, and the cosmos.

But still yet, there are four other gods who are at a higher level than the mighty gods. They are only four in the perceived and known universe. They are highly and greatly powerful, and are rarely seen by the other beings. I myself haven’t seen them, and my duration in the universe has been more than a zillion human years- and I am still in my humanly perceived youth. But even seeing these four god-beings is not a possibility, since when other beings approach them, they bow before them without looking at them. They are considered the beginners of time with the universe itself. You see, the universe is an expanding formation and creation, just like you have discovered with your scientific knowledge. But there is infinite and eternal more of information that you don’t know about. For instance, at the beginning of its formation is where advanced forms of life are found. Here is where you find the most largest stars, planets and galaxies. It is also where you find immortal living beings that time perception is not even of an essence to them and their order of life. The formation of time itself started with them. And as the universe expands, the stars, planets and galaxies in the expansion zone become less imperative in relation to the expansion zone. Living beings also become less significant in relation to their space and expanse surrounding. They begin to have life spans and are less advanced.

You are situated in the most recent universe expand formation. That is why your life span is vitally small, and your intellect capabilities as well. The only information you know very well about the universe is your solar system. That is a laughable intellect and brain capacity to the other living beings in the universe. An equivalent of a five year old being in my galaxy can be able to coherently learn ten times the planet number you have discovered in your galaxy. Your intellect capabilities is shockingly small. But this is where your wonder comes in.

You are the youngest forms of life in the universe, but you won’t be forever. The universe is still expanding, and more life forms will come from therein. Meaning you are the least advanced forms of life in the universe. But with this, you put the idea of the universe shockingly simple, in a way no any other being or entity has ever thought of. You state that it was created with a being who is eternal, beginning and the end. You call this being God. Trust me when I tell you this; no any other being has ever comprehend this, including the idea that this Creator is an invisible being, encompassing the entire creation. Maybe the reason they have never comprehend this is because they only have perceptions of walking and visible gods among them who are capable of doing and achieving wondrous attainments. More on this, is that they know much, much more about the universe than you do. Your level of knowledge about the universe isn’t even one percent, because the highest level of knowledge you have ever attained is knowing that there are trillions of galaxies in the universe. That is a very simple and basic knowledge about the universe. The other beings know up to 50 percent knowledge of the universe compared to your less than one percent, and they have discovered and concluded that its information is eternal. No being can ever know everything about the universe, because it is a ceaseless expanding phenomenon at an incredibly fast speed. They will argue that the universe cannot and does not get created. It is an impossibility to advanced perceptions of logic and sense. The thought has never even occurred to them. But you, humans, make it possible. You make it so easily possible. Incredibly and insanely easy. That is why I told you this information is going to surprise and fascinate my superiors.

And my conclusion on it? Such a knowledge cannot just occur coincidentally in the least developed life forms in the universe. There is a likely great potency that made the knowledge possible, because it even scared me at some level. It scared me of a knowledge of a being capable of creating the entire universe. That is really scary to an entity whose intellect capacity is way higher beyond your comprehension. A Creator of the universe can be unfathomably and inconceivably powerful, and it will make total sense if He is invisible and encompasses the entire universe- since the universe itself is unending.

Maybe you are a chosen special creations and beings. Maybe you are destined to be more important than all the other living beings in the universe. I don’t know, but I will wait and see.

“It scared me of a knowledge of a being capable of creating the entire universe.”

Sergei: Zeendircei Galactica.

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