Children of the stars - Book three: The New World

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(You have to read the first and second books for this one to make total sense.) This new, confusing planet contrasted greatly against the blue marble that the group had called their home for their entire lives. It’s colder, darker, stormy-er, and very different. These new people, from this strange planet, posed a challenge to the small gang. For all their lives, they had lived at the ‘top of the food chain’, but now they were surrounded by people just like them. Even though Caleb, and even Cassie to an extent, trusted the planet, the rapid change in everything; the culture, the expectations, every single thing, rattled the group of four. But will they adjust to the new way of life, or will they decide to head back to the place they’ve called home for their entire lives?

Scifi / Humor
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1 - Elle

(All of the chapters in this book are going to be in Elle’s point of view, but as said in previous books, I’ll make sure to label them if they are in a different POV. If the chapters aren’t labeled, they are in ELLE’s POV.)

After the pain of being ripped completely apart and stitched back together moments later subsided, I turn to match a face to the unknown voice that welcomed us. I see a middle aged looking guy, grey and balding hair. He has the same accent Caleb has, but it’s definitely more prominent in tour guide-dude.

“What the fuck.” I look down at the ground first, taking in the yellow, yet lively, thick tall grass, and the path cutting through it. The path itself had purple soil, and matching rocks. There are literally no trees. The only thing that can be seen is a large castle looking building.

I look around and finally notice that none of my friends are here, and that instantaneously puts me on edge.

“Where are the others?” I ask with an eyebrow raised at the toga-wearing guy.

“I’m afraid I do not know the English language very well, so you must save your questions until we get to the main hall. The queen and king are expecting you, and will be able to answer any questions you might have. Your things have been taken to your bedroom, now we should go to the main hall.” Tour dude says.

“Sounds like you speak decent to me.”

“I’m afraid I do not know English well.”

So I’m talking at him. Interesting.

I speed up my pace, and use my instinct to guide me to the ‘main hall’, seeing as the anxious tour guide did nothing. I find a lady, who looks similar to me, but with grey streaks in her hair, and eyes gold, and a man next to her. The guy, looking around her age, looks almost exactly the same.

When the two people finally see me in the corner of my room, I’m engulfed in a hug.

The lady also has an accent, albeit less prominent than tour guy’s.

“My darling Estelle, we’ve been looking for you for ages!” The lady pulls back, and I see the tears in her eyes.

I shift uncomfortably, pulling myself from their arms.

“It’s just Elle, actually. And pardon me if I’m being rude, but who are you?”

The guy puts his hand on my face. “We’re your parents, Estelle.”

Huh. Parents.

Oh dear.

“So.” I shift uncomfortably again, before narrowing my eyes anxiously. “Where are the others?”

“What ‘other’s’?” My ‘dad’ asks.

“My friends. The ones who I came here with.” I cross my arms and glare at the two when a look of disgust flashes on both of their faces.

“Oh. Them.” My ‘mother’ says. “They were brought to their separate kingdoms, just as you were.”

“Then where can I find them?” I stick my chin up at the people wearing elegant white robes, even though they look like they’re from Ancient Greece.

“You can’t.” My father says, eyes flashing black and gold in distaste.

“They’re my best friends, and you two by the way, I just met so have no real judgement on who I can befriend, and you’re telling me what I can and can’t do already.”

“We don’t have alliances with any region besides the Victeli region, so I apologize, daughter, but you can’t see them. You may do anything you like, but you mustn’t-“

“Did you seriously just say mustn’t?”

My ‘mom’ looks at me with an annoyed expression. “You mustn’t be friends with the others.”

I deadpan, but I’m sure my eyes convey all of the expressions I would need. “I didn’t ask.” I shrug off all their words. “Make alliances. I literally don’t care. I know you two are my biological ‘parents’, and I don’t know what that means here, but apparently it means something, but I’ve been raising myself since day one. I’ve been making my own decisions since I was thirteen years old. I don’t need the parenting to start now.” I don’t care how ‘disrespectful’ I sound. I’m not going to respect their ‘Alliances’ and forget my entire life.

My father looks at me, clearly upset at the fact that I just disrespected him.

“Listen, Estelle. I know you’re unacustomed to the way things work here, but you do as I say. Not the other way around.”


I guess growing up around humans is gonna give me an advantage. I give my lovely parents the world famous ‘fuck off’ sign, with my favorite bird.

“Sweetheart,” my mother says the word weirdly, making it sound more creepy than comforting. “You must be exhausted, after all of your traveling.” She starts dragging me up a flight of stairs.

“Um, no. I’m not. Can you let go?” I start pulling at her arm, but she doesn’t budge.

“Here’s your room, the beds right there. Now climb right in, and I’ll turn on the light.” The mother says sweetly.


This room’s the same as the one from my little vision.

“What the actual fuck are you doing?” She forces me down onto the bed, and turns on the purple-ish light, and I’m forced into a dark and confusing sleep.

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